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What Is Balanitis? Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Discover comprehensive insights into what is balanitis, a common inflammation affecting the

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Males and females both suffer from many sexual problems, however, many people are not aware of the same because people don’t discuss it openly with each other. They also are unable to understand what exactly is happening to their genitals. In this article, we will be talking about one such genital issue specifically in males. Ever heard what is Balanitis? You may or may not have experienced it in your life but it is not a rare issue that males experience. Today we will be telling you about what Balanitis is, what the causes of Balanitis are, and how to cure Balanitis. We will help you explore all the aspects of the same so that either you can jump off it whenever you come across it or you can take proper measures.

What is Balanitis?

There are times when you are suffering from certain sexual issues but you don’t know what to do about them. One such case is balanitis, but what is Balanitis? Balanitis is the condition where the foreskin and the head of the penis undergo inflammation, redness, spots, cuts, foul smell, and discharge out of it. It may seem that there is blood coming out of it. Though Balanitis is not very serious, consulting with a doctor is necessary to prevent the condition from worsening. It is a very painful condition. Performing sex in this condition is not possible, even though there are times when because of pain males do not feel like walking. Further, males usually with a circumcised penis do not suffer from balanitis because the main reason lies in the foreskin. 

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Some of the symptoms of Balanitis are inflammation and redness in the head of the penis, itching, swelling, discharge with a foul smell, pain, pus, spots, cuts-like structure similar to being eroded on the foreskin and head, and many more. There are many reasons why sexual problems happen in male. At times it may be because of some inherent issues while some because of carelessness. We will be telling you all about why males suffer from Balanitis, how it can be treated, and who has a high chance of suffering from it.

What are the causes of Balanitis?

Now that you know what is Balanitis. You must understand it from all the areas like its causes, treatment, precautions, and other things. In this section, we will be looking at what are the causes of Balanitis to understand possible reasons for it.

1. People with Phimosis issue 

One of the causes of Balanitis is phimosis. It is a condition when pulling the foreskin is not possible as it becomes very hard and tight. Since the foreskin cannot be retracted the moisture locked causes yeast or bacterial growth and infection. It is more common in children under 5. After 5 the foreskin can be easily pulled.

2. Having an uncircumcised penis

When it comes to what are the causes of Balanitis, one of the major causes is an uncircumcised penis. An uncircumcised penis is the one where there is foreskin over the head of the penis. It can lead to infections and other reactions. Balanitis is caused by the overgrowth of microorganisms and therefore it causes Balanitis.

uncircumcised penis causes balantis
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3. Yeast or bacterial infection

Among other causes of Balanitis, one of the causes of bacterial infection. Balanitis is usually caused by the overgrowth of bacterial or yeast organisms. The moisture present under the foreskin of the head of the penis provides a suitable environment for its growth and causes Balanitis by inflammation, swelling, spots, and cuts.

4. Not having good hygiene

Not following proper hygiene measures can also cause Balanitis. There are certain things to do after sex that add to the cleanliness of the genital organ.

Poor hygiene
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Poor hygiene measures are one of the main causes of Balanitis as it can cause eroded skin, inflammation, irritation, redness, itching, and other infections. Thus, taking care of hygiene is important.

5. Due to chemical Irritation

When it comes to what are the causes of Balanitis, one of the causes is chemical irritation. There are times when we use certain things on our genitals like oil or perfumes or even go for lubrication seeing the importance of lubrication during sex which causes chemical reactions and results in Balanitis. Thus use organ-friendly objects in your genitals. 

6. Having highly sensitive skin

Some meals have highly sensitive skin over their genital areas. At times contact with any foreign element can cause infections. Even excessive masturbation and rubbing the skin hard can cause eroded skin. Thus, following the precautions for masturbation for male can help them avoid it, and using skin-friendly lubricants and condoms can help avoid it.

sensitive skin causes balantis
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7. STIs infection issues

One of the causes of Balanitis can be a sexually transmitted disease. Most of the time doctors recommend getting tested for any sexually transmitted disease because it can cause irritation, redness, and inflammation over the penis. It can occur from STDs like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HPV, Syphilis, and others. Hence, Balanitis can suggest the presence of an STD.

Who suffers from Balanitis? – Causes of Balanitis

Balanitis is a genital organ problem which hits anyone with an uncircumcised penis. However, not all having an uncircumcised penis goes through Balanitis. There are other factors as well which contribute to Balanitis. In this section, we will tell you who is at a greater risk of suffering from Balanitis. 

1. Men with high sugar levels

The symptoms of Balanitis are common in people who have high sugar levels. Men suffering from diabetes are at high risk of suffering from Balanitis. Diabetes makes the environment suitable for yeast infection. It is one of the causes of Balanitis in older or adult men. It causes irritation, itching, and infection in the penis.

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2. Men who have more weight

The signs of Balanitis are also more common in men who have more weight. It has been found that males who are suffering from Balanitis have more weight than other males.

