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Best Foods That Can Help Increase Sperm Count – Know More

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One of the significant factors which affect fertility is sperm quality. Like any other organ in your body, the reproductive system also depends on the nutrients and vitamins you consume through food items. If you are looking forward to learning everything about foods that can help increase sperm count, then you need to look no further, as you can get all the details here.

It is rightly said that to increase sperm count, maintaining weight is also weight and one should know about the food items that can drastically reduce your weight . Food items can play a crucial role in reproductive health, and they can enhance the production of testosterone which enhances the sperm count, besides improving sperm quality and motility.

Under this guide, you can learn everything about the foods that can help increase sperm count. Sperm count believes the average amount of sperm present in your semen sample. Fertility medical experts will analyze the sperm count during the routine analysis and consider it of the most important fertility factors. Medical experts consider the sperm count low if it is under fifteen million per ML, which can lead to fertility issues. 

Above all, health experts also believe that some factors influence testosterone levels, which enormously impact sperm quality and quantity. One of the major aspects to know about sperm count is how stress can affect sex life.

In addition, some medical conditions like genetic disorders, tumors, or infections can also impact your sperm count. But there are some lifestyle choices and food items that you can consume which will help you support the hormones which control sperm quality and help in the healthy development of sperm. Hence, here we will be talking about the food items which help in increasing sperm count that in turn is one of the biggest tips to make your relationship stronger.

Foods That Can Help Increase Sperm Count – How to Increase Sperm Count?

You would have heard a saying that you are what you eat, and it is completely true when it comes to fertility in men. Eating healthy foods can help increase this sperm count, and keeping away the not-so-healthy stuff might minimize the numbers.

If you and your better half are looking forward to conceiving, then you must know about the food items which are beneficial for your partner, as it will help you get closer to your objective of getting pregnant. Both you and your better half would agree that there are several advantages to having a healthy diet and also factors like how stress can affect sex life which should be But eating some amount can be specifically beneficial for your partner’s sperm quality and quantity. Healthy sperm means that you are least likely to have any challenges getting pregnant.

Foods That Can Help in Increasing Sperm Count Are Mentioned Here

1. Oysters Help in Increasing Sperm Count


It is suggested that men consume oysters because they have a lot of zinc content. The zinc content for serving is more than any other food item, and food in the zinc helps in male fertility and enhances the semen volume besides the mortality of the sperm.

If you do not like consuming oysters, you can also find zinc in other products like dairy, poultry, beef items, nuts, eggs, beans, and whole grains. You can also take zinc by having a daily vitamin which will ensure that your little swimmers are as healthy as you are. Also if you are facing any signs of low testosterone in males which leads to lower sperm count, you can make sure to consume more oysters as it helps in increasing the testosterone levels.

2. Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants, especially collard greens and cranberries. They help in protecting the sperm from any cellular damage. Additionally, it is rightly said that fruits to increase sperm count is one of the best options as they keep the sperm, just giving it strong and speedy like they need to race through the female fallopian tubes to fertilize the egg. At the same time, vitamins E&C found in fruit and vegetables can also enhance sperm count besides movement.

If you are wondering if fruits to increase sperm count is the right choice then yes, as beans and other fruits are also rich in folate, which is vitamin B and other antioxidant properties that help in keeping sperm away from all abnormalities. You can have a sweet potato if you want one veggie to make a staple in your diet. Sweet potato is loaded with all the nutrients, which include vitamin E, folate, and vitamin C.

3. Nuts Are Excellent to Increase The Sperm Count


There are many men who ask how to increase sperm count, and how nuts can be fruitful here. Experts say that nuts can help sperm function and the quality of the sperm. Walnuts are especially helpful in improving sperm quality because they are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and faulty oxidants. Some other antioxidants rich nuts feature almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, and pecans. Especially when someone is looking for an answer of the major benefit of nuts and how to relieve stress in marriage, then a higher sperm count and good intercourse can be the answer.

Peanuts are also loaded with antioxidants. To keep the nut snacking healthily, you should watch out for your portions. It would help if you had only a small handful of nuts to avoid overeating. You should have healthy nuts to improve sperm quality and avoid chocolate-coated nuts or nuts with extra sugar.

4. Pumpkin Seeds Are Excellent For Sperm Count

Pumpkin seeds, especially, are rich in zinc and omega-3 fatty acids omega-3 fatty acids and zinc help improve the quality of the sperms. However, suppose you are looking for any other way to stock up on omega-3 fatty acids.

