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14 Necessary Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marrying Them

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When we think of spending the rest of our life with someone, we rarely give a thought to one of the possible results of getting married, which is getting divorced. While you can’t stop life problems from getting in the way, you can at least make sure your relationship is strong and that both of you cooperate with each other. Even though you might think that everyone has some important conversations before they are engaged, you might be quite surprised knowing how many important questions you miss to ask for finding the right partner in life. How to choose your life partner? This question is very important for everyone who is just about to get married. If you think you don’t know what questions to ask before marriage then you should definitely take some ideas before getting into a conversation regarding marriage. Yo can also prefer to go for pre marriage counselling as well.

In this article, you would get some of the best tips to choose your life partner. Not only this, but you would also get to know about 14 questions to ask before getting married. 

1. How Should We Deal With Our In-laws?

When you are starting a new family, it’s not only you and your partner who are going to live under the same roof. The family members of your partner would also be there and one should be careful while living with a lot of different people. There can be misunderstandings and fights because everyone would have their own point of view. But if you and your partner go hand and know how to strike a perfect balance between in-laws by understanding how to deal with in-laws interference then living with a joint family would be bliss. 

2. What do You Think About Marriage? 


While finding a life partner for you, knowing his/her thought process while discussing marriage is very important. Some people take marriage as a legal agreement between two people and some consider marriage to be an almost all-consuming relationship. If both of you have a clear conversation regarding each other’s unmet expectations, your bond would be much stronger. 

3. What Are Your Financial Goals? 

One of the most important questions for married couples to ask is whether their financial goals are fixed or not? Money is the most problematic source of stress for married couples, so one should always be clear about their financial necessities. Talking about how to manage a budget and other necessities can help you to live a stress-free life. 

4. How Do You Expect Child-care And Parenting to be? 

Taking care of a child and providing him/ her with proper parenting should be on the top list of questions to your partner before marriage. Questions like How many children should we have and How should we do parenting, are the most important topics which you should discuss with your partner. 

5. How Much Importance do You Give to Religion?


If you are thinking of questions to ask in a relationship then putting this question is a must. Couples are likely to experience fights over religious traditions. If you are planning to have children then you must be clear about the religious education of the children. It is better to plan things beforehand. 

6. Will I be Independent Enough to Do Things Without You? 

Many people love to be independent even after marriage. But it can be a problem if your partner is not comfortable with it. Discussing space and privacy can help you and your partner to be more understanding with each other. You should also let your partner have the freedom to make decisions on his/her own. 

7. Is Intimacy Important to You? 

Everyone has physical expectations from their partners. Having a nice conversation not only maintains the relationship, but it’s also the intimacy that keeps the relationship stronger. In order to have a healthy relationship, you should discuss what your partner would enjoy about sex and also how often they would want to have it.

8. Where Do You Expect Us to See in 10 years? 

One should be very certain about how and where they are going to be in the future. If you and your partner know how you can improve your financial status, parenting, and future plans then the rest of your life would be a happy one. It can also help you know about your partner’s opinion of divorce if the relationship gets worse in the future. 

9. What Do You Like About Me?


You might think that how can this question be important in choosing the right partner for you? But as you know, a relationship is based on respect and love for each other. If you or your partner don’t have anything special to like about each other, you might not have a smooth relationship as liking can help you two bring closer. 

10. What Kind of Sacrifices Are You Ready to Make For Our Happy Married Life? 

It’s very common that our life changes when we are committed to someone. We can’t always keep wasting our time hanging out or using our phones all the time. A set of responsibilities would be there on our shoulders after marriage. But if you or your partner is not ready to take them or to leave his/her leisure time then it would be difficult to lead a happy married life. So you should be clear about your sacrifices and responsibilities. 

11. Would You be as Responsible For The Household Work As I Would Be?


In a marriage, girls are mostly responsible for household chores. But as time is passing, even girls are independent due to their choice for being financially independent. There should be a mutual understanding between you and your partner when it comes to household work. So never miss this question if you are looking for the right ones. 

12. How Do You Act While You Are Angry? 

There would be ups and downs in a marriage, but it’s the way of understanding and handling one’s anger that keeps the relationship healthy. If you think you are not good at handling heavy anger and fights and are extremely possessive then asking this question might save your marriage life from being an unhealthy one. 

13. How Important Look to You?


Most of the time, in arranged marriages, people choose their partner by judging their looks, which can be a very wrong decision. Besides, you might not like the idea of being chosen due to your looks and it can be the major reason for your fights after being married. Consulting about this with your partner can help you realize the right person for you. 

14. Do You Think it is The Right Time For Us to Get Married? 

This question might sound very weird to you as it’s what the topic is about. However, you should know that sometimes you might not feel very confident about marriage due to personal goals or other reasons. Discussing this with your partner would not only help you know what’s good for you but it would also reveal how your partner feels about marriage. 

Marriage is not a temporary decision, so taking it lightly would not be preferable for happy marriage life. You should be well aware of how the person is going to be who you are going to spend the rest of your life with and can also take the help of professional marriage counseling to navigate through these questions effectively. But one becomes nervous while they are having a meeting for marriage and end up asking nothing which would help one know what’s better for them. These questions will help you know almost everything which you should know before choosing your partner. 


Discussing the most crucial questions you should ask during marriage counseling before getting married is crucial to ensure a better and happier future. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to tying the knot. Putting forth these questions before marriage will help you in finding a life partner for you and enhance your future marriage. The more at ease you and your partner are discussing and addressing these problems, the more adept you will feel while dealing with marital troubles.

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