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How To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence? 13 Ways To Increase EQ

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Do you know how to increase your emotional intelligence? In this post, we will discuss about EQ and ways to increase it.

Emotional Intelligence or EQ continues to be a popular skill in the professional world. Many people may wonder why the importance of emotional intelligence is increasing in a changing workplace. Emotional intelligence is not a new concept. Statistics have shown that employees who possess emotional intelligence are a significant asset to a company’s bottom line. Companies with high levels of emotional intelligence employees actually see significant increases in sales and productivity.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Everyone has different personalities and different needs. We also have different ways to express our emotions. It takes intelligence and tact to navigate through all of this, especially if you want to be successful in your life. Here is where emotional intelligence comes in.

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to sense your emotions and understand their messages. It also allows you to see how you affect others. This includes your perception of other people: understanding their feelings will help you manage relationships better.

How To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
How To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

People who have high emotional intelligence are more likely to succeed in all aspects of their lives. Why? Because they are the people that other people want in their team. People with high emotional intelligence can send emails and get an answer. They get the help they need. They make people feel good and are able to go through life more easily than those who get easily upset or angry. Let’s see how to increase your emotional intelligence.

How To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence?

Your professional success depends on your ability to develop your EQ skills within a competitive environment. Here are 13 ways to increase your emotional intelligence.

1. Learn to be more aware and tune in to your emotions

One of the first, and most important steps, is to become self-aware and develop the ability to tune into your own emotions. Why? You must be aware of your emotions in order to manage them. You can become more self-aware by recognizing your emotions, examining them, and then assessing your activation points and triggers. Mindfulness is a great way to be more self-aware and monitor your emotions. You will be able to better understand the emotions of others by being more aware of them.

2. Try to understand others’ points of view

This is especially important when you are working in a team, in committees, or anywhere where ideas flow and exchange. Listen attentively and put yourself in the shoes of another person. This will allow you to see what they think and feel and how they arrived at their conclusions. This will give you a wider perspective and allow you to expand your own perspective.

3. Communicate assertively

You can earn respect by being assertive in communication. It is important not to appear passive or aggressive. Emotionally intelligent people can express their feelings and opinions clearly while still respecting others.

4. Respond to conflict instead of reacting

During any conflict, emotional outbursts and anger are common. A person who is emotionally intelligent can maintain calm under stressful circumstances. They don’t get impulsive, which can lead to more problems. They recognize that conflict can only be resolved when there is no other choice. They make conscious decisions to align their actions and words with this goal.

5. Make connections with people

It doesn’t matter if you are shy or outgoing; building relationships with others is an important component of emotional intelligence. Even if you’re shy, it is possible to start by listening, showing interest, and making people feel comfortable. This is often easier for introverted, shy people than for extroverts who prefer to speak first. Both types can make valuable connections by showing interest in other people and genuine care for them.

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How To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence? 13 Ways To Increase EQ 6

6. Utilize active listening skills

People who are emotionally intelligent, listen to others, and don’t wait for their turn will be able to communicate effectively. They make sure they understand what the message is before they respond. They pay attention to the details of a conversation that are not verbal. This helps avoid misunderstandings, allows listeners to respond correctly, and shows respect to the person they are speaking to.

7. Be motivated

Emotionally intelligent people are self-motivated and able to motivate others. They can set goals and stay resilient in the face of challenges.

How To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
How To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence? 13 Ways To Increase EQ 7

8. Have a positive outlook and practice positive attitudes

Your attitude can make a difference. Negative attitudes are easy to spread to others if allowed. Emotionally intelligent people can recognize moods and adjust their attitudes accordingly. They can identify what they need to do to have a positive day. They may eat a healthy breakfast or lunch, pray or meditate during the day, and keep positive thoughts at work.

9. Practice self-awareness

Emotionally intelligent people are self-aware and intuitive. They can see how emotions affect others and their own behavior. They can read body language and emotions and can use this information for communication improvement.

10. Take critique well

It is important that you are able to and willingly accept criticism. People with high EQ don’t react defensively to criticism and are not offended by it. They learn from others and see how it affects them.

11. Share your empathy

Emotionally intelligent people can empathize. They understand empathy is an attribute that demonstrates emotional strength, not weakness. Empathy allows them to relate to others on a basic human level. Empathy allows for mutual understanding and respect among people of different backgrounds and opinions.

12. Use leadership skills

Emotionally intelligent people have extraordinary leadership skills. They are role models for others and set high standards. They can take the initiative, make great choices and solve problems. This leads to a higher level of productivity and performance in work and life.

13. Be friendly and approachable

Emotionally intelligent people are friendly and approachable. They are cheerful and give a positive vibe. They are socially adept and can relate to others. They communicate clearly and possess strong interpersonal skills.

Many of these EQ skills may seem to be best suited for those who understand basic human psychology. Although people who are naturally more compassionate may have a higher EQ, these skills can be learned by anyone. People who are less empathic, need to be more conscious of how their behavior affects others. These steps on how to increase your emotional intelligence will definitely help.

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