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Psychological Tests & Treatment in Hisar Haryana

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Therapies & Tests at My Fit Brain

My Fit Brain is the best platform where we are available as a team of professionals to serve
you with the best online counselling services. As you know, there are lots of different kinds
of Mental Health issues people are facing in the life. These issues can be very serious with
time and can ruin your happiness, social relations and career if not treated at the right time.
We understand the situation of patients who are facing these kinds of issues in life. We are
able to serve you with the best therapy treatment solutions in Haryana for all these kinds of

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Dr Neha Mehta is a well experienced and highly skilled counselling therapy expert who is
able to provide the best treatment solution with these therapies in Hisar. She is working as an
expert psychologist for a long time and she is able to make the best changes in your life with
these services. At My Fit Brain, you will be able to get help with the following therapies and
tests for a better life without any kind of psychological issues.
Relaxation therapy:
Due to the busy life schedule and work, people are unable to relax the body and mind in
regular life. It can be a cause of serious psychological issues including stress and depression.
With the help of Dr Neha Mehta in Hisar, you will find relaxation therapy solutions to give a
perfect break to your body and mind from the stress of your work.

Therapies available at My Fit Brain:

Cognitive behavior therapy:
With the help of cognitive behaviour therapy, you will definitely find help to get rid of lots of
Mental Health issues and psychological problems. It will be the perfect way to make your life
better in your personal as well as professional environment.

Individual therapy:
Now, you don’t have to face any kind of inconvenience to find individual therapy with the
best psychotherapist in Haryana. Dr Neha Mehta is able to offer help to all the patients with
individual therapy to solve your life-related issues.

Behavior modification therapy:
Your behaviour can completely change your personal and professional life and social
relations. If you want to make the essential changes related to your behaviour in life, you can
visit us for behavior modification therapy with our professionals.

Group Therapy:
Group Therapy is very effective to provide help whenever you are facing any kind of mental
health problem. Now, you can contact us to find Group Therapy when you are ready to make
the better changes in your life to make it happy.

Milleu therapy: 

Milleu therapy is getting popular because of its excellent benefits for the patients. With this
psychotherapy, the patient will join a group of people who are facing the same issues and will
try to find a perfect solution for the problems in a better environment.

Attitude therapy:
Your attitude can make a big difference in your personal, social as well as professional life. If
you are facing the trouble related to your attitude in life, contact us for the help with attitude

Emotional facing therapy:
There are a large number of patients who are facing mental health problems and need
emotional support for better treatment. Now, you can consult Dr Neha Mehta in Haryana for
these emotional facing therapy solutions for a better treatment.

Couple therapy:
Everyone is not able to handle the relationships and marriage in a proper way for a happy life.
If you don’t want to ruin your relationship or married life, it will be great to contact our
professionals for couple therapy solutions in Hisar.

With a long time experience, Dr Neha Mehta is able to provide online counselling therapy
solutions to all the patients who need help for the psychological issues. With the help of these
counselling therapy solutions, you will definitely get help to make a better life.

Therapy for sleep enhancement:
Are you unable to take a good sleep due to any kind of issues related to stress, anxiety or
depression? For a better health and professional life, you will need to get help with therapy
for sleep enhancement.

Hypnotic therapy:
Hypnotic therapy is the very effective solution to make better changes in your life with your
behaviour. It can be very effective to solve lots of mental health problems without any kind
of inconvenience to make your life beautiful.

Motivation and confidence building:
As you know, motivation and confidence are the most important factors when you are
looking to get success in your life. Now, we are here to serve you in the best way when you
want to develop motivation and confidence skills for a successful career.


With our classes, you will definitely find the perfect way to get rid of mental health problems
and psychological issues in your life. You can also join online classes if you are not able to
visit our mental Wellness clinic in Hisar.

Personality Development:
To achieve the success in career or to become a better person in your social life, it will be
good to get help with personality development services with our professionals. It will be the
very effective solution to make the essential changes in your lifestyle for good success.

