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Why is Sex Education Important? – Reasons and Facts

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Many things are considered taboo in society and one such thing is discussing sex openly in society. It is as if talking about sex is an omen in society and would bring bad luck to you. Living in a developing country it is important to create awareness about sex. In this article, we will be looking at what is sex education. Understanding sex education meaning and why is sex education important is necessary to reduce the consequences and risks brought by a lack of knowledge about sex.

What is Sex Education

Sex education implies creating awareness about sexuality and sex. It covers a large variety of topics that inform young people about sexual health and incorporates quality teaching and learning of sex, and related topics so that the young generation is aware of their body and their sexual health. The reason why is sex education important is because it helps teenagers understand how to manage their relationships, and their sexual life, have a long life of their sexual health, avoid getting into troublesome sexual activities, and more. Sex education enables you to understand the importance of sex, practicing safe sex techniques and how to take care of your sexual life, the concept of consent, etc. You must learn about how to tell children about sex and start sex education with them at an early age so that they are aware of the harmful effects of sex, watching porn, and masturbation. 

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Why is Sex Education Important?

There are many reasons why is sex education important and should be inculcated along with other educational subjects. It begins with understanding sex education meaning and what it is all about.  

1. Method to Understand Your Body And Mind

The foremost importance of sex education lies in the fact that it is a method to understand your body and mind. Sex education is more concerned with helping you define your sexuality and realizing your inner desires. It helps you understand your body structure all about your private parts and how to care for them. Sex education helps in understanding the mechanism of sex and introduces children to their genitals so that they don’t end up with wrong information from other sources.

2. It is More About Your Desires And Pleasure

Desires And Pleasure

The sex education meaning does not only confine itself to being a method of reproduction but it extends to a broad view of being a method of fulfilling your desires, and pleasures and strengthening your relationship. Sex education is important because it is a way to relish your desires. It teaches you about masturbation and the correct way to fulfill your desire. You can go for the relax-up combo by Nature Mania to calm down and strengthen yourself. It tells you that sex is more of a way for close connection with your partner. 

3. Tell About Do’s And Don’ts of Sex

Another importance of sex education lies in informing about the do’s and don’ts of sex education. It makes you aware of the don’ts of sex which can harm you. For example, how many times you should masturbate and how to masturbate. It tells you about how it can harm your nerve cells and your genitals if done wrongly. Further, it also tells about other sex-related topics which are important for you to know. It helps you understand the importance of sexual health. 

4. Knowledge of Abuse

Knowledge of Abuse

Another benefit of sex education is that it teaches your children about abuse. Many children undergo abuse without knowing about the same. Knowing when to tell about sex to children and introducing them to sex education helps in making children aware of their private parts and child abuse. Child abuse is one of the most common crimes that often goes unheard as children are not aware of what is happening to them. So, sex education is the way to safeguard children from physical abuse.

5. Safe Sex And Condoms

Another importance of knowing sex education meaning is to be aware of safe sex and the proper use of condoms. It creates awareness about the hygiene tips to follow before and after sex, harmful practices related to sex like hard rubbing, damaging nerves with extensive masturbation, etc. The importance of sex education lies in informing young minds about the proper use of lubrication, condoms, and safe sex. It is important to openly talk about it when children reach the age where they should be introduced to sex and relationships. 

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Myths Related to Sex Education 

Myth arises when one is not aware of things. This is what happens when one is not aware of what is sex education. It leads to myths related to sex education. Though there are many myths or taboos surrounding sex education, here we list two major myths.

1. Knowledge Comes Automatically

Knowledge Comes Automatically

One of the major difficulties in sex education is the myth that knowledge about sex comes automatically. This leads children to practice the wrong methods of masturbation and even ignore the importance of lubrication or understanding the body and desires. Children find different sources like porn which is not how things happen and leads to wrong methods of sex. The need for sex education is to introduce knowledge not about sex but more importantly about individuals ‘ bodies and feelings. 

