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How To Recognize Fake People – 10 Signs Of Fake Friends

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Are you afraid that the friends you have are fake? Do you wish to know how to recognize a fake person? We will tell you here. We all have friends and people around us but can we distinguish who is genuine and who is fake, it is difficult. We will tell you here about who is a fake friend and what are the signs of fake friends and how to deal with fake people. But before that let us know about how a fake person can impact your life.

How Do Fake People Impact Your Life? 

Signs Of Fake Friends

Most people who have something to offer or are beneficial to someone in one or another way tend to have fake friends. Many around the globe have fake friends. But before knowing the signs of fake friends, let us tell you how to deal with fake people and how they can impact your life.

1. Give You Stress

Having fake people around will give you unnecessary stress. They will always come up seeking favour and never listen to you. Constantly having them around will only give you anxiety and drain you of all your energy. You won’t feel cheerful or fresh but exhausted. With constant stress, you will only have a dull mood. 

2. Make You Mentally Weak

Fake friends or people will not only lead up to stress but make you mentally weak. You will feel as if you don’t have a positive attitude and will lose the strength to stay happy. A mental drain is more harmful than a physical drain. It builds up a constant doubt and fear in your mind. 

3. You Start Having Negative Thoughts About Yourself

negative thoughts about yourself

Even a positive, happy person can go negative with a circle of fake friends. Since they always boost themselves you will start doubting your abilities and achievements. You won’t have the courage to take a step forward and start looking down on yourself. 

4. May Lead to Depression

Stress and anxiety are the main cause of depression. With fake friends around you don’t have anyone to share your feelings or speak up your mind. They always look down on you and make you feel worthless. This leads you to isolate yourself and may also push you to depression.

5. Lowers Your Confidence and Esteem

Lowers your confidence and esteem

Imagine you are being looked down on constantly and your friends are always pointing out your mistakes and your faults. How will this situation impact you? Eventually, you will lose your confidence and self-esteem. You won’t have the guts to speak or do something. Low confidence and self-esteem always harm your life. 

6. Affect Your Success

With so many negativities around you, do you think it will be easy to continue moving on the road to success. Low confidence, mental and physical tiredness, self-doubting and many more such thoughts will hamper your life and are a big obstacle to your success. 

How to Recognize Fake People ?Signs of Fake Friends

How to recognize fake people

You have seen how adversely fake friends affect your life, hence it is important to completely erase them from your life. But how will you erase them until you know who they are? There are signs of fake friends from a good one. Here we will tell you all the traits that draw a line and separate a fake friend. 

1. Talk Behind Your Back

One of the signs of fake friends is that they always bad mouth you. They talk ill of you when you are not around. Maybe you are not aware of it but some friends speak badly about you to others and degrade your image. 

2. Demotivates You

A fake friend can never encourage you or boost your confidence. Their ulterior motive behind everything is to lower your confidence and demotivate you. They can never see you rise and walk the steps of success. You may always find them boosting themselves and showing themselves as superior. 

3. Always Show Up When They Need a Favour

Always show up when they need a favour

The constant habit of fake friends is that they always show up when they need a favor from you. They might not hear you or know about what is happening in your life but as soon as they want something from you and never wait to ask you for it. 

4. Never Available When You Need Them

The saying goes that a good friend is there even when you don’t need them but a fake friend is not there even when you don’t need them. Whenever you require someone or help, a fake friend will never be there for you. They are not there when you want to share something to talk to someone. 

5. Never Give You Correct Advice

A fake friend won’t care how you are doing. Neither do they care if you need them nor do they give good advice. You cannot accept a fake friend to say something that will help you. They won’t save you from any problem and will also not give any solutions. 

6. Sees You As a Competition

Sees you as a competition

There is no competition between friends. A good friend is happy when you succeed but a fake friend sees you as a competition and always tries to put you down. They are always jealous of your achievements and do things that might suggest that you are not good enough. 

7. They Always Spill Out Honey

A fake person will only spill honey. They try to butter you up so that you do their work and you are easily influenced by them. Remember a fake person will never point out what is wrong with you, but a well wisher will point out both your mistakes and good. So, that you can learn. A fake person’s fake friendship will only praise and put you in heights. 

8. Follow People With Power

Another fake people signs are that they always follow people with power because they are the ones who can provide them with something. They always boast of having connections with known people and try to influence you to join them. You have such people around, know that they are fake. Download our free E-Book and get tips about “How to Understand Yourself and Other People.”

9. Always Talk About Themselves

A fake person will only speak about what they are doing. In short, you can say they are attention seekers. They always want you to pay attention to them and won’t allow you to speak. With their influence they make you forget your problem and hear them. 

10. They Are Always Showing Off

Last but the very important characteristics of a fake person is that they always show off. If they have something they will always show it off and make themselves superior in all manner. They will show off their things, capabilities, abilities and boast about themselves. You will always be exaggerating what they have. 

What To do If You Have Fake People Around? 

how to deal with fake people

Now, when you are aware of the characteristics of a fake person and how fake people can affect you and your life and along with that what are the fake people signs. You must be thinking about how you let them go or remove them from your life. Here, we will tell you what to do if you have fake people around you. But before implementing any of the steps you must make sure that the person is a fake and be sure of it. If all the traits are visible then here is what you can do. 

1. Try To Analyse The Problem

First, you need to analyze what the problem is, maybe if there is any. Sometimes a long friendship turns to become a fake friendship or maybe after some time a fake friend may turn to become a genuine one. In these cases, some problems need to be solved. Try to figure out if any such case is there and if the friendship can be built again. 

2. Prepare Yourself For Detachment

If there is no case of turning a fake person into a loyal one then you must prepare yourself for detachment. We know this is hard but you must understand this is for your good. You should become strong and make up your mind to let go of them and look for genuine people. 

3. Try to Cut Off All The Relations

After you have made up your mind then get ready to detach yourself. There are two ways to either let it go naturally or directly. Naturally, you do it by reducing contact time and slowly moving away and directly you do it by cutting all the relations at that point either by saying them directly or without any information. 

4. Stop Giving Favours

You must stop giving favors to your fake friend. The more you help them the more they will use you. Hence, you should stop giving favors. Learn to say no to them. Know that they are never there for you and hence you must also help them less. Remember they only come to you when they need something. 

5. Try to Surround Yourself With Genuine People

Now, you are detaching yourself from fake people. You must look for people who are genuine and try to be with them. Be with people who motivate you and always encourage you to move forward. They will tell you your mistakes but will also help you. They won’t speak I’ll of you rather defend you. Hence look for such people and be with them. 


It may be difficult to let go of people around you. But you only hurt yourself by allowing them to stay. A good person is a well-wisher and always prays for your happiness and success. With the above-stated signs of fake friends, we hope that you may be now able to know how to deal with fake people or friends and identify who is real and fake and take the necessary steps.

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