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How can Stress Cause Infertility? Common Myths About Infertility – Reasons for Infertility

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Are you tired of hearing taunts made by people about you because you cannot conceive? Have you tried everything and still you are not able to get pregnant? Do you think that there is a problem in your body that is why you are not able to give birth? These can be some of the signs of infertility. These things can occur between a couple and make them tense and even create tension in their married life and mental health.

Here, in this article, we will talk about what are the reasons for infertility and how stress can cause infertility. Apart from this, the major focus will be on common myths about infertility. But first, we will tell you about infertility.

What is Infertility?

Infertility is a condition when a couple can’t conceive even after having unprotected regular intercourse for at least a year. Infertility is of two types: Primary and Secondary infertility. In Primary Infertility the couple can’t conceive from the beginning. In such cases, the couple has never gotten pregnant and doesn’t have a kid. Secondary infertility is when a couple has a kid or more and then has difficulty again getting pregnant or conceiving.

What is Infertility
What is Infertility?

There are many cause of Infertility which are discussed next in the article. Infertility causes tension in married life. However, there are ways to treat infertility. Moreover, infertility is not as scary as it is made out to be. Many infertility myths mislead couples.

Reasons for Infertility 

When you are not able to conceive for more than a year then it is a sure signs of infertility. There are many cause of infertility. Here are some of the reasons for infertility which are very common.

1. Medicines And Drugs

Medicines And Drugs
Medicines And Drugs

There are certain medicines and drugs whose regular consumption can affect the fertility of both males and females. The medication and drugs can cause a rise in hormone levels and can affect the ovulation and fertility of women. Even in males, it can affect sperm production and male fertility. Therefore one should always consult a doctor before taking any medicine or drugs. Marijuana and tobacco can harm the fertility of both males and females.

2. Incompatible Uterus

There are times when the uterus is not compatible enough to carry a baby. There are instances when a woman has regular ovulation, regular periods, and good egg production; however, there are cases when the uterus is not strong enough or compatible enough to carry the baby. Even if you conceive the baby won’t live long in it. Other chances are that the fallopian tube may have a blockage or other issues.

3. Medical Issues

Medical Issues
Medical Issues

Certain medical issues like low sperm count, ovulation disorder, low egg production, and poor quality of sperm or eggs can also cause infertility. Other issues like diabetes, hypertension, and stress are also reasons for infertility.  However, it can be treated and cured with the help of the proper guidance of a  gynecologist. One should not treat infertility on their own but take the help of professionals.

4. Being Overweight or Underweight

Being overweight or underweight can also lead to infertility. It is one of the risk factors that can cause infertility. Underweight women can have a  hormonal imbalance that can affect ovulation and reduce the chances of pregnancy. Being overweight also causes hormonal imbalance as it increases hormone levels and can affect fertility.

How Can Stress Cause Infertility 

Stress can also lead to infertility. However, it is not the only reason which can cause infertility; other factors also contribute to infertility. It is found in research that women who have got depression have higher chances of infertility. Even anxiety affects pregnancy. It can make the uterus less receptive but one should note that it can not be the sole reason. If you find yourself highly stressed then you should work on reducing your stress.

Stress Cause Infertility
How Can Stress Cause Infertility

You can consult for stress management counseling and work on reducing stress. If you are highly stressed it affects fertility in both males and females though not alone. It is a factor contributing to infertility. However, one should know how to overcome stress.

Myths About Infertility

There are many infertility myths that mislead couples and also cause them to stop trying to conceive. Different people give different advice and suggestions like doing this, hearing that which are not accurate. So, here we have some common myths about infertility that can be heard everywhere.

1. Older Women Cannot Conceive

Older women cannot conceive is one of the common methods which can be heard everywhere. It is said that women after 35 and men after 40 cannot have a baby. It is not completely true. Yes, it indeed becomes difficult and there are some issues but there are still chances and can be achieved with the help of professionals and doctors. 

2. Women Are Not Compatible

Women Are Not Compatible
Women Are Not Compatible

Whenever there are cases of infertility the women are always blamed for being incompatible. A baby is formed with the help of both sperm and egg and hence women are not solely responsible for it. Therefore it is completely a myth that women are not compatible in cases of infertility. There may be chances that there are some issues with egg or ovulation but the same can happen with men as well.

3. Infertility is a psychological Issue

Another myth related to infertility is that it is a psychological issue. Infertility is not at all a psychological issue rather it is a medical issue. There is no play of emotion or behavior when it comes to conceiving or pregnancy. Stress is only a factor that can contribute to infertility but it is not the sole reason for infertility. 

4. Staying Away From Stress Can Help You Conceive

Staying Away From Stress
Staying Away From Stress

People think that is this day away from stress then they can easily conceive. It is a complete myth that if you stay away from stress you can conceive. Stress is only a factor that contributes to infertility but infertility does not happen only because of stress. It may be that you are facing infertility and stress does not have even a minor role.

5. Infertility Cannot Happen After Having a Kid

Many people think that if a couple is already having a kid then they would not face infertility in getting pregnant again. Such cases are known as secondary infertility when after having a kid or more you find it difficult to conceive again. Hence it is completely a myth that infertility cannot happen after having a kid.

How You Can Treat Infertility

There are many treatment of infertility. You can consult a professional or gynecologist to see help if you are having difficulty conceiving. After analysis and certain tests, the doctors will be able to tell you where the problem lies and how you can treat it. They are treatments like IVF, artificial insemination, ovulation induction, medications, surgeries, and surrogacy which can help you be a parent. Even some issues in your sexual life can stop you from getting pregnant therefore you can seek sex therapy to avoid not getting pregnant because of it. Seeking proper guidance can help you overcome infertility.


Infertility is a medical condition that can be treated and addressed with the proper guidance from a doctor and medical procedures. Some people give a lot of advice and suggestions to a couple who is not able to conceive like what they should eat, a position they should try and do certain medications, etc. However, a couple should avoid taking such suggestions without the approval of a professional gynecologist. Myths surrounding infertility can give them a lot of stress hence, they should not believe anything without confirmation. There are many treatments available to couples who are unable to conceive.


1. What are the after-effects of infertility?  

Infertility can cause psychological issues as couples get disturbed. Especially women are held responsible and this makes them stressed. Infertility can even lead to tensions in married life. You can seek relationship counseling under such circumstances.

2. When to see a Gynecologist?

If you and your partner have tried and given your best and even after 12 months of having regular sexual intercourse you are unable to conceive then you should see a gynecologist for treatment of infertility.

3. Can women who have periods experience infertility?

Yes, a woman can have periods and still face infertility. The reason may lie in low sperm count or egg count or there may even be ovulation problems.

4. What are some risk factors that can increase infertility?

Some of the risk factors that can lead to infertility are consuming alcohol, tobacco, radiation, drug consumption, and even being underweight or overweight.

5. How often does infertility occur?

The infertility rate in the United States says that around 10% to 15% of couples face infertility. WHO says that globally between 58 million to 186 million couples face infertility.

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