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Tips To Make Your First Impression Positive

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Having a good impression can do wonders and we all know this from our experience. Whether it be a job interview, a round table conference, an informal meetup, a get-together, an official party or a meeting with someone special, taking care of the first impression is important. We know what wonders can make a positive impression and we will discuss that in the upcoming section.

We meet someone and without knowing his/her background, try to judge him/her based on appearance, behaviour, amiability, sense of style, way of talking and overall personality. Hence, we need to keep some tips in mind before we are ready for an official or casual meetup. The tips are also mentioned below. Scroll and have a look.

Why Should Your First Impression be Positive?

The first impression is important and we should be able to have a positive impact in the first meetup only. Many times life gives us the opportunity to prove ourselves only once. To make full benefit of it, try to make your first impression positive by following the tips we are going to discuss below. The probability of the candidate who gets hired annually in top companies is higher only for those who follow the concept of making the first impression best.

Everybody can’t have the same level of practical and theoretical knowledge, but still, some people who have less knowledge are able to crack big opportunities because of their skill of leaving a positive impact on the person they are talking to. It is important for you to believe that the first impression leaves an indelible mark on the person we are interacting with. So try to make it positive in the best possible way.

How to Make Your First Impression Positive?

1. Be Humble

If you have good knowledge of some topic, present it nicely to someone and don’t be impulsive. Staying humble here is the key, otherwise people may form a bad impression of yours. Be polite and ask for permission before speaking whether it be a formal or informal meetup. This will also help you in how to make friends for forever.

Humbleness can also be reflected in your behaviour, For example, switching off the phone while talking to someone face-to-face. It is a very good practice and gives a positive signal to the person that you are staying attentive throughout their conversation. Treat everyone, even your new colleagues or new faces you meet every day. Don’t make them feel less important. This humble nature is appreciated in the workplace and in general also

2. Take Care of Your Body Language

Body language refers to the expressions we have, gestures we make or the way we speak during a meet up. The things that we do unconsciously, like waiting before the other person is done with his/her speech, making friendly gestures, making eye contact while speaking. These little things should be incorporated by you in your behaviour to gain an upper hand over other people.

Body language is very important in formal and informal meetups alike. Sometimes, people are able to judge you on the basis of your body language and not on the facts that you spit in front of them. For example, you may say that you are very humble, but your interviewer will know the truth from your body language only. Also during conversation, try to make appropriate gestures to make the conversation interesting. For example, tilt your head while thinking, don’t make hyper hand and arm movements. Keep the hands in a relaxed position. Don’t cross your legs in a way that it looks like you are blocking someone from coming near you.

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3. Begin The Conversation

If you want to have a positive impact on someone, keep your mind relaxed and don’t panic. Start the conversation. There is no harm in beginning a friendly discussion with a senior or a boss even if you are sitting in a formal meeting. It keeps the conversation going and also puts you in a good light. Be prepared beforehand, don’t fumble in front of your seniors and your behaviour should seem natural not scripted.


To begin the conversation in the informal meet, you can ask the person sitting with you some general questions like how he/she has been or you can rant about a topic that interests you both. Be prepared and have some basic idea about the person, what he/she does, his/her interests if you are going for the first meetup. Never lose hold of the conversation.

4. Enhance Your Analyzing Skills

For making a positive impact on the person you are talking to, you should try to grasp the line of concept on which the discussion is based, don’t stay aloof as it sends wrong signals to the person you are talking to. Work on your listening and analysing skills. In the workplace, be ready to solve the new problems that come up without showing any callousness.

To sharpen your analytical skills, gather complex problems on your own, make a flowchart for solving the problem and act methodologically. Choose the most effective way to get more results. Analytical skills are required in the research and development process, in collecting precise information and interpretation of data is required. Dig in deep and collect in-depth information on the topic. This will tell you how to make people respect you also.

5. Be Punctual

Being punctual means finishing or reporting an incident within the prescribed time. To have a positive impact on the recruiters, seniors, teachers, mentors, or any person of importance, you should try to be punctual with them. For example, reach the destination on time, inform them if you will not be able to take up any project beforehand. This little trait of yours can do wonders.

Don’t plan excuses for running late. If you already knew that the meeting was scheduled, then arriving late can leave a negative impact. Arrive early instead, this trait is appreciated by everyone in the world. If there are some unavoidable circumstances, then only you can be late.

6. Have a Constant Smile on Your Face

The easiest thing for you to have a positive impact on the first meetup itself is that you carry a bright smile on your face. That smile can boost your confidence and earn you the appreciation you deserve. People who smile daily at work or in job interviews are like to be promoted or are likely to be hired and their success rate is also high. Nonetheless, having a bright smile tells the person sitting with you that you are genuinely interested in the conversation and open to work.

In informal meetups also, greet your new friends, connections or your special guests with a big smile. The smile on your face is the first thing people will notice and approach you in any difficulty. In this way having a positive impact on people in the first meeting itself is not difficult.

7. Wear Clothes That Fit You

If you want to fit in the workplace or mingle with new people, give a makeover to your wardrobe also sometimes. Your personality depends mostly on your knowledge and manners but a good professional suit is required in formal meet ups and little bright clothes with colours are liked in the informal meetups. So wear accordingly. Keep in mind that if you look better than others, sometimes you get an upper hand and you can have a better impact on others.


Don’t dress to impress. Dress to look professional and to carry some elegance. Don’t try to become a different person by trying varieties of clothes. Dress properly, according to your measurements and stay comfortable in what you wear. You don’t need to change yourself completely to impress others. Be yourself, and refine your dressing style a bit and the world will adjust.

8. Focus More on Your Strength

Keep in mind that to ace an interview always highlights your specialities and strengths. For example, if the recruiter asks you about yourself, begin with your strengths, which can be good problem-solving skills, good listening skills, etc. Note here that try to mention the strengths that align with your job’s requirements. This leaves a good impact. Later on, you can tell about your weaknesses and how you wish to make the amends.

In informal meetings, if you are going to meet someone special, maybe your new friend or to-be life partner, always speak of your good qualities first, This will boost your confidence and later on you can also reveal your bad qualities and how you will make compensation for them. All these points have a positive impact on the person whom you are talking to.


We have discussed above the importance of how to make your impression positive in the first meet itself. This task is very important and can change the direction of your career, jobs, etc. if you follow the tips we have given above diligently. During the first meet up, try to start the conversation, stay humble, let others speak first, ask gently if you want to interrupt, work on your analysing skills and try to dress up neatly like a professional, always carrying a smiling face. Keep these tips in mind and you are good to go. Signing off for today. We will meet again.

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