In that case, you can try sunflower, chia, and flax seeds loaded with vitamin E and other antioxidants that help improve sperm quality and movement.

5. Pomegranate Juice Does Magic to Build on The Sperm Count

Pomegranate Juice

If you are looking for the best foods that can help increase sperm count, you cannot miss out on pomegranate juice. Antioxidant circles are one of the most powerful players in pomegranate.

So Pomegranate juice can help improve sperm quality, and you can add pomegranate to your regular smoothies and enjoy the fruit. To know more about such benefits of pomegranates and other fruits, you can even take online counseling from an expert who can guide you.

6. Fatty Fish

The sperm of a fertile man contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids as compared to the sperm of an infertile man. You can get omega-3 by eating many foods like salmon and sardines. Omega-3 fatty acids also help improve blood flow to your genital part, which helps you in the bedroom.

7. Maca Root

The powder form of this root has been known for its natural libido qualities for a long time. Experts say that when you consume this powder, it can improve your sperm motility and concentration. You can sprinkle some of the powder in smoothies or oatmeal and of it while making pancakes or waffles. It is extremely easy to consume the powder. Due to its quality of being very rich in vitamins, it is considered to be one of the best food for sperm recovery.

8. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in amino acids that are known to improve sperm count in men. Therefore, you can consume dark chocolate in limited quantities so that you can improve your sperm count to a great extent. Dark chocolate acts as one of the best sex emulators as well, which helps in building more hormones. Also if you are looking for the right food items that can drastically reduce your weight, then dark chocolates are very low in calories as well, so they provide 2 in one benefit.

9. Garlic

Garlic has a lot of vitamins and nutrients. In addition, because of its antioxidant properties, garlic is known to improve sperm quality and quantity beside testosterone levels. So whenever you cook tasty food or a meal, you can add some garlic to it and see your sperm count increase.

10. Gooseberries


The Indian gooseberries, also known as Amla berries, impact your sperm quality and quantity. These berries are prominently known as super antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your organs and cells like those involved in spermatogenesis and other male fertility processes. These berries are challenging to find, but they deserve to be on this list because of their high antioxidant levels.

11. Eggs

Eggs are one of the healthiest options to enhance sperm count as they are full of protein. They protect your sperm from any damaging radicals or any other element. When we count the list of the best food for sperm recovery, eggs are surely one of the top ones. The best part is that they can improve sperm motility. The nutrients that are present in the egg helps in the production of healthy sperms besides improving fertility.

12. Bananas


Bananas are rich in vitamin A, B1 & C which helps your body produce healthy and strong sperm and increase sperm count. The sperm count also depends on your vitamins, which contain a unique enzyme called bromoaniline. This enzyme helps prevent inflammation and enhances sperm quality and count. Several foods enhance this sperm count and your sperm health overall.


Eating these foods is one of the best ways to improve fertility naturally. When consuming a balanced diet featuring all the food listed, you can improve your sperm health. You can connect with your doctor to learn about healthy foods to increase your sperm count. You need to avoid some foods to keep your sperm count healthy. There are some common myths about infertility, which lead to increasing the number of sperm.

Also having a healthy sexual life is very important and this is where the sperm count comes into play, as it helps in good sexual performance. The more you improve your sperm count, you will easily know how to overcome mental exhaustion as stress levels directly affect the sperm count. 


1. Is it important to eat nutrient-rich food to improve sperm quality?

Yes, you need to eat nutrient-rich foods to improve these sperm qualities. However, you can follow a balanced diet to have the best of these sperms.

2. What food items should you consider eating to improve the quality of your sperm?

If you want to improve the quality of your sperm, you must include many fruits and vegetables in your diet. Besides that, you should consume nuts and seeds that will help in improving the mortality of your sperm.

3. What is the normal sperm count?

The normal sperm count is around 5,000,000 per ml. Therefore, you must get a semen test done if you want to understand the normal sperm count.

4. Do doctors recommend multivitamins or a natural diet to improve this sperm count?

The doctors will first recommend a balanced diet low in fruits and vegetables to improve this sperm count. But yes, multivitamins also do come in handy.

5. Can you naturally improve this sperm count?

Yes, of course, you can naturally improve your sperm count provided you follow a good diet loaded with healthy foods. But at the same time, it is always a good idea to take sex therapy where experts can help you with your problem of low sperm count and suggest the right food items.

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