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Things To Never Ask Your Girlfriend To Avoid Breakup

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Relationship is the name of a very delicate connection and even small things can cause them to break or fill them with cracks. There are certain things to never ask your girlfriend and avoid discussion over so that the relationship lasts longer. In a relationship, two people are tied together with the thread of trust, companionship, love, and loyalty but there are certain ‘what not to say to your girlfriend‘ things that damage the relationship and often lead to breakups. To achieve a long-lasting relationship you just don’t need trust, understanding, and love but also know the boundaries and things not to be asked about. Here in this article, we will be speaking about those ‘what to never ask your girlfriend‘ questions so that you can have an unbreakable relationship. 

Things to Never Ask Your Girlfriend to Avoid Breakup

There are certain things to never ask your girlfriend or even your partner if you wish to have a long-lasting relationship. Though two people are very close to each other in a relationship there are certain which should be avoided so that there are no cracks in the bond. Here we list the things not to say to avoid breakup and have a ‘forever’ relationship. 

1. Never Ask About Their Salary

One of the first and foremost things to never tell to your partner is to never ask about their salary. Never ask your girlfriend how much she earns until she tells you so and the same applies vice-versa. Even if she talks about salary, try to change the topic and avoid discussing it. You should instead try to understand their earning pattern, hard work, and skills but leave the property and salary matters. Even if you are on the way to getting married, avoid conversing on salary and leave it to elders. It has been found that discussing salary has been the reason for many divorces and breakups. One of the ways to avoid breakup is to keep money out of the equation in a relationship. 

2. Don’t Ask Too Much About Their Past Relationship

Past Relationship

Another point to add what to never ask your girlfriend is to not ask her about her past relationships. If your girlfriend herself speaks of it then clear your doubts at once. These are the mistakes that will destroy your relationship. Always bringing forth her past relationships or questioning her about her past will drift her away from you. It is one of the things to never tell a woman because it subjects her to the feeling that you doubt her, don’t love her, and are unsure of her. The same applies to girls as well, of not questioning boys of past relationships. Try to enjoy the present. 

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3. Don’t Comment on Their Personal Space

One of the other things to never tell to your partner is trying to interfere in their personal space and commenting over it. One of the reasons why you are still single is because of the habit of trying to know everything. There are certain things to never tell a woman like don’t always interfere in their space and say your friend is ‘such’ kind of person, you should not do this or that, etc. Trying to know everything and learning everything your girlfriend’s friends tell her is not appropriate. If she tells or discusses it with you then it is fine if not don’t try to know forcibly. 

4. Don’t Become Hasty Over Intimation


Under the other things to never ask your girlfriend is for hasty intimacy. Women also have feelings and it takes time to develop up to the level of intimacy. Don’t rush your girlfriend and ask her again and again to get intimate. You can go for sex counseling to seek out the issues of your sexual life but don’t hurry your partner. It is one of the Important things under what not to say to your girlfriend. If she is willing, then only go for physical intimacy but wait until she is ready. Let physical intimacy grow with time. Hurrying over intimacy will only cause conflicts and lead to break-ups. 

5. Asking Her to Stop Being Over-dramatic

Another point under what to never ask your girlfriend is to tell her to stop being over-dramatic when she is expressing herself and her feelings. The reason why do girls reject you is that you take girls’ feelings as her being over-dramatic. Asking her to stop acting when is upset is one of the things to never tell a woman. This is one of the tips on how to avoid a breakup. Many times when girls express themselves and cry or rant out their feelings it is considered as being over-dramatic which instantly turns off a girl and makes her reject you. 

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Tips to Avoid Breakup

Knowing the things to never tell to your partner is one of the basic tips to avoid breakup. There are different ways to avoid breakup apart from conversing on topics that are delicate and can be the reason for conflict. Here we will be telling you some of the ways using which you can easily avoid breakups and have long-lasting relationships. 

