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Why We Are Unable To Make Decisions ? What is Good and What is Bad?

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Do you find yourself always in a condition where you are unable to take any decision? The state where you are unable to make any decision on your own is called Indecision. There are many moments or situations or choices when you have to make a decision and in such instances, you find yourself confused and unable to take the call. This issue is very common and normal as well. 

All of us are indecisive at some point but if it becomes frequent and you need to find an end track to it. Before that let us tell you the difference between a good decision vs bad decision which is the basis for decision making and we will tell you why we are unable to make decisions and also how to make better decisions.

What is Good and What is Bad?

Good and bad are two terms that we hear and read every day but what is the basic definition of good and bad? Before understanding what is a good decision and what is a bad decision we must first understand the difference between good and bad.

What is Good and What is Bad
What is Good and What is Bad

Good is something that is right in terms of morals and actions which are done to help society progress in the right manner. Bad is just the opposite and immoral. It harms others. Good decision vs bad decision can be made by increasing your EQ. It is often taken into consideration in the decision making process. Good decisions are the ones that are taken after thoughtful considerations, after looking at their pros and cons, with looking at their consequences. While bad decisions are the ones where all these are overlooked and taken in confusion and emotional overflow. They are either taken very hastily or without considering all the factors.

Why We Are Unable To Make Decisions?

The reason why we are unable to make decisions can differ according to different people. There are many reasons why someone can’t decide, like fear of others, failure, low self-confidence, etc. Here, we will tell 5 reasons why people are unable to decide and take a very long time.

1. You Have a Constant Fear Which is Stopping You

You Have a Constant Fear
You Have a Constant Fear

Fear is one reason which stops people from making any decision. There are many fears which are present in the mind of people. These constant fears not only stop them from making decisions but can also make them indecisive later in life. Some of the fears which are present in the mind of people are for example what others would think about the decisions, what if the decision I am making is wrong, what if things don’t turn out as I plan etc. Such constant fear stops you from making decisions and delays you.

2. You Fear Failure or The Consequence

Before making any decision you always consider what the outcome of the decision will be. This consideration is very important in the process of decision-making. However when a person has a fear of failure or fear both the consequences would hamper the decision-making skill because the person is not able to analyze the outcome and end up thinking, what if I fail after taking the decision, what will happen if the consequences are not good. People with a  fear of failure or consequences do not progress in life. 

3. You Don’t Have Confidence in Your Choices And Are Always Confused

You Don't Have Confidence in Your Choices
You Don’t Have Confidence in Your Choices

People who are always confused and keep hopping from one decision to another cannot make a decision properly. When you don’t have confidence in your choice and are always confused about which option to choose then this is the reason why you are unable to make a decision. In this situation. Thinking about the options is an important part of decision making but even after choosing an option you are unable to go on with then you don’t have the confidence to go on with the decision you plan to take. In such cases, you can seek self confidence counseling. It can help you gain confidence in yourself.

4. Complexity And Uncertainty

Uncertainty and complexity are other reasons which tell why people make wrong decisions. Complexity occurs when the person has many different options to choose from and the process of decision-making becomes very complex. From the different options available it is more difficult to decide and people cannot make a firm decision. Uncertainty relates to when you are uncertain about the things related to an option like its consequences or outcomes, pros or cons, or other things required to make a decision. Complexity and uncertainty can cause a lot of difficulty in decision-making. 

5. You Are Naturally Indecisive

You Are Naturally Indecisive
You Are Naturally Indecisive

Some people are naturally indecisive. They cannot make a decision even if they have no complexity and uncertainty. Such people even have to decide small things and take too much time. For example, naturally indecisive people take a lot of time before any decision be it related to household, office, or other work. These people take a longer time than others. Being naturally indecisive is a trait of personality. It hampers decision-making to a great extent and keeps it hanging for a long time. It can hamper your corporate life. For making your professional life better you can seek corporate counseling.

How do Make Better Decisions?

Decision making is a very important part of life and it also contributes to personality development. Here we will tell you how to make better decisions. There are many ways you can apply to make better decisions. Following a decision making process like analyzing every point, pros and cons, and consequences can help you to make good and better decisions. Apart from this, there are some other things you can do to make better decisions.

1. Forget About Your Fear And Let it Not Come in Between

Since a major reason why one can’t make a decision, therefore you must forget and remove all your fears from your mind. You should not think about failure or what others will think about it but rather look at it from other perspectives. It will help you make better decisions. For this you need to learn how to enhance your confidence.

2. Consider All The Possibilities

Consider All The Possibilities
Consider All The Possibilities

Another major key to making better decisions is to consider all the possibilities of an option before choosing it. You should analyze all the options before reaching your conclusion. This can include considering the pros and the cons, consequences of the option and what it can make, factors related to the options should also be considered to make better decisions.

3. Identify Your Overall Goal

Another key to making better decisions is identifying the overall goal. Identifying your goal and then analyzing which options suit better helps in making better and good decisions. This helps you in being in sync with your goal and move progressively. Every decision you take should later on contribute to your goal accomplishment. Thus, it is an important step in the decision making process. 


Decision-making is not an easy task. With every decision comes different fears, challenges, and other possibilities. Inability to make a decision is very normal however it will become frequent then which means it should be addressed. The decision-making process involves that you look at each and every factor which concerns an option and then analyze which option suits you and your future goals more closely. You should work to improve your focus and concentration. There can be many different reasons why a person is unable to make decisions but with self-confidence, clarity of mind, and thoughts one can easily work progressively towards making better decisions.


1. Why do people make wrong decisions? 

There can be many different reasons why people make wrong decisions. It can happen due to hasty decisions, following poor decision making processes.

2. How can one make fast decisions?

To be able to make fast decisions one should clearly understand the options well. Then they should not hop on different options but be confident and sure.

3. What is the difference between Indecision and Indecisiveness? 

Both the terms indecision and indecisiveness are very similar however there is a difference between them. Indecision is temporary but indecisiveness is chronic and long-term.

4. How to improve my decision making skills?

You can improve your decision making skills with the help of many steps. You should also control your emotions as decisions made which are influenced by emotions can many times be wrong. You should trust your intuition and never ignore it. 

5. What process should one follow to make a good decision?

One should follow a comprehensive detailed path to make good decisions. You should be able to understand the options and situations and what is the best-suited option to meet the situation of the time.

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