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Why Kissing is Important?

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Any form of physical touch from our partners is enough to make us feel butterflies in our stomachs. Be it kisses or hugs, the feeling is magical and eccentric just like electricity runs through the veins. It seems as if the whole body and heart undergo fireworks. Kisses are a form of gesture, it is not just about physical closeness but also about expressing love, loyalty, happiness, apology, care, and many more actions. Many people wonder if should we kiss in a relationship or not but kissing in a relationship not only increases the probability of closeness but also increases trust. The importance of kissing is the focus of today’s article. It relates to why kissing is important when two people are together. Kissing makes you feel that you are connected to your partner both physically and emotionally. Here we list some of the reasons why kissing is so important in a relationship. 

Why Kissing is Important?

Any relationship works until there is a feeling of love, enthusiasm, and excitement in it. Monotonous relationships easily give up their way and end up in closure. Through relationship counseling, one can ignite the spark but to maintain it certain necessary steps should be followed ritually. One of the steps is kissing. But why? The answer to why kissing is important in a relationship lies here:

1. Gives Your Partner a Sense of Belongingness

Many couples wonder, should we kiss in a relationship or not? Kissing forms a part of the physical touch that gives your partner a sense of attachment. They feel they belong to your space and life. It gives power, confidence, and absurdity to your partner that you are all there and they are all yours. When we feel that we belong to our partner or our partners belong to us, the presence of another home is felt. They feel they can share everything with you and the trust strengthens.

2. There is a Release of Numerous Hormones

When two people kiss and hug each other, numerous hormones are released. These are happy hormones, sex hormones, stress relief hormones, and many more. When you people kiss their bodies and hearts tend to sync with each other. It helps in stress relief, and overcoming depression, and also it is researched that kissing makes people much happier in relationships. This is why kissing is important.

3. It is The Starter of Physical Intimacy

Physical Intimacy

Kisses are said to be the starters of physical intimacy. The first step on how to make her ready for sex is starting it with a kiss. Many kisses lead to physical intimacies. A relationship works when two people express their emotions through the use of five senses and one of them is touch. A kiss works as an ice breaker when two people can’t reach the point of physical intimacy. The importance of kissing lies in its power to make people compassionate about each other.

4. Maintains The Spark in a Relationship

One of the reasons why kissing is important in a relationship is that it doesn’t make the relationship boring. Many couples do not consider kissing important and also do not follow the ritual of kissing daily. Many people don’t even like kissing each other. But despite the above-stated factors, every couple should make it a habit to kiss each other once a day even if you don’t feel anything. With time, the spark returns in the relationship, and things begin working out. It helps in maintaining the essence of a relationship.

5. It Helps in Deep Connection

Deep Connection

Another answer to why is kissing important in a relationship is that it helps in connectivity. As said earlier kissing helps the synchronization of bodies and heart which helps in deeper connectivity and improves your relationship. It brings the feeling of loyalty, belongingness, attachment, love, and trust all together and you become more comfortable with the person.

How to Kiss Your Partner?

Now that you know why kissing is necessary it is important to know how to kiss your partner. Some people do not know how to do a perfect kiss for the first time and end up spoiling it. A perfect kiss equals a perfect moment and a perfect mood. Here are the basic steps to follow while doing any of the kisses. 

1. Eye Contact is The First Step

To begin with, the most important step is to make eye contact gently but you should not give a stare. A warm, loving eye contact sets up the momentum of the moment and helps you set the environment and mood of your partner. Never break eye contact with your partner until they do as it is intense at the moment and helps you ignite the hormones.

2. Physical Touch Serves As Starters

Physical Touch

To know how to kiss your partner at the right time it is important to know that your partner is ready for it. Use physical touch like holding their waist, touching hands, and touching the face. It is the step that helps you understand the mood of your partner and even if they are not ready yet it will help to set up the environment.

3. Play With Their Hair

Another important step in proceeding to kiss your partner is playing with their hair. It is always likable when you play around with your partner’s hair and engage them in a sweet conversation. Playing with them indicates their interest in you and their willingness to stay by your side. 

4. Gently Plant a Kiss

Gently Plant a Kiss

One of the aspects of understanding how to kiss your partner lies in the fact that the kiss should be gentle and not violent or intense. The more gentle the kiss is the more intimate it goes. A gentle kiss strengthens the relationship and it also further leads to physical intimacy between the couple. All the physical intimacy begins with a kiss. 

What Happens When You Don’t Kiss Your Partner?

Many couples don’t find it important to kiss whereas there are couples who believe in platonic relationships. Hence they don’t understand the importance of kissing. When a couple doesn’t engage in physical touch or intimacy they lack a very important part of their relationship and a gap is created. The connection is not so deep, and the spark always remains the same. Many couples end up having trouble in their relationship because of the lack of the kiss element. They can consider couple counseling to strengthen their relationship. 

Don't Kiss Your Partner

When you don’t express your love by physical touch like a kiss or hug then the essence of love is lost. The spark of the relationship becomes dull and couples lose their bond with each other. The reason why kissing is important in a relationship is because it breaks the coldness of a relationship and adds warmth to it. It provides comfort, and belongingness to a relationship. Kissing helps in overcoming depression, alleviating stress, releasing all tensions, and being happy.


Kissing your favorite person forms the best part of the day. It is not only memorable because it gives you butterflies but it is memorable because when you kiss you share a part of yours with your partner, you share your happiness, worries, love, and trust, and also communicate with them. Yes, kissing is a part of gesture communication which helps in expressing your feelings without using words. To know why is kissing important in a relationship, you need to understand that kissing is not all about physical closeness but it has more to it. Physical intimacy is just a part of the whole where communication, compassion, consistency, connectivity, closeness, cooperation, commitment, everything is combined. 

Many couples lack the spark in their relationship and have to go for breakup counseling because they separate from each other due to a lack of essence. If you feel that there is less romance or the presence of monotony in your relationship, know that you are not kissing your partner regularly or in a way that you should be kissing them. This is why kissing is important as it breaks the growing differences and acts as the starters to a beautiful relationship.


1. Should kissing be an important part of a relationship?

The reason why kissing is important in a relationship is that it not only brings you physically closer but also helps in connectivity, relieving stress, overcoming unhappiness, and maintaining the spark, compassion, trust, and love. Further, it helps in the release of certain hormones which makes us happy and reduces our mental pressure.

2. What to do if my partner doesn’t kiss me?

Many people don’t feel like kissing their partner. Even if your partner doesn’t like kissing you, you need to make it a ritual to kiss each other daily or you can even consider sex counseling if the situation goes worse. Make it a habit of kissing each other even if you don’t feel it or find it attractive. It will eventually make you feel relaxed as the days pass.

3. Should we kiss in a relationship every day?

The reason why kissing is important is that it makes you feel relaxed and helps you forget all your worries. Yes, you should try to kiss each other every day if you stay with each other. It helps to grow your relationship and strengthen it. Further, it helps you feel loved.

4. What happens if we don’t kiss or hug each other?

The importance of kissing is often underestimated. There are many tips to fix a broken relationship and one of them is kissing. When you don’t kiss your partner the relationship loses spark and bonding in relationships which often leads to the ruin of a relationship.

5. How does kissing help in building relationships?

When we kiss a partner the feeling of attachment and belongingness is created. The query “Is kissing important in a relationship“, makes us imagine that if we never kiss, a lot of pleasant moments and memories are lost. One of the tips to make your relationship stronger is by kissing your partner. When you kiss your partner you establish your affirmation and love for them, you declare them as your safe place. It helps in deep connection and trust.

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