Useful Tests for Better Treatment:
Before providing the treatment for any of the mental health issues, diagnosis of the patient is
always important. Without a diagnosis, you will not be able to know about the proper cause
and condition of your mental health. To offer world-class treatment, we are able to diagnose
your mental health issues in the following ways:

Anxiety depression scale:
It is a very effective test to know about the issue of anxiety and depression that a large
number of patients are facing today.

Becks depression inventory:
It is a self-rated scale that is very effective to evaluate the symptoms of depression including
lots of your behavioural changes.

Memory and Concentration Test:
If you are unable to concentrate or memorize anything related to your studies, work or
personal life, this test can be very beneficial to know about the issue before treatment.

Future Analysis Test:
If you are uncertain about your future and looking for help for better analysis, future analysis
test can be a great solution for it to make your future and current life better.

16 PF test:
16 personality factors test is another very beneficial tool that is a kind of Intelligence test. It is
very effective to know about the skills and talents for a better career prediction.

Sociometric Test:
The sociometric test is very effective to measure the relationship of the patient with other
people. It is a very effective solution when you are facing any kind of social life issues in the

Bhatia Battery of Performance:

Bhatia battery of performance test is very effective to analyse the level of Intelligence of the
person. There will be the inclusion of 5 sub tests in this test for the patients.

Vineland social maturity scale:
Vineland social maturity scale is a very useful psychometric assessment tool that is very
helpful to access the social competence of the patient.

P.G. Psychoanalysis Test:
We are here to provide services to the patients who are looking to get help for the analysis of
personality type for better treatment with P.G. psychoanalysis test.

Koh’s Block Test:
Koh’s Block test is the perfect tool that is designed to know about the IQ level and
intelligence during the treatment of the patient.

Sentence Completion Test:
It is also very beneficial test that is based on the completion of the given sentence to know
about your IQ level and intelligence during the treatment.

Draw a Person Test:
With the help of your drawing skills, you are mind predictions are judged by Dr Neha Mehta
in Hisar during your treatment for the psychological issues.

Thematic Perception Test:
Thematic precept is a kind of psychological test that is very beneficial to know about your
response to the certain type of images and objects.

Rorschachink Blot Test:
Rorschachink Blot test is used as a psychological test in which the ink blots are used for the
perception of the subjects during the treatment.

OCD Scale:
OCD skill test is used to know about the various types of symptoms in the patient during the
treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Autism Detection Scale:
Autism detection scale is an important tool that is used to measure the autism during the
treatment of the patients having the problems of psychology.

Family pathology scale:

We are here to help you in the treatment to make the family relations better or solving the
psychological issues on the basis of family pathology scale test.

The Span of Attention Test:
The span of attention test is used during your treatment when you are unable to make
concentration in your life and want to make your work skills better. Your ability to draw the
attention to various activities is a part of the test.

IQ Testing:
Most of the people know about the importance and benefits of IQ test whenever you are
looking too so you are psycho health issues in the proper way. We are able to provide these
services to help you during psychotherapy treatments.

Intelligence Test:
Now, you will definitely get better results when you want to make a better career and happy
life with your intelligence level. On the basis of results of an intelligence test, the treatment is
by Dr Neha Mehta to the specific patients in Hisar.

Social anxiety test:
A large number of people are facing social anxiety issues and they want to make their social
life better by getting the treatment for it. Social anxiety test is the very effective solution to
get rid of these issues with good analysis at the right time.

MR Analysis Test:
If you are looking to analyse your psychological issues with MR analysis test, we are here to
serve you in the best way with these services. It will be a very effective way to know about
the psychological health issue and it will help in better treatment as per the results of the test.

ADHD Analysis Test:
ADHD analysis test is performed to diagnose and treat the issue of attention deficit disorder
in the children and adults. We are here to follow the procedure for this test with the use of
right equipment and knowledge. You will definitely get better results with this analysis test.

Cattels Personality Test:
Cattels personality test is also a very beneficial tool that is used in a very effective way to
provide better treatment solution whenever you are facing any personality development
related issues.
Due to the availability of all these tests, we are able to diagnose in the issues related to mental
health disorder in all the patients. Dr Neha Mehta is one of the leading professionals to offer
excellent treatment solution on the basis of results of all these tests to the patients. Contact us
now for any kind of help regarding these therapy solutions.


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