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Tactics To Make Friends: How To Influence People

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Having a cordial relationship with people around us is important. Good social life can impact our lives positively in many ways. Making friends up to college is easy as all people are on the same level. But after college, people find it difficult to stay in touch with their old school friends, and the bond is broken forever. To influence new people, we need some skills and we will discuss the tips to influence people and tips to make good friendships. Scroll down to know the answer.

Can You Make New Friends or Can You Influence People?

We all need some like-minded people in our lives like our friends. If you lack basic social skills, it can be difficult for you to influence people. To know how to influence people, scroll down. Having an impact over a person is important so that he/she come back to keep the conversation going. Making friends is easy in childhood, but as adults, we need to make amends according to the person we are talking to for developing a new bond with him/her. We have discussed all the good points below.

How To Influence People

1. Show Genuine Interest While Interacting

If you are self-absorbed or self-obsessed, then making friends will be difficult for you. Show real love for meeting new people. You never know what influence your good nature will have on another person, maybe he/she will come back after getting influenced by you genuinely. You should have a clean look and a light smile on your face to influence people. The way you dress up shows you are genuinely interested.

2. Be Open to New Ideas. Don’t Judge


Sometimes you meet like-minded people and sometimes you meet people who belong to a different background. Don’t treat them poorly. Many times even people from different backgrounds can make a good bond. Try to give your relationship a chance even if your views don’t match initially. You will get diverse points on different topics and it is helpful.

3. Be Yourself

You should not try to impress people by faking your emotions. Always show your true self. It has a positive impact on people. People like to follow those who can show their true side at different times. Moreover, the friendship built over false feelings won’t last long. So, don’t adjust yourself according to people and learn how to stop hating yourself, rather make them adjust according to you. Then only, you will have an important impact.

4. Make The First Move to Reach Out to New People.

Meet new people. Be always in search of like-minded people. You can influence them faster. Go to meet new people at parties, hangout places, conferences, or outlets. Never shy away from speaking first. There is no harm at all in making the first move. Meet people frequently in the initial days. It tells them that you are available for fun activities. In this way, you can have a positive impact on them.

5. Stick to Your Words

You should have some commitments in your life. It sends out a message to people that you will be available for them and they can count on you at difficult moments. How great is that? But if you have a habit of changing your thoughts and decisions, then it impacts your relationship negatively and you can never have a positive impact thereafter. Also, you can’t know how to make friends, if you can’t stick to your words. This answers your question of how to influence people.

Tips To Make Good Friends

1. Devote Time to Your New Friendship

Good friends think that devoting time to their friendship is important. Time or money, please devote either of them in the need of an hour to your friends. Adults who are self-absorbed don’t get friends easily. Try to invest your time into a friendship. Ninety percent of friendships fail as people don’t spend enough time with each other. Spending time is the key part of a healthy friendship. Among all tips of how to make friends, this tip will be very helpful.

2. Share Your Interests With Friends

To be a good friend, you should share your interests with your friends. Keeping things to yourself will not make you happy. Spread it out with your friends, Be it any hobby like painting, playing ludo, or playing hockey. Share your interest and if the interest matches, then it is a golden opportunity for you to strengthen the friendship as even in a difficult conversation, you will have something to talk about.

3. Have a Smiley Face


The smile on your face can attract people to you. Your friends smile at you when they see you happy. When you smile, you get the confidence to speak on a topic and your friends are going to surely praise you for your sweet nature. A smiling person can make people forget about their problems and tensions. Apply this tactic with your friends. It will work for sure.

4. Keep Your Conversation Alive

When you are conversing with, make sure that you never run into silence abruptly. The conversation should interest both of you. In any case, if the conversations fail to excite your friends, you won’t be able to make a bond with them. Also, do ask open-minded questions from your friends if you are not able to think of any interesting topic. Ask your friends about the day and then tell them what all happened with you. Believe us, striking a good conversation can make a huge difference. This tip is different from the above tips to make friends.

5. Categorise Your Friends

We may have contact with many people in our lives but not all of them can be our best friends. Some people live in our neighborhood, Then are your hi-bye friends. Greet them. But some people are very close to you and you share your feelings and everything you own with them. They are your good friends. The categorizing is very important so that you don’t work on the less important relationships. Your focus should be on your true friend always.

6. Praise Your Friends For Their Good Qualities

You can make bonds with your friends strong by giving them compliments. Compliments are a two-way road, not only a good compliment will make your friend happy but also you. They will also compliment you back. How great it would be. You should give them compliments on your qualities and social traits. Take care of this. Also, you should inspire them and give them a fresh perspective so that they can improve.

7. Support Your Friends in Hardship

You should always be by your friend’s side. If you can be with them in their difficult times, then only you are worthy to be called their friends. Please don’t leave them at their worst as they are also a guiding stick for you. Give them strength, socially. Monetarily or physically. Try to fulfill their requirements. If you stand with them in bad times, please stay with them at bad times also. Please offer them solutions if they are unable to figure them out. If your friend has taken a wrong route in life, make him/her aware of the reality and support them to follow the good path.


8. Don’t Run From Responsibilities.

You can’t run from your responsibilities towards a friend or else you will be known as a fake friend. Because many people know how to recognize fake people. After one point of time, they become your family and if you have responsibilities towards your family, then you have responsibilities towards your friends also. It’s your responsibility to not judge them at difficult times. It’s your duty to be supportive of them always. You should encourage them to solve their problems and also deal with tough situations. Even if sometimes, your interest clashes with them, support them.


Friends are an important part of our lives. Making good friends up to college is easy as all people are of the same level. But after a long time, people find it difficult to stay in touch with their old schoolmates and bond is broken forever. To solve this issue, we have discussed all the possible ways to influence people and bring them into your life. Also, try to reconnect with your old friends by following the points we have mentioned. Stay tuned for more updates from us. We are sure that our tips to make good friends will help you a lot.

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