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Types of Kisses – Different Types of Kisses to Try with Your Partner

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Kissing has always been a very intimate element of a relationship that regenerates the lost aura, essence, and romance. There are many types of kisses in a relationship that you can try with your partner. Kissing your partner in different ways helps to grow your relationship and gain the love of your partner. Lip kiss meaning changes according to the type. Each kiss signifies different emotions and feelings. Here, in this article, we will tell you about different types of kisses on lips and other body parts. 

Why You Must Try Different Types of Kisses

A simple kiss can evoke a lot of emotions like affection, love, care, the feeling of sorry, and many more. It can be called the most pure and intimate form of a relationship. The significance of different types of kisses increases when a simple kiss holds a lot of meaning. Different lip kiss meaning change accordingly. For example, a cheek kiss simply means that you value your partner a lot. A hand kiss signifies affection. Here we will suggest different types of kisses to try with your partner

Trying different types of kisses helps increase romance and love in a relationship. It demonstrates your love, care, passion, and ownership over your partner. If you wonder what are the mistakes that will destroy your relationship, then one is not kissing your partner and only practicing one form of kiss. Hence, here we list many possible kisses that will elevate your relationship to a new level.

Types of Kisses in a Relationship

Kissing your partner regularly is an important element to keep the aura of love alive. Kisses from the spice of a relationship and as different spices enhance the food there are different types of kisses. There are many different types of kisses on lips, kisses on eyes, head, neck, etc. Kissing daily and experimenting with its types is one of the tips to make your relationship stronger. Here are listed various kissing styles which you must try with your partner. 

1. Peck Kiss

Peck kiss is one of the elementary types of lip kisses. It may also be called a beginner’s kiss as it is one of the simplest forms of lip kisses to do with your partner and show them that you care about them. All you have to do in a peck kiss is to gently touch their lips with their and quickly move away. It is a kiss of just a few seconds which is enough to just touch their lips. It is similar to the kiss we do to babies. Just like when a bird gives food to their kids and touches their pecks it is similar to it.

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2. French Kiss

You must have watched Hollywood movies, and nowadays even in Bollywood movies, the trend of French kissing is found. French lip kiss meaning suggests that you are compassionate about your partner and want to make them yours. It lasts from 5 to 10 mins or even more. It involves the movement of all your vocal organs like lips, tongue, and mouth organs. The usual attempt is to touch the lips and each other’s tongue. It demonstrates your desperate love for each other.

3. Love Bites or Hickeys

Love Bites

Often in movies or newly married couples or even in teenagers these days love bites or hickeys have become very common. It is one of the other types of kisses on lips or other body parts. Usually, the partner near your neck continuously tries to suck blood while biting and a red scar is made which is called a love bite. Many people regard it as the beginning of oral sex. But, to know why is oral sex best for couples you need to understand the importance of kissing as it is the key to oral sex.

4. Hand Kiss

Hand Kiss

Among different types of kisses to try with your partner, hand kisses are considered to be pure and the beginning of a new relationship. Hand kisses are the usually considered gesture of showing liking, or expressing a general welcome. Hand kisses are generally done by taking the hand of the partner and kissing gently on the area lower to the wrist, at the back of the hand, between fingers and wrist. Hand kisses show affection towards a partner.

5. Nose Kiss or Eskimo Kiss

Nose Kiss

Among different types of kisses in a relationship one of the common yet rare kisses done by partners is a nose kiss. It is also known as the Eskimo kiss. It is generally done by rubbing your nose with that of your partner’s nose and kissing them. It is usually done before kissing each other or in between while kissing each other. If you don’t practice kissing, start doing it. You might find it interesting.

6. Bites Kiss

After discussing many different types of lip kisses another type of lip kiss which is frequently done these days among teenagers and married couples is bite kiss. Bite is done when you bite your partner’s lips while kissing them. It is one of the most interesting lip kisses to do with your partner. It maintains a fun, cute element of your relationship. It is usually to tease your partner and make them want you further. It expresses your needs as well.

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7. Forehead Kiss

Forehead Kiss

Forehead kisses are considered the most beautiful among all the different types of kisses. If you want to know the tips for happy married life you should start giving a forehead kiss to your partner regularly. It maintains the purity of a relationship. Forehead kisses usually are given to give comfort, and reassurance, and express love, loyalty, companionship, and care. Though all the other kisses express love it is more about passionate love rather than the care hidden in those kisses.

8. Eye Kiss

Another rare type of kiss is an eye kiss. Among all the different types of kisses to try with your partner, one is an eye kiss. It is a very rare form of kiss. Eye kiss is done by giving a gentle soft kiss on both the eyes of your partner. It is a way of expressing love. Eye kisses last only for a few seconds and then usually go into intense kisses. 

Eye Kiss

9. Chocolate Kiss

A chocolate kiss is a way to start a romantic, intense kiss. In between all the different types of kisses to try with your partner chocolate kiss is counted under the yummiest. It is done when a partner has a bite of chocolate in his mouth when he or allows it to melt on either their lips or tongue and then goes for an intense kiss with their partner with the transfer or sharing of chocolate. It is one of the lip kisses type

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Kissing gives so many butterflies in the stomach and its effect cannot be described in words. A feeling which makes electricity travel through the whole body. An intense pleasure is felt. Trying out different types of kisses in a relationship helps in increasing your bond with your partner and it is a form of expression to show your love, affection, passion, and care. There are many types of kisses on lips that rejuvenate the love that might have been lost amidst the struggle of life. Many couples have to get through couple counseling because they lose the bond with their partner. They can try kissing their partner regularly and each time try a different form. This helps in regaining the lost love and the bond.


1. Why try different types of kisses?

Knowing and trying different types of lip kisses or other kisses help in maintaining love, and sparking a relationship. If you are going to marriage counseling to eradicate the coldness of your married life you can try practicing different kisses.

2. How many types of lips kisses are there?

There are many types of kisses in a relationship to try. Peck kiss, french kiss, bite kiss, and chocolate kiss, are some of the lips kisses type. Others are forehead kisses, nose kisses, eyed kisses, etc. 

3. Do all kisses signify different things?

All the lip kiss meaning change with their style. A peck kiss means simply expressing liking towards your partner, french kiss suggests intense passionate love for your partner. Bite kisses signify fun in a relationship. A forehead kiss demonstrates the purity of a relationship. Every kiss means differently.

4. Can different kisses regenerate a spark in a relationship?

Yes, practicing different lip kisses type can regenerate sparks in a relationship. When you don’t know how to make her ready for sex you can just begin with a kiss as it helps in making the mood of your partner.

5. How to initiate a kiss with my partner?

There are different lip kisses to do with your partner and a peck kiss can be the ice breaker. To know how to do a perfect kiss for the first time, you should first pull them closely, play with their hair and go ahead with a peck kiss which can be followed by a French kiss.

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