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Personality Development Tips – How to Improve Your Personality?

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We often speak about our personality, How good it is? Do I even have a personality? and things like that. In this era, we all are concerned about how we present ourselves and that we should be likable by all. But just having a personality to be approved by all, is not worthy, it is not something that you give yourself as a reward. 

Personality is a trait significant to each individual in their behaviors, feelings, emotions and thinking. These are qualities that differentiate you from others. Personality development tips refers to developing, improving, and enhancing one’s personality.

Importance of Personality Development 

Personality development helps you nurture, build, enhance your quality, skills and helps you turn your weakness into strength. Let’s have a look at the importance of personality development in your or anyone’s life. 

1. Stirs up Your Confidence

Stirs up Your Confidence

Personality development eventually leads to building up your confidence. When you know what you’re speaking or doing, or you are aware that you look good it automatically builds and boosts your confidence. 

2. Makes You a Leader

With a nurtured and developed personality you move a step forward towards becoming a leader. People, peers, acquaintances see you as a leader when you have a good personality. You are able to make decisions and are confident of it which is a trait of good personality. 

3. You are Precise and Clear While Conversing

Another importance of personality development is that you become clear, precise, and effective in conservation. You are not shy, nervous when you speak but it is the confidence that is seen while you are talking. 

4. Builds Your Confidence

Confidence is what you achieve when you have a good personality. Confidence is likely something you will always need in life. With personality development tips, you are sure of your doings, looks, gestures that bring about confidence. 

5. Build Up a Positive Attitude

Personality Development creates a positive attitude

Positive approach towards life is very essential. Imagine yourself spreading happiness and always having a positive attitude. People are likely to come over you and speak out to you. It also leads to a happy life. This is what you gain from different personality development tips. It helps in building up a positive attitude. 

6. Contribute to a Better Lifestyle

Who doesn’t want to have a better lifestyle? Everyone. When you are too shy, blank, and fearful you are not living your life with full enjoyment. On contrary, with different personality development tips, you have positivity, confidence, happiness which results in a better lifestyle. 

Factors That Affect Your Personality

Factors That Affect Your Personality development

Various factors affect personality, some of which are listed here. 

1. Peers and Friend Circle

The friends circle you have also influence your personality. Friends and peers are the ones with whom you talk the most, therefore they play a major role in shaping you. A good friends circle will motivate you and acknowledge you, while a bad one will discourage you and will pull you down. Hence, the choice of friends is important to have a good personality.  

2. Family

The family you belong to, your education status, your socio-economic background, family habits and nature all contribute to shaping your personality. You are taught values and habits that later on become part of your life. The way you behave is also influenced by your family. If you belong to a family where everyone respects others then it is likely that you grow up to be the same. 

3. Cultural Environment

Culture is an inherent part of people’s life. Your values, perceptions, attributes, behaviour all are in some way influenced by the cultural environment you grew up in. The way you look at something and react to it is also influenced by culture. 

4. Surroundings

The people you interact with, the place where you live, the traditions of the area all influence your personality. People living in different locations and areas will certainly have differences in the way they look at things, beliefs, customs and other aspects. Surrounding shapes and evolves and changes your personality. 

5. Hereditary Factors

Certain hereditary factors affect your personality, these factors cannot be changed like height, skin colour, learning ability, intellectual power, nature and many more are inherited and hence play an important role in evolving your personality and behaviour. 

Signs that you are not having a good personality

There are chances that you might not have a good personality. But how to identify it? Here are some signs that will help you identify whether you have a good personality or not.

1. You are Aggressive


When you are aggressive and are always arrogant to others, it is obvious people will ignore talking to you. Aggressiveness always results in the deterioration of your image and relations. 

2. You are Judgemental and Bias

Being judgemental means that you are critical and find fault with others without a proper logic or reason and you are biased when you prefer someone else over others or are prejudiced towards something. Both are the traits of a bad personality. 

3. You Often Fake Yourself

If you are often trying to depict yourself as someone else than who you are then you are not depicting your true self, which will make others avoid you. 

4. You have Lack of Communication Skills

Lack of Communication Skills

If you are not clear, precise, shy and non-accurate while communicating, this leads to distortion of your image. People won’t find you attractive and confident, which will reflect a bad personality. 

5. You are Unforgiving and Stubborn

Being stubborn and unforgiving towards others will likely make people avoid you and see you as someone not good enough. These traits will only lead you to have a bad image. 

Methods to Improve Your Personality

There are many ways by which you can improve your personality. Following certain habits, changing a bit of your lifestyle, adopting a few things can contribute to building up a personality that adds charm and beauty to you. Here are some of the methods or personality development tips that contribute to improving your personality. 

1. Acquire a New Habit

New Habit

To have a great and charming personality, you must work upon developing new habits. This increases your area of work and helps you explore new things. Develop a new hobby or start reading. These skills always help in building personality. You become more aware and confident. Download our free E-Book and get tips about “How to Understand Yourself and Other People.”

2. Being Calm

A person with a good personality, never allows their temper to rise. you shouldn’t let people make you angry and always keep your calm. This trait gives the vibe of the strength of your personality. A calm mind will also help you analyse things and situations more nicely. 

3. Dress Properly and Nicely

A major change in personality is brought by the way you dress. Wear whatever comforts and suits you but it should make you look good and confident. The essence of personality is depicted by the way you dress. 

4. Be Confident

Confidence is the key that makes people approach you. A different vibe comes from you when you are confident. But the point to be kept in mind is that you don’t have to be overconfident. You don’t have to be nervous and look confused when you do something. It should be reflected that whatever you do, you are aware of it and are confident of it. 

5. Try to Initiate Conversations

Nobody likes to talk to someone who is boring in nature. People should always feel good and positive around you. Try to talk about the person in your company and initiate good and interactive conversations. Be the one who encourages others. Many a times people often go to counselors to build their confidence and bring a change in their nature.

6. Be a Listener

Being a good listener is another way you can raise the level of your personality. When you talk to people, they want you to listen to them and not give them stories. Hence, try to develop the habit of being a good listener. They want your attention, and this makes you look good. 

7. Show Your True Self

Being yourself is the major step you take towards having a good personality. You should be what you truly are and should not try to depict someone else. It never gives a good impression of who you are. Show your true self and try to work on reducing your bad traits and polish your good attributes. 

8. Always Have a Positive Approach

Positive Approach

Positive thinking and a positive approach towards life are what most people appreciate and love. This trait leads you a step closer to having a good personality. If you are optimistic, you spread positivity all around and keep the people around you happy as well. Being a happy person increases your confidence and also adds a spark to your personality. 

9. Be Respectful to Everyone

One of the best personality development tips for having a good personality is that, you should always respect others. You should remain humble to everyone and should never be arrogant. Being down to earth always marks a trait that lifts your personality. Showing respect to others gains you respect from others as well. 

10. Leave Your Comfort Zone and Step Out of the Box

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Exploring the world and coming out of your comfort zone helps you discover and try new things and skills. Don’t try to move to a corner when you meet new people, interacting and having conversations opens up new doors and passages, enhancing your personality. 


Having a good personality boosts your confidence and nurtures your self-image. A good personality attracts people and adds charm and elegantly beautifies you. It is always likable and appreciated by people and helps you come out of your comfort zone. When you go for an interview, the interviewer sees your personality and it is counted under evaluation. Your personality development tips helps you in developing your confidence, positive approach, and communication skills which help in building your career. It is very evident why having a good personality is so important. Not only in professional life, but a good personality also makes you a better version of yourself and a better human.

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