2. Not About How to Do Sex

One of the other myths related to sex education is that it is all about how to do sex and creates all the difficulties in sex education. Sex education is not about how to perform it but why it is important, it is just a part. Sex education is more about sexuality, sexual health, understanding yourself, your body and mind, the pros and cons of sex, and other related topics. It talks about the sexual problems that individuals go through. 

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Consequences of Lack of Sex Education

The difficulties in sex education arise mainly due to people’s indifference to it and different myths. One of the worst parenting mistakes that harm the sexual life of children is not introducing them to sex education. Here we list why the need for sex education is of prime importance. 

1. Female Domination

One of the consequences of the lack of sex education is female domination. Men often come into contact with porn and other sources which leave them delusional that females must be dominated in sex and it often harms females. This takes the shape of harmful sex and this is where the importance of sex education lies. Wrong ideas and methods are learned because of a lack of sex education. 

2. Feet Fetish

Feet Fetish

Another reason for the need for sex education is the increase of feet fetish. Though a feet fetish is a way for sexual arousal where you get aroused only by feet it can take the shape of a harmful obsession. Sex education introduces you to your interest points but also teaches you how to control your desires. This is why sex counseling is often taken up because at a point in time, sexual life faces difficulties and one of the reasons is the lack of sex education. 

3. Wrong Masturbation

Knowing when to tell about sex to children is necessary because a lack of sex education often leads to practicing wrong masturbation techniques. Sex education teaches about precautions for masturbation for male and females. It introduces nerve damage, hard rubbing, lubrication, etc. Sex education importance hence lies in educating children and teenagers about masturbation.

4. Undertake The Wrong Path

The Wrong Path

The need for sex education lies in guiding the large population of children and teenagers to the correct path of learning about sex at the proper age. One of the reasons why do sexual problems happens in male or female is because they often get misguided by the wrong sites and harm their private organs. Therefore, sex education importance is very clear from the harm it does to children and unaware teenagers. 


Now towards the end of the article, it is known why is sex education important. Sex education not only guides children and teenagers to better sexual lives but also helps them manage relationships and sexual issues occurring in relationships. It educates them about safe sex and other related topics, by being a way to spread awareness about sexuality, sexual life, sexual health, sex, identify issues, safe methods, etc. It teaches them about their body structure, desires, pleasures, interests, etc. Sex education importance is not confined to only sex and its surroundings but about hormonal changes, ejaculation, STDs, periods, growth, life, aggression, behavioral changes, etc.


1. How to encourage sex education in India?

You must be aware of the ways how to tell children about sex if you wish to encourage sex education because it begins at home. Get comfortable with your child and little by little introduce them to it starting with good and bad touch to their genitals to later on about sex. Try creating awareness about it and introducing it in the education curriculum in schools and colleges so that children and teenagers learn about it as well. You can consider child counseling to help your child know about it more clearly. 

2. What are the areas covered in sex education?

When you study about what is sex education there are many things under the umbrella term that you are made aware of. It teaches you about your body, genitals, hormones, teenage curiosity, desires and interest points, sexuality, sexual health, relationships, reproduction, masturbation, periods, and many more. It is quality teaching about how you manage your sexual life and follow the correct methods of sex and pleasure. 

3. Why is sex education a taboo?

Sex education is not considered a topic worth discussing and hence there are many myths related to sex education which is also why it is considered a taboo in society. People believe that sex education is all about how to do sex and hence, according to them, discussing it with children is the way to destroy them and introduce them to the wrong path. They find no need for sex education as knowledge of it comes automatically however the same is not true. 

4. What is the right time to tell children about sex?

If you are wondering when to tell about sex to children then you can start introducing them by the age of 5 to 6. This is mostly the time when children are curious about their genitals and play with them. This is the time when you should start introducing your child to private parts. Encourage them to ask questions and answer openly. Tell them that it is fine to be confused. Starting early will give you a lot of time to open up freely and progressively tell things.

5. How to tell children about sex?

Though there are many difficulties in sex education, one of them is about how and when to tell about sex to children. You can begin with good and bad touch and introduce them to their genitals. Tell them about their private parts and their names and assure them that confusion is normal. Slowly as the child grows you can come to sexuality, desires, etc. And later on, talk openly about sex with them and talk about safe sex.

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