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How to Make Her Ready For Sex – Know These Effective Tips Here

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How to make her ready for sex? If you were searching for the answer to this then you have landed on the right resource. There is generally a myth floating around that women are more difficult to turn on than men. Some experts say that some women crave a lot of foreplay as compared to others. Research shows that it does not take a lot of effort to get them in the mood. You are completely on the right page if you are looking forward to getting tips on how to make her ready for sex.

Undoubtedly, every person is unique, and what gets one person hot and bothered might not work for another. Some women need to feel completely safe and cared for, while others get turned on in the face of danger instead, or they fear that they will be found out. Males should also think of answers to questions like What is the importance of lubrication during sex.

Similarly, some girls light up when they feel appreciated, while others feel sparks fly when decorated. Experts say that people experience a lot of arousal in one of three ways: responsive, spontaneous, or contextual.

How to Make Her Ready For Sex?  – Know These Effective Tips to make Her Ready For Sex

You want to make love with your girl. But she is saying no, and it’s driving you crazy. You don’t want to force her to have sex because that’s not nice or moral. So how to make a woman ready for sex? Here are some of the ways of Tips to make her ready for sex and make her ready for sex:

1. Make Her Feel Sexually Attracted to How You Interact With Your Female Partner

To make a woman want to have sex with you, the first thing you need to do is make her feel attracted sexually to you, which can be done based on the way you interact. A woman’s sexual attraction is generally based on what you say and does in the present and how that makes her feel. For instance, does your conversation style turn her on or off? Can you make her feel girly in your presence, or do you make her feel like one of those guys or a good friend? You have to be masculine in your energy and conversation style besides behavior and body language to the point where she feels very girly in your presence.

Do not just be neutral, just like a friend, or be too nice to get her to like you as an individual, hopefully. Instead, let her feel and experience your masculinity. It turns her on and makes her start thinking about having sex with you. Making her feel sexually attracted could be one of the best ways to impress a girl with attitude and interact with your female partner in a better way. When people indulge in sexual relationships generally ego and attitude between partners decrease and eventually love increases.

2. Flirting in The Right Manner Can Help in Wooing Her

Flirting in The Right Manner

You can also start flirting with her as flirting creates a spark between you and the girl when you meet her, and it is also one of the things that keeps the spark alive in any relationship. These are two of more than one hundred ways you can make a woman feel attracted to you sexually. When you interact with the lady for five minutes, you can get anywhere around five or even twenty attraction triggers.

As a man, you have to make a woman feel attracted based on what you are doing and saying actively. You should not expect her to feel sexually attracted on her own for some magical or random reason. If you want to control this part of your life, you need to turn a woman on actively by doing what you say and do around her.

3. Make it Noticeably Clear That You Find Her Attractive Sexually

You Find Her Attractive

One of the most important things you need to do while meeting a woman for the first time is to get to know her when in a relationship. As per experts, 96% of women do not consider themselves to be incredibly beautiful. When a woman compares herself to some photoshopped and airbrushed images of a woman in advertisements or too sexy women in a dirty movie, they realize that they do not look that great without makeup or when they are not dressed up in a sexy outfit. She knows what she looks like when she wakes up in the morning and knows that she does not compare to how women look in advertisements. Sometimes sessions like sex therapy can be really useful as it gives a guide on how to talk to the girl and make her ready for sex.

Women love to be appreciated as long as you have made her feel attracted to you during the first conversation part; she would be incredibly happy that you find her attractive and have the confidence to say it.

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4. Start Building Sexual Tension

Sexual Tension

Sexual tension is an exciting feeling that occurs when a man and a woman are attracted to each other sexually. It is one of the effective ways how to make a woman ready for sex? Still, the escalation of sex is delayed by them due to the environment or circumstances. Sometimes, a woman would be horny and ready for sex without you having to do anything to get her in the perfect mood. In the majority of cases, most women need you to turn them on by building the sexual tension between both of you.

Whether you are meeting a woman for the first time or just trying to get out of the friend zone with the woman you have a crush on, the same rule is applicable. In this process also make sure you both discuss quirky topics like What are the different types of condoms available during sex, to ease yourself from this topic.

5. Turn Her on With Your Break Touch

Turn Her on

Please give her a charming handshake whenever you are introducing yourself. For instance, you can hold your hand firmly but gently maintain eye contact as you hold her hand for around 5 seconds while introducing yourself. Boys should also be aware of the Ways to make her ready for sex, as that can turn the woman on.

She would be turned on because you were completely relaxed and confident and did not rush to let go of the hand. Doing this will display the confidence and masculinity that will instantly make her feel girly in the presence. When you are parting ways, it is ok; I want to hug you today and tell you that you want a goodbye hug. These are some of the ways of breaking the ‘How can she become ready for sex’ which can increase comfort between you two.

6. Consider Laughing At Her Pre-sex Tests


One can always take up relationship counseling as that helps people break the barriers before sex. Women consider testing men, and you cannot escape it. Whether you are meeting a woman for the first time or on a date after 20 years in a relationship, she will never stop evaluating you. Why would a girl do that to you? It is because she wants to confirm that you are a confident man worthy of being in a dominant position over her. Knowing the Ways to make her ready for sex can be a big turn-on for a woman.

When a woman tests your confidence, and you do not end up crumbling, it confirms that you are worthy of being in the masculine position. The best is that the more feminine you make a woman feel in the present, the more sexually turned on she will be while interacting with you. You can make a woman feel intense attraction for you within seconds to minutes of meeting her. Also, you must also be well versed with How can she become ready for sex, so that she feels at her best with you.


Making a woman ready for sex is not a difficult task if you know what to do. There are many women out there who want sex and enjoy sex. However, sometimes they are not in the mood to. If you want to know how to make a woman ready for sex then we hope this article must have helped you. You can say and do several things around your girlfriend or wife in a relationship that will make her feel sexually attracted to you. These are some things that you can try if you want to make any girl ready for sex. Also, make sure you are prepared in the background with answers to questions like what is the importance of lubrication during sex.


1. Is it easy for a guy to make a girl ready for sex?

It’s not easy for a guy to make a girl ready for sex in every situation. And it’s definitely not easy for a guy to make a girl ready for sex all the time. But there are some things you can do that will help you get her in the mood, like making sure she’s comfortable with you and that she feels safe with you. But also, there are other things you can do as well.

2. Do girls feel confident all the time during sex?

No girl does not feel confident all the time. A guy needs to make a girl feel confident, and once she feels confident in her skin, she will be ready for sex, also. Most women are self-conscious about their bodies and how they look during sex. They have insecurities about their hair, their skin, their weight, and their breasts.

3. Can sex help you get your spark back in the relationship?

Yes, sex is one of the best ways to get the spark back in your relationship. You can use the tips mentioned above to prepare your girl for sex. Sex is a very important part of any relationship. It can bring a couple closer together and even help them fall in love again.

4. Is emotional connection important for girls to feel ready for sex?

Yes, emotional connection is important for girls to feel ready for sex. But there is another factor, that stress can make the woman feel uncomfortable. One should be aware of the fact that stress can affect your sex life, and make sure while being close to not have any other thoughts in mind. 

5. What are the different types of condoms available during sex?

Condoms are a barrier method of birth control that helps prevent pregnancy and the spread of STDs. Condoms are made from latex, polyurethane, or natural membrane (frequently lamb). Condoms play a very important role during sex as they are used for protection. There are multiple types of condoms available such as pain, flavored, dotted, etc.

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