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Why do Men Like Long Hair Girls? – Know the Truth

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Long hair has always been an attractive spot for males. Do you ever wonder why do men like long hair girls or can long hair attract men? There is much research conducted which shows that men prefer women who have long hair. Though there are males who prefer women with short hair as well. Long hair adds up to the beauty of a woman. Many women find confidence in long hair. What is the factor which makes men prefer girls with long hair? Why must a woman think about keeping long hair other than for themselves? We will be answering all your questions here in this article.

Importance of Long Hair and Various Hairstyles

Long hairs have had their place for a long time back. Men were usually infatuated by the long hair of women. They have had long hair up to shoulders and even today many men have started keeping long hair. Many women wonder do men prefer long hair or not. They are very conscious of do men like women with long hair or ones with short hair. Some men prefer that their partners have long hair as they love teasing them with their hair. Long hair also gives the benefit of styling it in different styles and giving themselves different looks. This makes a woman more attractive. Various hairstyles can be done in long hairs for different occasions which keep the spark and interest active. We will be noting down for you some of the reasons why men prefer long hair.

Why do Men Like Long hair Girls

Long hairs are a dream of many girls though there are exceptions. Many girls prefer long hair because of their personal choices but the question is do men prefer long hair? There was a research conducted in 2008 where 56% of males find long hair an essential element of women’s life. Many males themselves nowadays keep long hair. But what is it in the long hairs which attract males? Here we are going to list certain advantages of long hairs which attract males.

1. Long Hairs Are Starters of Attractiveness

One of the reasons why do men like long hair girls is that long hairs easily attract males. Harsh, but the fact is physical beauty has always attracted males and hair is an important element in it. It is also one of the tips to make a first impression positive. When your long hair is groomed it quickly attracts every eye on you. It covers up for other facial features which may otherwise seem unattractive.

2. It Gives An Aura of Gentleness

Another reason for the query that do men like women with long hair is that it gives an aura of gentleness in a woman. Long hairs are difficult to carry, it’s grooming, styling, and maintenance require a lot of effort and time. Men seem to relate this feature to the personality of women. If a woman can handle her hair she can easily handle her life. The fact that can long hair attract men seems to be associated with the caring nature of women.

3. They Act As a Symbol of Sex Appeal

Symbol of Sex

One Of the advantages of long hair is that they act as an appealing symbol for sex. Long hairs make a woman attractive and sexually appealing. Some men desire to do intercourse in a certain manner like grabbing the women’s hair. Further, playing with the hair during intercourse is one of the ways how to make her ready for sex. The hair adds up to the smell and touch senses essential for having a good sexual life.

4. Long Hairs Represent Feminine Traits

Long Hairs Represent Feminine

Long hairs are feminine qualities. It makes a woman more feminine. Some men associate long hair as an essential part of the female body. Further, they consider it an essential feminine trait though there are males who like short hair as well. The answer to do men prefer long hair is found in the fact that males are generally more attracted to women with more feminine traits in them. 

5. Many Men Associate Long Hair Genetically

Healthy long hair automatically connects to the fact that it can be genetically passed on. One of the answers to do men like women with long hair lies in the fact that many men always consider that healthy long hair can be genetically passed on to the progeny. Long hair adds up to the factor that women are healthy.

6. Long Hair Adds Playfulness To a Relationship

Playfulness To a Relationship

One of the other advantages of long hair is that it adds playfulness to a relationship. Men like to play with the hair of women similar to the fact that women like to play with men’s beards. Many males use female hair to attract them and is one of the important facts when considering how to do a perfect kiss. Usually, males prefer kissing their partners by grabbing their hair. Playing with the hair lightens up the surrounding and adds a spark to the relationship according to males.

Tips to Have Healthy Long Hairs 

Long hairs are not only preferred by men but also women. Many women prefer keeping long hair for their liking though there are many reasons why do men like long hair girls. There are many factors a woman must consider when she wants to have long hair, one of the most important is avoiding stress, and anxiety and having good sleep. Sleep therapy can be taken to improve sleep quality. Other factors are: 

1. Always Keep Your Hair Groomed

It is one of the answers to does long hair attract men and also to how to have long hair. Oiling, massaging the scalp, and not rubbing the hair with a towel are some of the ways to avoid hair damage and keep your hair long and healthy. There are many benefits of morning meditation as well as it helps in blood flow and keeping stress at bay which helps in hair growth.

2. Never Use Harsh Chemicalized Shampoo

Harsh Chemicalized Shampoo

Chemicalized shampoos do a lot of damage to the hair. Many shampoos use harsh chemicals in their production. While choosing, pay attention to its composition and also mix the shampoo with water before applying it to hair to lessen the chemical composition. You can also go for ayurvedic shampoos to keep your hair healthy.

3. Don’t be Afraid of Scissors But of Split Ends

Many ladies increase the length of their hair to avoid getting it cut or trimmed. But not trimming the hair regularly can do a lot of damage to the hair. One must go for trimming at least every 2 to 3 months to avoid rough hair and split ends. It not only keeps your hair healthy but also helps in increasing the length.

4. Say Less hi to Straighteners And Curlers

Straighteners And Curlers

Women must know why is self-care important for women to keep their souls happy. Further styling and grooming their hair also comes under self-care. Many women use curlers and straighteners regularly to style their hair but this makes their hair rough and damaged. Though the styling is important, heed should be paid when using appliances on hair and their use should be minimized.


Hairs have become the epitome of beauty. Long hairs add up to the physical features of a woman which make them attractive. It is one reason why do men like long hair girls. Long hairs not only attract men but it gives a woman confidence in herself, she is more likely to find herself attractive and give her best. The answer to the question does long hair attract men has been already given which makes it evident why women would like to have long hair. Good sleep can help in the growth of healthy hair and the reduction of hair fall. You can read tips for good sleep to improve your sleep quality and quantity. Your rising wonder of can long hair attract men must have been settled as long hair can help in seducing males and add all sugars to your relationships.


1. What is the preferred hair length that men like? 

The fact that do men prefer long hair is not false. Many males prefer women with hair length between the shoulder and waist. Some males prefer long straight hair while some have long and wavy or curly. 

2. Does long hair attract men?

Yes, long hair attracts men. While some men like long groomed hair with proper combing and neatness, there are males who like long messy hair tied into a bun or pony or even open. It gives them the essence of naturalness.

3. Do men find women with short hair attractive? 

Yes, some males like women with short hair. Many males prefer that women should keep their hair short as it avoids a lot of damage. Further, there are means by which the length of hair is not so important but grooming is. 

4. Is women’s hair important to men?

Yes, the question that does long hair attract men plays an important role. There are many advantages of long hair men associate a woman’s hair with their femininity, personal care, and gentleness.

5. Can males be seduced by long hairs?

Yes, long hair symbolizes sexual appeal. Many men find long hair sexually attractive. Further, you can take couple counseling if there are any setbacks in the relationship. Men also prefer playing with hair when they are attracted to any female.

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