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Why Can’t Girls Move on After a Breakup ? How to Move on After a Breakup?

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Breakups can be really hard, being a girl you invest all your feelings in a person and when all of that just ends it feels like your heart is actually breaking. The toll a breakup can take on emotional health is very big, it makes you less likely to put your trust in another person. There can be many reasons for a breakup, it can be cheating, miscommunication or difference of opinions. It is very difficult to pull yourself back together after a breakup, it is physically draining to carry out simple day-to-day tasks. Everything you do reminds you of them, every place you go brings back painful memories. It doesn’t really matter if it’s either a long term relationship or a short term one, if you truly loved that person, put your heart at stake then it can be very hurtful and have a pretty huge impact on your life and the people who surround you. 

When you’re hit with a breakup you’re allowed a good cry and a pity party but then you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and put your pieces back together again. There is no exact time frame to the healing process after the breakup, you need to just start by accepting that you’re in pain and go from there. You need to find healthy ways to move on from a breakup. You cannot waste your life away, you need to start dealing with the pain and get back to your normal life. When you’re going through something like this you will find everybody has a lot of tips to move on from a breakup, they will give you advice on how to easily move on from a breakup, they might have some tried and tested tips but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow any of that. I cannot stress this enough: you need to start healing at your own pace, in your own way. Anything that helps you move on is where you should start. 

I will share some ways to move on after a breakup from my experience that helped me. It could also give you the push you need to stop living in the past and start the process of moving on for yourself. 

To Learn How to Move on After a Breakup With Your Boyfriend, Here Are a Few Tips For You:

1. Practice Gratitude 

I know it doesn’t feel like it but everything happens for a reason and there has to be something good in your future which requires you to go through this pain right now. Be grateful for what you still have; your family, your friends and most importantly yourself, you are still standing even after being knocked down. Be grateful for that.

2. Talk About Your Breakup 

Whenever you’re going through a difficult time like this, talking about it is actually one of the best ways to move on from a breakup, it helps you vent out all your pent up emotions. You don’t have to find a special person to talk to about your breakup, it can be anybody, just make sure you are comfortable talking to them. Trust me talking about it will help your heart feel lighter. 

3. Embrace The Pain


This is one of the most important tips on how to move on after a break. Don’t run from the pain that is only going to prolong your suffering. You need to sit with your misery, feel all that hurt then only you are going to be able to start working through it. Embracing the pain is the only way to start dealing with it. 

4. Don’t Play The Blame Game 

Pointing fingers at the other person might feel good for a minute or two but it’s not going to help your healing process, putting the blame on another might feel like the solution but trust me it’s not. 

5. Focus on Yourself


You need to put yourself first, focus on what you need. This is the time to do the things that you were putting off because you were in a relationship or because you didn’t want to step on any toes. Pamper yourself, give yourself stuff you have always wanted. This is time to make yourself happy. 

6. Move on At Your Pace 

Don’t let anybody tell you how to move on after a break up or what are the different ways to move on from a breakup. This is your journey and your healing process, do it at your pace, don’t push yourself to do anything you don’t feel ready to do, take your time and make sure you’re ready to move on. 

7. Meet New People

Meet New People

This doesn’t necessarily mean dating new people, you can make new friends or just have good conversations with different people. It will definitely help you come out of your shell more and help with any insecurity you might be feeling after the breakup. 

8. Learn Your Lesson 

I am a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason and anything that happens to us, either good or bad, has a lesson hidden, which we need to learn to grow in our life. This is your chance to sit back and introspect about what you can learn from all that has happened and how it will help you grow. 

9. Socialize With a Supportive Group

You need to surround yourself with people who make you feel supported and help you heal. If you have people who are discouraging you from your path or trying to make you go back to the person you broke up with then you don’t need these people in your life. 

10. Distance Yourself From Social Media


This might be the perfect time to get that social media detox you have always needed, when you’re trying to move on you don’t need to see all the little things happening with your ex on social media or what they are doing. Don’t put yourself through that and give that phone a little rest. 

11. Don’t Stalk Your Ex 

This is the absolutely worst thing you can do to yourself after a breakup, never stalk your ex, that is the opposite of moving on. You don’t need this in your life after all the pain you’re going through, focus on yourself and heal. 

12. Get a Productive Hobby 

You have got all this pent up energy because of the anger you’re feeling, you need to find a productive outlet for it so you can put all of it to good use. A hobby can serve as the perfect distraction and healthy coping mechanism. It will also help you grow in your life. 

13. Cut of All Contact With Them


This should be the first step in your healing process. You don’t need daily reminders of your heartbreak. You don’t want to lose all the progress you have made just because of a single text or a call. You don’t need the temptation of them being available to you. You do not want to make a mistake in a moment of weakness and lose everything you have worked so hard for. 

14. Enjoy Being Single

Make the most of this opportunity, enjoy being single for a while. Don’t jump from one relationship to another. You don’t have any restrictions, you can find yourself again before you’re ready to try dating and fall in love again. 

15. Forgiveness 

This the best thing you can do for yourself, practice forgiveness. You can never move on from a breakup with hate and anger in your heart and if you want to start the healing process you need to let go of all that rage and anger and forgive them for hurting you. Forgiveness will set you free from that toxic cycle of hurt. Don’t do it for them, do it for yourself.


I can understand it can be pretty intimidating to take that first step or to even start talking about your breakup, you can definitely look for professional help to deal with any insecurities you might have. There are a lot of great therapists out there who offer breakup counseling. You need to make sure what is the right step for you. There is no specific answer to the question, “How to easily move on from a breakup ?”. The only thing you can be sure about is that the path to your happiness that had been lost after the breakup is going to require patience, love and support. You need to go easy on yourself, don’t push yourself to do anything that doesn’t feel right to you, listen to what your heart is telling you, be attentive to your emotions and start putting yourself first because you can never love someone fully if you don’t love yourself first. Just remember to be not so hard on yourself and cut yourself some slack.

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