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How To Stop Being An Emotional Fool? 8 Tips To Stop Being An Emotional Fool

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How To Stop Being An Emotional Fool? Emotions and feelings play a vital role in every person’s life. All of us experience emotions at one time or another in our lives. Too much emotion can lead to feelings of vulnerability, threat, and defensiveness.

It robs us of our happy life by unnecessarily hurting us. People who are too emotional are very sensitive and find it difficult to accept reality and hurt themselves. This is why too emotional people are often labeled as “Emotional Fools”.

Too much of any one thing is bad. We are most hurt when we allow people or other people to control our emotions and make us feel the way they want. Although we feel intensely about almost all emotions, such as anger and anxiety, we cannot do anything about them because we either love them too much or allow the circumstances and circumstances to affect us. It is important to believe we are our masters. 

Recognize that there may be people around you who are worried and want to help. We must be able to control our emotions and not get too emotional. In this blog, we will learn tips about how to stop being an emotional fool.

What is an Emotional Fool?

A person who places more importance on their emotional state than their rational faculties. An emotional fool can cause many problems. It is easier to forget your self-interest when you make decisions based on your emotions. It is usually the other people who continue to benefit on your behalf.

stop being an emotional fool

But, people who have learned not to be emotional fools and who understand the importance of analyzing everything and making rational decisions about it are the ones who will succeed in life and get ahead.

How To Stop Being An Emotional Fool?

1. Take responsibility for your actions.

The emotional fool continues to make blunders, and when things do not go well, they can sit in a corner and have a pity party. The emotional fool might find this helps them to deal with the daily failures they face. However, they will not see any real improvement unless they are more accountable for their actions and can better manage their emotions.

The logical person is able to take stock of their life and set goals. They will have milestones that must be reached at a certain point in their lives to make sure they stay on track.

2. Keep your emotions to yourself.

People are often devious predators. Even as toddlers, they can identify an emotional fool. They will continue to exploit the person in any way they can. If nothing is done to change the perceptions, then this person will be continued to be exploited for the rest of their lives. 

People who are aware that they are emotional fools need to learn not to express their emotions to others. If you feel the need, cry in your own bedroom. But it is best not to do this in public.

3. Develop a thick skin.

Everyday, we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations where we are criticized or scolded. Sometimes, the way someone treats us isn’t even related to our behavior. It may be a reflection of the person’s entire life. A thick skin is a great way to navigate difficult situations without letting emotions take over.

  • Remain silent and unresponsive. Do not react to all situations. Let go of some things and let the rest roll off your back.
  • Don’t exaggerate your thinking. Sometimes being too emotional can cause us to blow things out of proportion. It is easy to take something small and make it big. To avoid imagining falsehoods, learn not to think like this.
  • Find out what is causing you to be upset. What can you do to change someone’s behavior towards you? Can you calmly and respectfully address those who have offended or upset your feelings?
  • Take criticism with a grain of salt. Use criticism to help you improve yourself. You can disagree with criticisms, but trust in yourself and be confident enough to ignore them. It’s normal to be criticized by others. It’s okay to be critical.

4. Remove yourself from situations.

If you find yourself in an impossible situation and are worried about your emotional health, you should do all you can to get out of it. Even if you only have the human imagination, do everything possible to put yourself in a better place.

stop being an emotional fool
How To Stop Being An Emotional Fool? 8 Tips To Stop Being An Emotional Fool 4

It would help if you found a way of countering the negative stimuli that are threatening to destroy you. To give yourself some relief, you might use the bathroom to go to the toilet.

Once your emotions are settled enough, you can go back and hopefully, no one will notice.

5. Breathe in before you respond.

Breathing allows you to calm your nerves and your fight or flight response, which will ultimately help you make a better decision.

  • For four seconds, breathe in slowly through your nose. For two seconds, hold the position. For six seconds, exhale through the mouth. Repeat.
  • Meditation and relaxation are great ways to control your emotions. Regular yoga can reduce stress and help you reflect on why you feel the ways you do.
  • If you feel overwhelmed or emotional, breathing can help. Take a moment to relax and breathe if you’re yelling or crying.

6. An emotional fool is always at a disadvantage.

Emotional people are easily triggered by events around them. However, it is also common for people to start to see who and what they really are.

An emotional fool is a sucker for punishment. They are often unable to refuse such requests if approached correctly. They will feel worse if they do so, which is why they prefer to deny others before they consider denying them.

Being an emotional fool in today’s competitive world can make it very difficult.

7. Find triggers

Examine your lifestyle and habits. Look at what causes you to get emotional. You are in charge of your emotions, and you can control them. Despite the fact that you might react negatively to external stimuli, you ultimately control what you think and feel.

  • Do you feel more emotional when you’re stressed? You can avoid emotional reactions by managing your stress.
  • Are you more emotional when you don’t get enough sleep or eat well?
  • Does exercise help you manage your emotions?
  • Are you more sensitive around strangers in large groups?
  • Does your work environment make you emotional?
  • Knowing your triggers can help you avoid emotional situations or make you more prepared.
stop being an emotional fool
How To Stop Being An Emotional Fool? 8 Tips To Stop Being An Emotional Fool 5

8. Be realistic.

You don’t have to be an emotional fool to make yourself feel bad. It’s completely unnecessary to make a fuss about minor things that have little consequence and don’t have a negative effect on other people or things.

It is absurd to live your life where you are constantly feeling the effects of your emotions. Do not allow your emotions to trigger you.


These were some tips on how to stop being an emotional fool. If you are struggling to deal with your emotions, talk to Dr. Neha Mehta. We care about you and will help you deal with your emotions in a face way.

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