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How to Choose Between Girlfriend And Friend?

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Friendship and relationship both are important in life but there are situations when we have to choose one and we cannot decide how to choose between Girlfriend and Friend. Both friend and girlfriend form an important part of our life and we did not dare to choose one and leave the other. We don’t know why we are unable to make decisions in such intense situations. We cannot decide how to prioritize between friend and girlfriend. Choosing anyone puts you in a grave situation that is not easy to handle. However, here we will tell you how to choose between friend vs girlfriend, who is best.

Importance of a Friend in Life

Humans are social animals and are always in need of company to escape loneliness. There are instances when they are stuck between who is important friend or girlfriend. At times your friend has more importance in your life than your girlfriend. You can read how to find out if they are good friends to check whether you have real friends or not. There are points which show how important a friend is. 

1. Provide Emotional Support

Friends are always there to provide you with emotional support. When you are at your lowest, it is your friends who give you emotional support and help you go through it. They help you without making you feel guilty for taking on their help. They go through your problems along with you. 

2. Build Up Your Confidence

A best friend is the one who hits you when you doubt yourself. They give you words of encouragement, are happy with your success, and boost your confidence. They help you to unleash your full potential. A true friend is the one who is truly happy when you move forward.

3. They Are Your Secret Keepers

Secret Keepers

Every one of us has some secrets we hide in the deepest corners of our hearts. But everyone needs someone with whom they can share their secrets. Your best friend is the one who knows everything about you from the size of your dress to the deep hidden secrets. They are your safe place and comfort zone.

Importance of a Partner in Life

There is a stage in life where you need someone with whom you can share yourself. When we are unable to decide who is important friend or girlfriend, we need to understand why is true love important in life. Having a partner feels different because there are someone’s who share themselves with you and you both become a whole.

1. You Will Have a Deep Connection

With a partner by your side helps you have a deep connection. The unsaid is heard when there is someone who understands your every aspect. They are the ones with whom you can share all your worries without the feeling of being judged. 

2. Presence of Physical Intimacy

Physical Intimacy

Though a friend fulfills all the needs of life but physical intimacy is only possible with your partner. In friendship, there is compassion and trust but in a relationship, there is a romantic touch. Physical intimacy gives you a sense of belongingness, and trust. 

3. They Are Your Support System

Similar to a friend, a partner also gives you support. They are your support system as they stand by you in every high and low. They help you cross every obstacle and give you the warmth you require to face the situation.

How to Choose Between Girlfriend and Friend

Life is the name of making tough decisions, there are many instances where one has to decide and choose between two options just like whom to pick whether partner or friend? Friend and girlfriend both form an essential part of a person’s life and deciding friend vs girlfriend, who is best is a tough task. You can find your ideal choice by paying heed to the points given below: 

1. Find The Perfect Balance

Perfect Balance

When deciding friend vs girlfriend, who is best you need to understand that if you find a perfect balance between both. The question of choosing won’t arrive. Try to give time to both of them. Look for opportunities where you can spend quality time with your girlfriend and also can make time for your best friend. If you have spent most of your time with your girlfriend then choose your friend and vice versa. Know how to manage your time.

2. Understand The Scenario

Another heads up to keep in mind when thinking about whom to pick whether partner or friend, is to understand the situation at the moment. If the moment your girlfriend needs your presence the most then choose and communicate the same to your friend. The same applies when you choose your friend. Whenever you get stuck on the topic of friend vs girlfriend analyze where your presence is more important.

3. Know Your Priority

Know Your Priority

To decide how to prioritize between friend and girlfriend you need to first understand who values you more. If your friend has been there in all your ups and downs and your girlfriend does not pay heed to your suffering then you should go for your friend. Same with a girlfriend if she is always by your side and your friend barely has time for you, you know where you need to head. Choosing between friend vs girlfriend is tough hence prioritization is necessary.

4. Try to Talk it Out

The choice of friend vs girlfriend is often very complicated. Hence when you know who you have to try to talk out with the one who is left and make them understand the situation and the reason you have left them out. If you spend your entire week with your girlfriend then, of course, you should spend your weekend with your friend. You can also go for couple counseling to reestablish the bond and understanding.

5. Realize Who is True to You

Who is True

When divided between how to choose between Girlfriend and Friend, understand who is real to you. There are times when you have your friend who has supported you always and has never left you. Then you should choose your friends instead of the girl whom you have met recently and vice versa. Knowing who is important friend or girlfriend can be very helpful when deciding whom to pick in times of intense situations.


Life is the name of making decisions. In every moment of life, one has to choose, be it in studies, career, or any decision. Somewhere in these decisions lies the moment when you need to understand how to choose between girlfriend and friend. When you have to decide who is important friend or girlfriend you need to analyze every aspect like who is your priority, what is the scenario, and who is more important to you. If your friend has always been with you and understands you then you should go with them over your girlfriend who doesn’t understand you. If your friend has selfish needs and stays by yours because of their benefit then choose your girlfriend if she selflessly stays by your side. You need to understand and analyze all the aspects before choosing anyone. These situations always create anxiety and build up stress. You can go for anxiety Counseling to alleviate anxiety and stay calm. 


1. How to find a balance between best friend and girlfriend? 

To decide how to choose between Girlfriend and Friend you need to find the right balance. Try to manage your time in such a way that you can spend time with both your girlfriend and friend. For eg: If you have your friend on the weekend morning then have a weekend dinner with your girlfriend. Try to devote time to both and also let them understand that you don’t have only them in your life. 

2. What are the risk factors in choosing anyone: best friend or girlfriend? 

The risk factor that comes between a friend vs girlfriend is that choosing anyone can hamper your relationship with the other. If your friend and girlfriend both are understanding then they will understand your situation. But there are times when you don’t know how to prioritize between friend and girlfriend. If you only focus on your friend your girlfriend might leave you and if your focus is only on your girlfriend your friend may start avoiding you. So you need to find the perfect balance.

3. How can I decide whom to prioritize?

You need to analyze who is more important and true to you. Further, situations also help you decide which to leave and which path to choose. Learn how to recognize fake friends and also if your girlfriend is true or not. If both are true to you then understand where your presence is more important and who is more important to you.

4. How to communicate with the one I am not choosing?

Many times choosing anyone leads to the end of another relationship. You should learn how to save a broken relationship, be it a friendship or a relationship. Talk it out with a friend or girlfriend and make them understand your situation. Make them realize their importance in your life if they are your true well-wisher. If they understand you they would help you and stay by your side.

5. What should I do if I can’t decide whom to choose?

There are many things to do when you can’t make decisions. Choosing whom to pick whether partner or friend can be a do-or-die situation. When you can’t decide, take a deep breath and analyze where they are by your side when you need them excluding any special circumstances. Analyze your relationship with them from every aspect and then follow your intuition or reason.

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