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Signs to Know He is Cheating on You

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If you are in a relationship and suspect your man of cheating on you, you should pay attention to these signs. Maybe look a little closer because if you miss these signs, you may lose the best man in your life and end a romantic relationship that could have been long lasting. Here are a few Signs that he is cheating on you.

Signs to Know He is Cheating on You

1. He is Always Busy


If your boyfriend seems very busy at work for no reason and doesn’t have time for you, then it is a sign that he is cheating on you. He may be spending more time with his colleagues than with you and even attend late night meetings when they don’t need to meet at all. This could also mean that he has found another woman who has captured his attention and now wants to spend as much time as possible with her.

2. He’s More Interested in His Phone Than You

Men are notorious for being glued to their phones, but when you’re spending time together, his phone should not be his constant companion. Chances are good that if he’s always on social media and checking his messages while he’s with you, there’s someone else who is taking priority over you in his life.

3. Curious About Other Women

If your partner is talking about other women, it could mean that he is interested in them — or at least curious about them. This is not always right, so you could get jealous and get angry or you can stop fighting in a relationship. For example, he might ask you questions about other women he sees out in public or online. If he starts to talk about other women with interest in his voice or eyes, this could be a sign that he wants more than just friendship with them. 

4. He is Spending More Time With His Friends Than Usual


If he has been spending more time with his friends than usual, then this could be a red flag. If it’s a business trip, then maybe there’s nothing to worry about but if it’s just a normal week at home and he has been out with friends every night, then it could mean that he has something going on. 

5. Has Been Hiding His Phone From You or is Keeping it Locked When Around You

If your boyfriend keeps locking his phone when around you or hides it from you, then this is a way to find out if he’s cheating. If he tries to hide his phone from you even when he knows that there is nothing wrong with him having an unlocked phone or even if he doesn’t trust that you won’t snoop through his messages (which I don’t recommend doing), then this could be a sign that he has something to hide from you.

6. He Has Stopped Talking to You as Much as Before


If your man used to call and text you multiple times a day but now he only contacts you when he needs something, it could be a sign of infidelity. He may be trying to keep his distance from you out of guilt or fear of getting caught. Then, it is a one of the Signs your man is a cheater.

7. He Seems to Be More Secretive Than Before


Another sign a guy is cheating on you  is if he seems more secretive than usual. He might start keeping his phone close at hand and not put it away when you are around. He also might become more protective of his email account, which could mean that he is communicating with his secret lover online. You might need a relationship counselling to understand your partner better.

8. He Ignores Your Calls And Texts


When it comes down to it, men usually don’t like talking about their feelings or emotions so when they do ignore your calls and texts this could mean that they are cheating on you or hiding something from you. Sometimes when men feel guilty about what they’re doing they will ignore calls from their wives or girlfriend.  This is a very important Sign a guy is cheating on you. 

9. He Looks Guilty When Confronted With Questions About His Whereabouts

This is one of the easiest ways to find out if he’s cheating and try to make your relationship stronger .When confronted by questions about where he was during the day or night, if your boyfriend looks guilty, then this could be a sign that he is cheating on you. A person who loves and trusts their partner should have no reason to feel guilty for simply spending time with friends or family members instead of being with their partner all the time.


It is in your best interest to pay careful observation and keep an eye out for the signs that he is cheating on you. If you notice that he has changed his behavior, start to pay attention and catch him in the act of cheating. The sooner you catch him, the better your chances of saving your relationship being a better lover. Make sure that you stay calm and collected when confronting him, so that you can have a positive outcome on your side and have him begging for forgiveness. The above mentioned signs will provide you with the answer: How to know he is cheating . Even then if you are facing any problems then go for couple therapy.

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