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How To Relieve Stress In Your Marriage? 7 Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Marriage

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While marriage can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience, no lifelong commitment is likely to run smoothly at all times. Read more to know how to relieve stress in your marriage.

Marriage can be stressful. Couples can experience stress, and you’re not the only one dealing with it. Your marriage should bring you joy, love, and support. Sometimes, we feel anxious, stressed, worried, or off-balance in our relationships. Stress is the main cause of most couples’ problems in a relationship. This can lead to depression, heart disease, and hypertension. Stress in marriages is the leading cause of dysfunctional relationships because of interpersonal tensions.

Stress in a marriage can also create unnecessary conflict. Because both spouses are too stressed, minor issues can become major problems. However, you can improve the quality and happiness of your whole family’s life by reducing stress in your marriage. The good news is that marital stress can be reduced if couples recognize the triggers. In this article, we will discuss tips on how to relieve stress in your marriage.

Are you experiencing stress in your marriage?

What was the last time that you felt stressed about your marriage? How did you feel in that situation? Perhaps you felt overwhelmed, anxious, misunderstood, or sad. Your marriage will be affected by how you handle stress.

how to relieve stress in your marriage
How To Relieve Stress In Your Marriage? 7 Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Marriage 4

People often enter adulthood with the same “stress response” that they learned in childhood. They learn how to identify, name, and manage difficult emotions from their parents. Adults can recognize a variety of emotions and can freely express them to their spouses. They have the tools and skills to manage stress. If their spouse is causing stress in the marriage, they can ask for help. Couples can also ask about the unhappiness of the spouse’s behavior. Instead of reacting negatively, they can offer support, compassion, and help.

Fight, freeze, and fleeing are the most common responses to stress. However, reactions to stress can be more complicated:

  • Avoiding stress or fleeing might mean ignoring negative emotions, distracting yourself, or concentrating on work.
  • People who attempt to make others happy by being kind are more likely to be anxious. They can temporarily freeze when people are upset or stressed. They might attempt to control their spouse’s emotions to manage their anxiety.
  • Sometimes people complain and protest when they are stressed out.
  • Some people feel angry or numb.

How To Relieve Stress In Your Marriage?

1. Discuss Family Finances

Financial stress can be a major obstacle in a marriage. You need to talk to your spouse about finances, regardless of whether you are in debt or trying to pay your monthly bills. If you wish to keep separate spending and saving accounts, you can still divide your money. Talk to your spouse about how to plan bill payments. You need to figure out how to keep your bill low and manageable and create a plan for paying them on time each month. It will make you feel happier knowing that your bills are being paid on time.

2. Balance of Responsibilities

It doesn’t really matter if you are both working. There must be a balance in household responsibilities. One person can handle 80% and the other 20% of chores. The chores could be split 50/50. It is all about knowing your limits and supporting each other. You should have a balanced mix of responsibilities so that no one feels like they are carrying extra weight.

3. Enjoy Your Personal Time Together and Apart

Stress relief can come from quality time with your spouse and personal time. Spending time together is important for maintaining and nurturing a marriage. It can help couples appreciate one another, enjoy one another’s company, have fun, deepen their understanding, communicate more, connect, and relieve stress. The amount of time you give to someone indicates the value you have on them.

Find what works best for you. Perhaps you enjoy long walks in a park. You might want to have your spouse look after the children while you enjoy an hour for yourself. You can do the same by taking care of the kids while your spouse watches a sporting event with his friends. You can schedule time together to go out to dinner or see a movie. You will find that your marriage will benefit from exploring all kinds of stress relief.

4. Make Your Relationship Priority

Many married couples fall into the trap of just trying to survive. They only do what is necessary to maintain the household’s functioning and put their marriage on hold. Although it may seem difficult to find the time to devote to your marriage, you must make it a priority. You can leave your house messy for just one more day. You can let your kids go to the grandparents for the weekend. You can still do your job for an evening. Spend quality time with your spouse, and you will notice a drop in stress.

5. Let Go of Grudges

how to relieve stress in your marriage
How To Relieve Stress In Your Marriage? 7 Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Marriage 5

It is another great way to reduce stress in your marriage. Grudges can cause distance between you and your partner. Grudge holders feel angry all the time, while grudge recipients feel petty or mistreated.

Don’t forget to discuss a subject in detail if you have. Talk to your spouse if you still have not reached an agreement. Talking about the matter with a counselor can help you get past it.

6. Be Respectful and Communicate Clearly

Communication is key to any relationship. Misunderstandings are the root of tension, and misunderstandings can only be avoided by communicating. 

You can deal with all the trials and tribulations you will experience together if you communicate honestly and respectfully. A lack of positive communication can lead to husbands and wives becoming unaware and insensitive to their partners’ thoughts, needs, and feelings. Couples who lack communication may not understand each other, be inconsiderate, and become distant from one another.

Make sure you have time each day to talk to your partner. You will become closer if you listen to and communicate with each other. It is easier to share, discuss and solve problems when you are closer to one another.

7. Being Attentive

Pay attention to each other. Pay attention to what you notice about each other. Have your wife or husband has become quieter, more reserved, preoccupied, or less talkative lately? Are they stressed? Do they spend a lot of time at work, or do they feel emotional all the time?

While the above might not cause concern, they could be signs that someone is having concerns and are finding it difficult to share. Talk to your spouse if you feel that they are stressed or anxious. Reassure them that you are available to listen to and support them. They will appreciate the fact that you are available to help in any way possible.



Life can be full of ups and downs that can sometimes challenge your marriage’s strength. These were some tips on how to relieve stress in your marriage.

Marriage counseling can help you improve the dynamics of your relationship. Dr. Neha Mehta offers a variety of couples counseling programs. These range from premarital counseling to the prevention of divorce.

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