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Reasons Why People Have Breakups

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Being with your love is one of the best emotions in the world. Love creates magic that changes our life completely. It’s very easy to fall in love. Being a human, we have certain expectations and desires from any relationship. But sometimes, when they don’t fulfill, we take our steps back and the relationship ends. This ending can affect our lives in many ways. Mental health, as well as physical health, can get affected.

Reasons why people have breakups?

Well, the reasons for breakups depend from person to person. But, the following are the common reasons for breaking up any relationship:-

1. Jealousy 

Jealousy is one of the biggest causes of breakups in relationships and is a very natural emotion that affects almost everyone. But it is important to learn how to deal with jealousy and recognize when you’re being unreasonable with your jealousy. Jealousy gives rise to over-controlling nature, where partners don’t feel good. Thus, they end the relationship.

2. Trust Issues


Lack of trust can lead you to be over-controlling. It’s also just a very unattractive trait in general, that screams insecurity. If you recognize that you were overly jealous or controlling in the past and were the reason why people break up, then that’s something you can work on to ensure the same problem doesn’t lead to future breakups. 

3. Over Controlling Behavior

Do you also try to control your partner? It can be one of the reasons for breakups in your relationships. Give some space to your partner. Don’t try to control their actions, behavior, etc. After some time, they will feel hurt and you will lose their love.

4. Boredom

Fun and excitement are very important for a healthy relationship.No one wants the same daily routine. Relationship problems such as when the spark phase or honeymoon period of any relationship ends, probably partners start feeling bored in that relationship. Even the healthiest relationships require some maintenance and work to keep things interesting.

5. Different Perspective

Maybe you and your partner have different perspectives and thoughts regarding any topic. Instead of understanding their perspective, generally, people start fighting. Everyone wants to be heard and understood. When your partner will realize that, they are not being heard and you are putting your thoughts over them. They will stop sharing their thoughts and feelings, and the communication will end one day leading to the ending of your relationship. So you need to understand why do people break up and what triggers them.

6. Communication Gap

In today’s digital world, everyone is busy with their smartphones. Instead of communicating with their loved ones, they spend time talking to a virtual person on social media and it is one of the biggest causes of breakups in relationships. The communication gap is the major reason for relationship problems

How do Build a Strong Relationship And Prevent Breakups?

If you are in a relationship, you should follow these steps and understand the reasons why people have breakups to build a happy and healthy relationship, to avoid breakups.

1. Value Your Partner


The foundation of any healthy relationship is to give value and respect to your partner. Try to build mutual respect in your relationship and understand the reasons for breakups. Show them how much they are important to you.

2. Try To Communicate

Sit down with your partner and try to fix a broken relationship or to solve your relationship problems. Communication can be the medicine for all your relationship problems. Share with your partner your feelings, likes, and dislikes. Additionally, you can also take the help of professional relationship counseling to help understand each other better. It can help you to solve all the problems and avoid quarrels. Even if you had a serious fight, instead of in your heart, talk to your partner regarding this and understand the causes of breakups in relationships. If you don’t have any topic, You can also try to ask questions about their life and family. This way they will feel special.

3. Keep Other Relationships Alive

Don’t grow apart from your friends and social circle since you entered into your relationship.No couple, regardless of how incredibly compatible and deeply in love they may be, should be spending 100% of their time together. It’s very important to know why do people break up and keep other areas of your life intact, too… a well-balanced social life can help keep your relationship healthy and assist in keeping your jealousy and neediness in check.

4. Spend Time With Your Partner


You should try to find out something new about each other. you should try to find new topics to discuss, new places to go, and new goals to achieve. It will also help you to renew your connection and understand the causes of breakups in relationships and you will be closer. Instead of talking every time on social media or phone calls, you should go for dinner or a movie. 

5. Appreciate Your Partner

You should always try to increase your partner’s self-esteem. Don’t lose an opportunity to appreciate and solve the reasons for breakups and give compliments to them. You can give compliments like” you smell nice, I like the way you smile” or anything that you feel. This will make them more confident and comfortable with you.

6. Talk About Future Relationship Goals

Many people are afraid to talk about their future relationship goals and that is why people break up the majority of the time. Many times they do not want to frighten their partner and destroy their relationship. But you should talk about your future relationship goals. You can talk about after-marriage life, kids, etc.

7. Support Your Partner


Try to encourage and support your partner and stay away from the reasons for breakups. Motivate your partner, to work on their weakness and push them towards their success and happiness. Never criticize your partner otherwise they will not feel comfortable with you. You can also prefer to take breakup counselling

8. Ups and Downs Are Common

Ups and downs are common relationship problems even for the strongest relationships. A healthy relationship is like rolling hills that go a little high and a little low but most of the time you love your partner. Don’t expect only good days in a relationship and if you think that you are drifting apart due to insignificant problems then understand tips to fix a broken relationship and put your efforts and love into the relationship if you truly want to be with them. It’s completely not possible, try to solve the reasons for breakups and be happy with your partner.

How to Handle Post-breakup Emotions?

Handling emotions after a breakup is very difficult. If you are also struggling to go through this difficult phase understand why do people break up and the following tips will help you to get back the control of your life to move on from a breakup:-

1. Avoid Any Type of Contact With Your Partner For Sometime

Try to avoid any type of contact with your Ex. You can also block them on every social media platform or from your contact list. This will help you to move on easily and fastly and stay away from the biggest causes of breakups in relationships. You should stop thinking about what they are feeling for you, whether they are missing you or not etc. Yes, you can talk after you move on.

2. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Spend time with your friends and family. Hang out for some time. You can go for a movie, lunch or shopping whatever you like. If you live alone, you will start thinking about your relationship problems and memories and this will again make you feel hurt. You can also plan a trip with your loved ones for a change.

3. Spend Time With Yourself, Love Yourself


Usually, people get so indulged in a relationship that they stop thinking about themselves. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you should never forget yourself. Now, that you have broken up the relationship, try to spend time with yourself and know how to love yourself. But make sure you don’t think about your past relationship and reasons for breakups otherwise it will not make any sense.

4. Try New Things 

Try to explore something new, you can learn any skill or any language which you don’t know. This will make you busy and will divert your mind from your relationship problems and you will feel good. You can practice mindfulness and sit in a calm place and jot down your feelings. Like what are you feeling right now, you can write about your good memories or achievements.

5. Accept The Truth of Your Relationship

Accept the truth that the relationship has ended now and also what has happened is right. Let it go, stop thinking about the reasons for breakups, and move on. You can control nobody except yourself. Recognize that you cannot place your happiness in the opinion of another individual. Trust that the future is going to be ok for you. Not only are you going to find someone more appropriate. 

6. Share Your Feelings With Your Loved Ones

You should never keep your feelings bottled up, otherwise, the situation will get worse. Instead, you can share your feelings with your loved ones, your family, and friends. If you are uncomfortable sharing your feelings, you can choose a person with whom you feel safe and more closed. Try to get their suggestions, you can also spend time with them to feel good.


Unfortunately, if your relationship has ended and your love is not with you. Don’t get upset, your life does not stop here. You will get someone better, who can love and understand you. Yes, it will take some time till then you can enjoy yourself. Don’t waste your time finding reasons for breakups or stop asking questions to yourself like why do people leave in a relationship, you have many more good things to do. Learn from your past relationship experience so that you will not suffer again.

Always remember, The greatest love of all is within you and you are worthy of love. Thank you for reading.

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