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Increased obesity is one of the major causes of a buried penis. It also results in phimosis which can cause Balanitis. Hence, controlling obesity is important. 

3. It can occur at any age

The signs of Balanitis can be witnessed in any male with an uncircumcised penis. Usually, it occurs in children under the age of 4 and males who are of middle and adult age group suffering from diabetes, have poor hygiene habits, and are obese. Usually, around 2 out of 10 males suffer from Balanitis. Therefore, it can occur at any age.

How to treat Balanitis?

Many signs of Balanitis must be recognized to treat them. Though it is not serious, it should be treated and taken care of. There are cases when Balanitis gets dealt with on its own with proper hygiene measures. Here, we will tell you how to treat Balanitis

1. Circumcision surgical treatment

When it comes to what is the treatment for Balanitis, one of them is circumcision surgical treatment. Balanitis usually occurs due to the moisture present under the foreskin of the penis. The moisture becomes the suitable environment for the growth of East and causes infection therefore circumcision surgical treatment takes place to avoid the growth of yeast or bacteria as it removes the foreskin of the penis. This treatment permanently solves the issue of Balanitis. 

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2. Following intimate area hygiene

One of the methods in how to treat Balanitis is to follow the hygiene tips. You should know about the hygiene tips to follow before and after sex. One of the causes of Balanitis is improper hygiene methods or not at all following hygiene measures. You can cure balanitis on its own by cleaning and drying the area and regularly keeping in check the private area. Clean it with water and dry it out so that no moisture is left. Further, you should not douche it regularly. Douching regularly can harm the skin.

intimate area hygiene to cure balantis
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3. Completing the prescribed antibiotic treatment

When it comes to what is the treatment for Balanitis, there are times when either the patient or the doctor does not go for any surgical treatment for even if they do so there are certain antibiotics provided to treat the infection. To cure Balanitis you should completely follow the prescribed antibiotic treatment. You should not skip or stop taking the medicines because you can no longer see the signs of Balanitis. It will also help you get relief from the unbearable pain and get back to your normal life. 

4. STIs treatment

One of the methods for how to treat Balanitis is getting the STI treatment checked and done. One of the treatments that doctors prescribe for Balanitis is checking for any signs of Sexually transmitted disease. Many times Balanitis infections and inflammation can be signs of sexually transmitted disease. Though Balanitis is not a sexually transmitted disease however it can indicate the presence of STDs like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HPV, Syphilis, Candida, or yeast infections. You should also go through the diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases.

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Now that you are aware of what is Balanitis, you must always look for the symptoms of Balanitis whenever you feel uncomfortable in your penis. It is usually caused because of an uncircumcised penis, having moisture in the foreskin of the penis or near the head, yeast or bacterial infections, or not taking care of hygiene. You must take proper measures to care for it. The reason why is sex education important is because it tells you all about sexual health and how you can avoid it or know what is the treatment for Balanitis or any other sexual problems. Therefore, try to know about everything related to your genitals as they are sensitive areas and require attention.


1. Is Balanitis transferable to the female partner?

Balanitis is not a transferable disease. Balanitis is not a sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by poor hygiene methods, infection, or any kind of reaction and occurs in the male genital named penis. Many males fear sex thinking it can transfer. However, when you go for sex counseling you will get to know that your female partner will not acquire it and also whether you should continue with sex or not in such conditions as it is very painful and sex cannot be performed. 

2. What are the signs of Balanitis?

There are many symptoms of Balanitis, it is just that you should be able to recognize it and go for treatment before it gets worse. Some of the signs of Balanitis are redness and swelling in the foreskin or the head of the penis, inflammation with a foul-smelling discharge in the head, formation of pus, pain, irritation, and itchiness, there can be visible small cuts and sports similar to like an erotic skin like you have got a scratch. These are some of the signs of Balanitis.

3. Can Balanitis be cured permanently?

There are many ways how to cure Balanitis but no specific treatment to cure it permanently. It can reoccur again and again if you don’t take care of hygiene. If it can happen every time there is a yeast or bacterial infection. If your penis is uncircumcised then there are chances of Balanitis. However, if you are taking proper care of hygiene and still Balanitis occurs then you should consult your doctor but there is no permanent solution.

4. What happens if Balanitis is not treated?

Two consequences can happen if balanitis is not treated. It will cure on its own in around 7 days or it can lead to more chronic illness. Untreated Balanitis can cause Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO) which means that your skin gets hardened, tight, and white. It can lead to prolonged inflammation and also calls for more pain. Therefore you should recognise the signs and seek immediate treatment. This is how to deal with Balanitis.

5. Can Balanitis heal or cure on its own?

Usually in the early stages, Balanitis can heal or cure itself on its own. It usually lasts for seven days when left untreated with proper cleaning of the penis. This is how to cure Balanitis on your own. Carefully washing and drying the area can help it go away. You should not masturbate as it can complicate it. If you have an addiction you can go for addiction counseling. Medical treatment is occasionally needed however you should consult the doctor for better conclusions.

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