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How to Find Out if They Are Good Friends?

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It’s hard to describe your friends in words, as they are more than simple words can tell. Pay attention to small gestures, facial expressions and the way they talk about their life. Real friends will listen to you and be supportive. They will help you to stay away from negativity  with a perfect piece of advice and their opinions. They will open up and share themselves with you but not expect you to do the same. And they are not superficial; just because they can go out and have a party doesn’t mean that they want to abandon all of your friendship for it. Here’s a quick overview on How to find out if they are good friends.

Who is a Good Friend?

A good friend is the one who makes you smile, the one who makes you feel good about yourself. A friend is someone who will be there for you when no one else is. A friend may not share your same interests or beliefs, but they will always be there to listen when you need them. A true friend knows when to be there and when to let go. A good friend is a shoulder to cry on, a shoulder to laugh on, and someone that can help when you need it most. He/ she is the one who will help you to overcome your anxiety issues or take you for anxiety counselling sessions.

A Good Friend
Good Friends

If someone is your best friend then they would do anything for you even if it means giving up their happiness or needs just so that they can provide comfort for yours! This is a perfect getaway on How to find out if they are good friends or not!

What is The Importance of Good Friends?

Friendships are one of the most important relationships in life. They can make relationships, and they’re even more important than family members because they’re not as likely to judge you and tell you what to do. Good friendships are also a great source of comfort and support. If you have good friends, they can help keep you grounded when you need them most.

Importance of Good Friends
Importance of Good Friends

However, not everyone has a lot of good friends; some people don’t realize how important having a good network is until they lose one or two close ones. A lack of friends can make it difficult for people to feel connected to others and feel supported by them as well. So, you should learn the tactics to make friends if you want to live a happy life. 

Qualities Your Good Friends Must Have

1. Should Not Be Judgmental

If you are friends with someone, then the first thing that you need to understand is that they are not your enemy. They may have their own opinions and views, but you should never take those as a personal attack on you. If your friend does comment on your appearance or weight, simply ignore it. You need to be able to accept criticism from others because it will help you grow as a person. Your good friend will never make judgments about you or say something bad about your personality.

2. Have Good Listening Skills

Good Listening Skills
Good Listening Skills

Being a good listener is one of the most important qualities a good friend must have.  As a good friend, one must listen to you and try to understand what you are going through. And should be able to empathize with your problems and give you advice on how to fix them. And if you want to be a good friend of someone then, this is a very important tactic to make friends

3. Empathy Is Key

Empathy is the ability to understand someone else’s feelings, thoughts, perspectives or beliefs without necessarily agreeing with them. It’s not always easy being empathetic, but it’s essential to being a good friend. This is because empathy is the key to building trusting relationships; you need to be able to connect with others for them to be able to trust you as well.

4. Stay True to The Commitment

A friend will be there for you no matter what happens, even if it means being there until the very end. They won’t break their promise just because it’s hard.  A friend is someone who wants to see you succeed and do what is right for others. A good friend will stay true to their commitment. If they say they will do something, then they will do it – no matter what it takes.

5. Stand With You in All Your Ups And Downs

Stand With You
Stand With You in All Your Problems and Happiness

A true friend is there for you when you need them. They will be there for you in good times and bad because they know that what happens to us affects us deeply. They understand the ups and downs of life, and they know how important it is to have a friend who understands what’s going on in your life. Having a great friendship means that both of you have mutual respect’s opinions and beliefs, so if one of them ever needs help with something, there shouldn’t be any hesitation.  One should also know How to Help A Friend With Depression And Stress? And stand with them in their lows.

6. They Are Honest Towards You

Honesty is one of the most important qualities a good friend must have — and that goes double when it comes to how much trust each person has in the other person’s honesty and integrity. Honesty is one thing that builds trust between friends, because if they can tell each other their secrets without having them be judged by others (like at school or work), then they know that they are good friends. 

7. They Will Always Take Out Time For You

Friendship is a two-way road, and as such, you have to reciprocate. If someone wants to spend some time with you, it’s only proper that you do the same for them. There’s no better feeling than sharing a laugh or a joke with your friend. A good friend will always find time for you even if it means sacrificing their own free time. They won’t let anyone else take their place in their life, even if someone else wants it more than them. So, taking out time for your friends is a perfect getaway How to make friends


A real friend is always honest and trustworthy, so if you find out that someone has been lying to you or not telling you the truth, then it may be a good 

time to rethink your friendship. You need to learn how to recognize fake friends. Remember to keep in mind that there is no fail-safe method on How to find out if they are good friends, as we all have different ideas of friendship. These are simply guidelines to help you decide if they are worth your time and efforts. Remember, don’t be afraid to be yourself. It’s important to find good friends you truly connect with in life, and the more genuine you are the better your chances will be of finding those special people who will always stand by your side. 


1. What makes a person a perfect best friend?

A best friend is someone who loves you for who you are and doesn’t try to change you. They’re not afraid to tell you when they don’t like something about you, but they also don’t make fun of your faults or make you feel bad about yourself. A good friend will be there when things go wrong, but also when things go right. A great best friend is someone that you can always count on no matter what happens in your life.

2. When should I walk away from the friendship?

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but the key thing to remember is that eventually, it has to end. The happiest relationships are those that end with a clean break because the people involved were able to say goodbye knowing they made the right decision for their lives. If someone starts to become abusive or causes too much drama in your life, then it’s time for them to go! You deserve better than that! You may need grief counselling sessions to move on from this phase. But, remember that you deserve to be treated good by everyone. 

3. How can I know that a friendship is toxic?

Wondering how to recognise fake friends? If you feel like you’re being taken advantage of, or manipulated, it’s probably not a healthy friendship. If someone is constantly asking for favours and then never returning the favour, it may be time to move on. If someone always expects you to bail them out of their problems, make them feel better about themselves, or give them an excuse for not doing something that would be beneficial for both of you, chances are this person doesn’t have your best interests at heart. 

4. How can I know that a friendship is one-sided?

It’s very easy to find out whether your friendship is one-sided or not. If it is a single person putting constant efforts to make the next person feel good but isn’t getting the same value, efforts back. Then, it’s a clear sign that your friendship is one-sided. You should learn how to make good friends who value you the way you do them.

5. What is the cause of friendship coming to an end?

The reason why friendships come to an end is because of a lack of communication between the two people involved. If there is no communication between the two individuals, then there’s no way for them to express their feelings and desires towards each other and decide whether or not the friendship should continue.

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