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17 Tips To Fix A Broken Relationship: How To Fix A Broken Relationship?

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This post highlight 17 tips to fix a broken relationship today. 

Contrary to what many people believe, burning bridges can be a great way of keeping up with the rat race. Dancing in flames on a burned bridge is a great motivator to work harder and push forward. Sometimes, you need to rebuild a bridge that has been damaged. 

In every relationship, it is normal to face challenges, conflicts, and misunderstandings between the boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse. Even if problems arise in the relationship, it doesn’t give an indication to break and leave the relationship. 

Giving up means that you are not putting effort into working on things. The success of the relationship will depend on how much effort is put in by both parties to work out their differences and conflicts. So it is always beneficial and a hep for the dying relationship to be fixed by both parties with ultimate willingness and determination. Any relationship is a treasure, so learn ways how to fix your relationship now.

17 Tips To Fix A Broken Relationship

Here are 17 tips to fix a broken relationship.

tips to fix a broken relationship

1. Start a friendly and polite conversation

A simple “Hi” or invitation is sufficient to start a conversation. It may suffice to send them a message. However, depending on their blocking, you might need to mention who you are. You don’t need to say more, nor send more messages, until they respond. Otherwise, you may come across as irritating.

Once you have established a dialogue, it is important to use it for its value. Be open, honest, and upfront about your goals. This will show the other person that you value them and help to rebuild trust. Do not expect anyone to be able to read what you are thinking.

2. All you need is love

The reason you’re fixing a broken relationship is that you either need something or care about the person. Even if you need something, focus on the other person, not what you want. Showing that you care about your partner will make them more open to helping you.

3. Make a bridge and get over it

It’s time to forget about the past. While you can talk about the problems that you experienced in your relationship attempt, dwelling on them will only lead to more. You can quickly bridge the gap between you and your rift.

4. Be honest (In a nice way)

Even when you disagree, be truthful. While it may not have ended your relationship, it is not going to make it better. Keep it civil and avoid being defensive or offensive.

5. Learn to compromise

Remember, a relationship is not meant to be manipulated by you. It has to be based on how to give and take and not just be one-sided. It is always best to leave something for yourself while you can give something to your partner; just do not give too much, which makes your partner feel that he/she will not give anything in the relationship anymore.

6. Apologize to rebuild relationship

One of the hallmarks of a broken relationship is that both party see apologizing as a weakness, therefore, feel hesitant to apologize even if they want. If you want to fix your broken relationship, you must rise above these issue and apologize.

An apology can resolve most conflicts. It will allow you to forgive yourself and move forward, even if it is not desired by the other person.

tips to fix a broken relationship

7. Listen

Listening to other’s sentiments shows sincerity and respect. If you are sensitive enough and you know and feel that you always do the talking, pause for a moment and sincerely listen to what your partner is talking about.

8. Exchange each other’s ideas and sentiments

One of the essential components of a relationship is communication. In this way, partners can have enough time to talk and voice out what they want to change in their marriage and what they want to maintain. With communication, they will both learn to bind again what has been broken and start all over again.

9. Take responsibility

Accept responsibility even if it seems you are not at fault. Accepting responsibility will allow you to bridge the gap between your perceptions.

10. Avoid pushing buttons

Keep in mind that you and the other person have animosity towards each other, or at least used to. There are triggers that can lead to animosity between you and the other party. Be an adult, and don’t push those buttons no matter how tempting.

images 4

11. Be positive

Positive thinking is always a good thing. Even if you don’t get what you want, it is possible to look forward to the next opportunity. You’ll be able to look forward and exude confidence which will make you more attractive to others. This will make the other person wonder why they don’t have a relationship.

12. Be authentic

No matter what, be your true self. It’s better to fail than try to be someone else. Do not pretend to be someone else. It’s not a contest. You’d be amazed at the doors that honesty can open for you.

13. Enforce your boundaries

Everyone has personal boundaries, and if you’re going out of your way to not overstep other peoples’ boundaries, you deserve respect as well. If someone crosses a boundary that you have established, be polite and gentle with them. Be sure to acknowledge it so that you don’t falsely accuse anyone of crossing a line they didn’t know existed.

14. Keep the conversation going

Whatever the outcome of the conversation, keep it moving towards your goals. If you feel the conversation is moving forward, invite the other person to a future conversation. If not, ask the other party for what it was that you first contacted them for.

15. Keep the spark

For a long-lasting relationship, keeping the spark and glow from intimacy is of help. Spending time together like watching a movie, travelling together, etc. You see, being together can give you the assurance that there’s one person that cares for you.

16. Sometimes you have to let it go

There’s a possibility that the other person doesn’t want you to reconnect, despite your best intentions. Don’t be surprised if he or she doesn’t respond or seems aggressive. There are billions upon billions of people on the planet, so there is no reason to waste time with someone who doesn’t like or respect you.

It is not easy to rebuild a relationship that has been broken. Both parties must face the animosity, distrust, and other factors that caused you to separate. You can reconnect with someone via text, email, and online if you are trying to repair a relationship that was damaged in the past. You may have interest if he or she replies. If not, you can have the closure that you need to move forward. You can also go to marriage and relationship counselling to rebuild your relationship.

sex therapy
17 Tips To Fix A Broken Relationship: How To Fix A Broken Relationship? 5

Is it worth fixing a broken relationship?

There is no simple answer. You will need to decide if the relationship is worth the effort required to keep it from falling apart.

It is also important to ensure that everyone involved is willing to save the relationship. Reconciliation is unlikely if you are the only one who is willing to do the work.

However, abuse of any type, regardless of whether verbal or physical, should be reported immediately. You should be aware that signs of toxicity can appear subtle. Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells with your partner? Are you losing your self-confidence or sense of self? You can also contact Dr. Neha Mehta for relationship counselling.

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