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How To Make People Respect You – 10 Important Tips

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Ever wondered when people will start respecting you and how to make people respect you or how to gain respect? One thing people want in their life is to be respected. Everyone wants their colleagues, friends, family members, and others to appreciate them for what they do and recognize them. It is not easy to earn respect from others. When someone is being respected then people take them more seriously and follow their words. If you want to know how to gain respect then we have come up with 10 tips that will make people respect you. But before moving towards it let’s know why people disrespect you.

Reasons Why People Don’t Respect You?

Before moving forward towards knowing how to make people respect you, knowing why people disrespect you is very important. Curing an illness requires knowing how you have caught it. Similarly, if you want to make people respect you. You need to understand the reason why people disrespect you and fix it. Here are some of the reasons why people may disrespect you.

1. People Take You Too Casually and Lightly

One of the main reasons why people disrespect you is because they take you too casually and friendly. They find you immature and also know about your weaknesses and use you. They take advantage of you and hence you become an object who can be disrespected.

how to make people respect you

2. You Don’t Preach What You Advise Others

Another reason why people disrespect you is that you don’t preach what you say. When you advise someone about something and ask them to follow it or even if you comment about something and don’t follow the same thing in your life and activities then people take your words casually and do not respect you.

3. Your Approach Towards People is Rude

Respect and kindness go hand in hand. Give respect and take respect. If you are not kind and polite, accepting respect is not at all appropriate. If your approach towards people is rude then no one will respect you. Rude nature always spoils everything. Learn to respect others first and then expect it from them. If you are not able to change your nature, then try visiting a anger management counsellor for help and take anger management counselling.

4. You Never Fulfill Promises

Another thing that makes people disrespect you is that you never fulfill the promises you make. Fulfilling commitment and promises you to make you worthy of respect but you are unable to do so, people don’t take you seriously. It could be one of the signs that you need a psychologist Hence, they start disrespecting you.

10 Tips on How to Make people Respect You

Now when you are aware of why people may disrespect you, you can easily work on how to gain respect .Here are some of the tips on how to get people respect you and how to gain respect. But one think you should make sure is the secret mantra i.e Give respect and take respect.

1. Be An Active Listener and Attentive

Listening is always better than speaking. Being an active listener and attentive to what others are saying makes your image. Finally making people respect you. Remembering what people say and trying to hear out others instead of speaking and ignoring them will earn you respect in the end.

2. Try to Understand Others’ Points of View and Other Perspectives

Understanding other’s point of view and their perspectives will not only broaden your area of awareness and knowledge but will also gain you respect from others. Having an openness in mentality will make you look mature and worthy of receiving respect. Just stop worrying and start living your life and always understand others

3. Try to be Kind and Polite to Anyone You Meet

Polite and kind nature earns a lot of appreciation and respect. Be it whoever you meet, even your enemy, don’t stop being kind and polite. You, yourself will witness that people think highly of you and you are being respected by everyone. But don’t exceed it too much that it looks fake.

be Kind and Polite

4. Always be Honest and Stick to What You Say

Honesty is taught to everyone from childhood. Stick to what you say and preach what you say. Be honest with your words. Speak something only if you can follow and walk on the same steps. This will earn you respect and always respect those who respect you.

5. Speak When it is Needed and After Everybody Has Told Their Views

Speak at the last after everyone in the group has done with giving their views. Listen to everyone and analyze their views and points and then only speak. Speak at last but speak logically and have weight in your words. This will make people think you are mature and you will be respected.

6. Fulfill The Promises You Make and Never Run Away From The Commitments You Make

If you make any promise or commit to someone, never run away from it. Fulfilling what you promise and commit earns you a lot of respect and it is a very effective mantra on how to earn respect from people . Always make those promises only which you can fulfill and always respect those who respect you.

Fulfill The Promises

7. Laugh Over Yourself When it is Required

Learn to laugh over yourself and your weakness. Don’t feel humiliated when people count your weakness. Laugh over them. The days you learn to laugh over yourself, is the day people can’t use them against you and you will earn respect. One should always give respect and take respect.

8. Learn to Respect Others Before Receiving Theirs

As said you receive what you give. The same is followed in the case of respect. Learn to respect others before you accept them to respect you. This is the golden rule that will help you receive the respect of others. Therefore, try to be respectful to make yourself a human to be respected.

9. Accept Changes That You Witness Around You

Accepting changes that occur around you and being ready to adjust to them also helps you in gaining respect from others. Accept changes in every aspect and learn to adapt to them. You will be eventually respected.

10. Try to Improve Yourself and Take Others’ Remarks Positively

Try to better yourself in every aspect and if someone gives you a remark, take it positively. If you work over your weakness and become a better person, everyone will respect you. Always learn to improve your focus and concentration.

Why Should We Respect Others?

Why Should We Respect

Have you ever heard the concept of give respect take respect? Yes, it’s true if you want to know how to earn respect from people then you should be following the best secret of life i.e give respect get respect. Life is all about give and take and you should always understand the way you behave with others, people will behave in the same manner as you. If you ill-treat them then you will get the same treatment from them today or someday. So one should always respect others in order to gain respect and maintain a respectful relationship.


Following the above-stated tips will help you on how to make people respect you and follow the concept of give respect get respect. Respect is a necessity these days. Respected one is valued, if you have behavior problems as well then you can try meditation as well and looks for some tips for meditation. If you find difficulty in bringing changes in your nature and behavior, try seeking the help of a therapist and ultimately you will be able to find how to get people respect you. If you give respect to someone it helps the other person to stay motivated and happy and in return, you also get the same level of respect and it gives you and the other person a meaningful life.

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