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Important Hygiene Tips to Follow Before And After Sex

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In intercourse, one of the number #1 important factors which play a crucial role is hygiene. It is important to take care of the right hygiene tips to follow before and after sex. All it takes is a few minutes to do a proper wash-up and maintain cleanliness which can easily avoid any infections, vaginal bacteria, problems like UTIs, etc. Following hygiene, tips are not a one-time thing, and they should be followed every single time, before and after having sex.

Hygiene Tips to Know Before Having Sex

Sexual intercourse can of course be very fun and fascinating, especially if you are planning to get involved with the love of your life. This is where the answer of why is true love important in your life, comes into play as it spices your sexual intercourse 10x times.

But, just thinking about sex is not enough, as there is immense pre-work that goes behind it. It is very important to take care of the hygiene tips to follow before sex for couples, to have safe sex which is clean and free from every kind of bacteria.

Top Hygiene Tips to Follow Before Sex Which Every Couple Should Follow

1. Wash Your Hands Properly

Hand hygiene is really important and one of the important aspects to consider for hygiene tips to follow before sex. It is very important to wash your hands properly before indulging in sex with your partner. This is because you surely don’t want any germs or bacteria to go inside the mouth of your partner which could lead them to trouble or some sort of infection. Hence, washing your hands thoroughly before

2. Shave Your Private Parts

There are plenty of mistakes you do while removing bikini hair which should definitely be avoided. One of the most crucial aspects couples should consider before having sex is to shave their private parts. Sex involves many actions and one of them is oral. Hence, while performing oral with your partner, you surely won’t like to have hair strands coming in your mouth as that could be a turn-off and could act as mistakes that will destroy your relationship which you should avoid.

3. Wash Your Private Parts With Water

Wash Your Private Parts With Water

Regardless of whether you are having sex without protection or with, washing your private part properly for both males and females is important. You do not have to do a massive cleaning process which will take you hours. All one has to do is, take a few minutes out, and with the help of the right body wash which is gentle, wash the private part properly before having sex. This is because, when your private part is clean and has a good fragrance, it will attract your partner during intercourse.

4. Wear a Good Scent

Wear a Good Scent

Whether you know why is true love important in your life or not, one thing you must know is the importance of wearing the right scent. Smelling good is always a turn-on for the partner who can even enhance their performance during sex. It is always a good idea to wear a good scent that is mild, right before you are going to indulge in intercourse to keep things steamy and fun.

What Should You Do After Sex? Major Hygiene Tips

Before sex, time is indeed really fun, but after sex, the couples end up being lazy and only want to cuddle with each other or sleep. This is the time when couples need to take their hygiene really seriously and here we will tell you what should you do after sex.

1. Urinate yourself after sex

Urinate yourself

Right after having sex, it is very important to urinate. This is one of the most common mistakes which couples do not pay attention to. Whether you are doing sex without protection or which protection, regardless of that fact, it is important to properly urinate yourself. This is because, when you go to the washroom after sex you are also letting bacteria leave your body which cleans the private parts. In case you do not urinate it can lead to severe infection.

2. Washing The Genital Area

One of the major hygiene tips one should follow in terms of what should you do after sex is to clean the genital area really well. Both men and women should wash their private parts to avoid any further infections such as UTIs. It is the sexual fluids of the body that can cause severe skin irritation, and genetical infection, and the bacteria can be pushed easily towards the urethra causing further bacterial infection.

3. Drink Plenty of Water After Sex

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking a glass of water after sexual intercourse does have multiple benefits, as it keeps the body hydrated properly. Sexual intercourse can easily deplete energy levels and can give a boost of energy. Following basic hygiene tips to follow before and after sex is very crucial.

4. Wear Loose Clothes

Wear Loose Clothes

This might be a very basic thing about wearing the right clothes but it is very important. Tight clothes do cause plenty of discomforts and can use issues like vaginal itching, pelvic pain, and various other problems. One of the best hygiene tips to follow after sex is to wear loose clothes which can let you breathe and make the private parts at ease after heavy intercourse which is very important.


When it comes to hygiene tips to follow after sex, it is very important to be very careful. Just because of the fact that the couples are going to have sex, they get really excited and end up not focusing on basic cleanliness. Couples take hygiene for granted and end up not following the regimes such as washing their hands before and after sex, having a shower before and after sex, etc. which does cause a huge problem. It helps when couples indulge in online counseling to get their queries answered.

Especially girls have so many myths about girls periods, how stress can cause infertility, thoughts on sex, etc, hence to help them out we had given this end-to-end guide that can help them in the best possible way. Make sure you follow these tips before and after sex to have clean and safe intercourse.

It is also a good idea to take sex counseling as these counselors can guide in the best possible way to help couples know more about such hygiene tips to follow before and after sex.


1. What are the things couples should not do after sex?

Many times we hear about what couples should do after sex, but a few things they should not do after sex are take a hot bath, wear very tight clothes or wash their private parts with an intimate wash that is full of chemicals.

2. What is the best thing to do before sex to maintain hygiene?

Amongst the plenty of hygiene things you must do before sex, the one most crucial things is to keep your body and especially the private parts very clean. As the couples get close, transforming of the bacteria from one body to the other becomes very easy which could lead to severe infection.

3. What is the best way to clean out right after sex?

The best way to clean the body right after sex for the couple is to take a quick shower and wash the private parts with very warm water. Avoid using any scented soaps around the area as that could cause an increase in pH levels in the vagina.

4. Are there any side effects if the couple does not shower right after sex?

Failing to clean the private parts right after sex could lead to major problems like UTI which is very common. Minor UTIs could lead to major body infections that can affect pregnancy in the later stage.

5. Is it safe to have sex during periods?

One of the most common myths about girls periods is that it is totally unsafe to have sex while the girl is on her period which is wrong. It is totally the choice of the couple if they want to have sex or not during that time, and medically there are absolutely no side effects.

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