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How To Impress A Girl? | 9 Psychological Tips To Attract Women

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Sometimes you need sure-shot ways to impress a girl, and while most men think it’s through their charm, wallets, or by being persistent, it’s usually simpler than that. Here are 6 definitive psychological tips on how to impress a girl. 

Sometimes the smallest things make a lasting impression. One smart comment or two can make a big impression on a girl. However, a rude remark or an act of carelessness could ruin your chances of getting a date. You will quickly decide if a woman is a good match for you. She will also notice the small things you do and don’t do.

We have these realities in mind when compiling this list of the 6 best tips on how to impress a girl. There’s nothing complicated about this list. It’s not difficult or time-consuming. This list of behaviors, comments, and habits could be the difference between getting her attention or getting rejected.

9 Psychological Tips To Attract Women

Ever tried some easy psychological tips to attract women? It has a lot to do with your personality, confidence, and understanding a woman’s psyche the correct way for her to be completely attracted to you! We have compiled a list of 9 psychological hacks on how to impress a girl.

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how to impress a girl

1. Have an open body language

It is a well-known fact that women are attracted to men’s body language and their confidence. It’s essentially a magnet. Keep your body language open. This means that you should not be closed-off or slouch when standing. Stand tall and open with a wide stance. You will instantly attract her.

2. Similarity attracts

There’s an effect in both psychology and sociology: we like people who are similar to us. It means you’re more likely to enjoy spending time with someone who also likes similar things than one who would rather spend their time doing something you have never heard of.

You can use this to your advantage! The trick is to listen to her and carefully highlight the things that you have in common. Does she say she likes music? Let her know your song!

To get the girl to like you, do some research beforehand, find out what she likes, and check them. Studies have proven that this effect work on things like favorite colors to attitudes, to movies choice. We think this is because if they are more like us, they are more predictable, and from a psychological perspective, our brains think they are safe people.

3. Give her a sincere compliment

A compliment that is genuine and sincere can make a girl feel special. Consider what you love most about her. You could love her smile, laugh, or intelligence. There is a limit to complimenting. She should not be complimented on her physical features, except her smile and eyes. Keep it brief and sweet. Be careful on how you phrase it. Saying “That’s quite a dress” or “I like the outfit” is not enough. Instead, say, “You look great in that dress.”

4. Increase Oxytocin Levels

The love hormone, also known as oxytocin, helps people form a connection and grow closer to each other. There is no way to stop her from feeling attracted to you if there is enough oxytocin between you. Initiating touch is a great way to let oxytocin flow freely between you (but not in a sneaky way). You might give someone you like a hug, ruffle their hair, or place your hand on her small back whenever you notice them. You can stop if she is uncomfortable.

5. The Positive Personality Hack

This is another great tip on how to impress a girl. Are you more drawn to someone with a depressing, frail personality than someone with a bright personality? It’s not hard to see the answer. Unless you are a bit dark, women are attracted to smart, funny, and lively men. Don’t be glum or depressed around her. Your company will make her feel happy.

6. Make her laugh

how to impress a girl

Although you may believe that you aren’t funny, the truth is that everyone can be funny. It takes practice to accept the awkwardness of sharing a funny joke. Telling more is the best way to get better.

Girls love to laugh (there are tons of studies on this). The more humor you give them, the better they will feel. This will show that you are intelligently strong and funny, which can be a desirable trait for a future partner. This will allow you to see her eye movements when she laughs and helps you determine if she is interested.

You can tell if a girl is interested in you by looking at her eyes when she laughs. If she looks at you first while she laughs, it is likely that she likes you subconsciously.

7. Break the “Touch Barrier”

This is a great subconscious psychological tip that works in all situations. Ask her for something and touch her shoulder or hand. Or, make up a game that requires touch, such as rock paper scissors, and play it together.

If you need to, come up with a cool handshake. To get her to respond, you need to let her know you are willing to touch her in a nonsexual manner because you feel comfortable around you. Don’t touch her if she is scared or disgusted.

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8. Make her feel special

You can show your girl that you care by showing her little things. This will make her notice you. Do not ignore her, and don’t try to win. Text her back if she sends you a text. Even if it is slightly difficult, make sure you are available if she wants to chat. Talk to a girl, but don’t let the conversation focus on you. Talking about common interests is a way to make girls feel more at ease. 

Ask her about her hobbies, favorite books, music, and other interests. Answer any questions she may ask you in a few short sentences. Then, redirect the question to her. This will engage her in the conversation. You can also have an inside joke with your friend. This will create a secret connection between you that only you can share. You will feel more connected to her, and she will feel included. This will give you a simple-to-come up-with conversation starter.

9. Use Reverse Psychology

This technique is used by many people to accomplish their goals. It is important to use it with care. Reverse psychology refers to when you tell someone that they can’t have something, making it harder for them to obtain it. If you tell your girlfriends that you aren’t good for her, or that you’re hard to get, she will likely double her efforts to get to know you better.


Learning how to impress a girl increase your own likability and confidence, which will eventually make your life much easier and you’ll probably enjoy it more! We hope these tips will help you to impress the girl you like.

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