1. Communicate Instead of Fighting


One of the basic tips to avoid breakup is to communicate rather than argue. To know how to communicate calmly is equivalent to knowing how to save broken relationship. Instead of blaming and fighting, try to have a peaceful conversation where you find the exact problem and look for solutions. Learning what not to say to your partner during conversation also plays an important role in avoiding breakups. A conversation can also save the most broken relationships. Therefore prioritize communication in your relationship to avoid any conflicts but don’t discuss things that lead to conflict.

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2. Do Not Indulge in Committing The Same Mistakes Again

Another method to avoid breakup is to not repeat mistakes. A person can forgive once and can also forgive twice but if repeated it cannot be forgiven and the relationship is destined to end. There are certain things not to discuss to avoid breakup and if the topic is avoided don’t bring it up again and again. You can go for couple counseling to work on your relationship and seek advice. It is one of the tips on how to avoid a breakup. Don’t repeat the mistakes that have already been the reason for issues in your relationship. If the same deed is done again then it is no longer a mistake but a choice.

3. Understand And Reciprocate


One of the other important tips to avoid breakup is to understand the situation and reciprocate. Understand your partner’s needs and the situation and try to reciprocate the same. For example, if your partner is feeling lonely or is upset, try to understand the reason for their unhappiness and reciprocate your love and be their company instead of saying that they are being overly dramatic. It is one of the tips to make relationship stronger. Another example is that if your partner feels suspicious of you, try to understand the reason for their suspicion and reciprocate the solution. Knowing how to avoid a breakup is important to have an everlasting and loving relationship with your partner. 


Just knowing the things to never ask your girlfriend is not enough when you move forward to build an eternal relationship. It requires efforts from both the partners who are involved in the relationship. Efforts to understand each other and adapt to each other. Yet learning about things not to say to avoid breakup aids in avoiding breakup. Hence you must keep yourself aware of what not to say to your partner so that there are no doubts that can cause an issue in your relationship. Both partners must focus on the present and how to make it more memorable and everlasting. Learning about what may drift your partner away is important so that you can avoid it.


1. How to strengthen the relationship?

There are many things you can do to strengthen your relationship. Like learning about what not to say to your partner which can upset them, going on dates, spending quality time, communicating, and knowing about each other’s daily activities. There are certain things not to say to avoid breakup which you must know so that your relationship does not shatter. You can also work on understanding each other’s feelings and respecting each other as they are and their perspective. Appreciate each other for small successes and support each other. 

2. How to put forward my perspective in front of my girlfriend?

Though there are certain things not to discuss to avoid breakup yet there are things that should be clear. For example, If you wish to know about your girlfriend, do it at once if she is willing to tell, if not leave it. Clear all your doubts at once but don’t repeat them. Put forward your perspective simply and openly while making her feel bad. For example, tell her that you wish to get close but you will do so only with her consent. Put forward your views pleasantly and openly. Express yourself openly but respect your girlfriend’s opinion as well. 

3. What are the things to never ask a man?

There are certain things not to discuss to avoid breakup with your boyfriend. Never ask a man again and again about his past relationships and compare them with his present. This can instantly make the guy turn away from you. Don’t try to interfere with his personal space. Knowing what not to say to your partner helps to avoid breakups. Don’t ask him again and again whether he loves you or not. There are certain questions like questions regarding body shaming, ex must be avoided.

4. What to do if my girlfriend does not get intimate?

First, you should know what to never ask your girlfriend and one of them is to be in a rush for intimacy. If you want to get intimate, talk it out, if she rejects, respect it. You can look for how to make her ready for sex if gives her consent. If there are other issues like trauma or fear, doubts, etc. you can go for counseling to solve it. Try to know the reason behind the denial and look for solutions if any are possible. Intimacy is a slowly developing process that takes time so be patient. 

5. How to avoid a breakup?

To avoid a breakup you should be aware of things to never tell to your partner. It can lead to peaceful relationships. Other ways to avoid breakup is by communicating. Never stop communicating. Try to understand the situation and peacefully look for solutions. You must realize and make sure that the same mistake is not repeated again and again. Converse openly with your partner in things that might later cause issues. Never let your ego slide in your relationship and try to listen more and to speak. Don’t lose your cool when you are angry.

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