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Do You Know Why Are You Still Single? Mistakes Boys do While Making a Girlfriend

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In case you are searching for the answers to the question – reasons why are you still single? and other questions like this, then you have come to the right place. There are many things that can attract a girl and make her fall for you. It’s not easy to find a girl who has everything we need and wants us. While making a girlfriend, people make mistakes that can hurt their relationships. And even worse, most guys do not know that they are making mistakes. In this article, the goal is to share the things boys do wrong when trying to get a girlfriend, how those mistakes can negatively affect their relationships and what you should do instead and ultimately resolve your query of reasons why are you still single and learn different ways to impress a girl .

Mistakes Boys do While Making a Girlfriend

1. Boys do Not Take The Time to Know The Girl

One of the major mistakes boys do while making a girlfriend is not taking the time to know the girl. This can be one of the most important things in making a girlfriend because if you don’t know her well enough, then you won’t be able to understand what she likes and wants. If you don’t know her well enough, then it will be very hard for you to understand what she needs or wants in life. So if you want to get a girlfriend, then you must go out with her and get to know her better. It is also important that you spend time with her alone so that she can open up and tell you more about herself.

2. Boys do Not Listen to What The Girl Says

Boys are often in a hurry to get somewhere, and they do not want to listen to her. When there is a disagreement between them, he does not listen to what she has said and takes it as something wrong with him. She will feel hurt by this behaviour.

3. Not Being Themselves

Boys need to be able to be themselves around their girlfriends and not feel like they have to pretend to be someone else. You should also try not to lie too much because if your partner finds out that she has been lied to by you, then it will cause a lot of problems between you two in the future.

Being Yourself
Being Yourself

4. They do Not Put Enough Effort

Making a girlfriend is no easy task. The main mistake that people make is that they do not put enough effort into their work and there are times when they are lazy and do nothing at all. If you want your girlfriend to be happy with you, then you should try to make her happy as well. Not putting effort into each other is one of the reasons why do people leave in a relationship .

5. They Lack Confidence

Girls are always looking for a boyfriend who is confident and doesn’t need constant reassurance that he is the best at everything. If a boy constantly needs his girlfriend to tell him how smart or handsome he is, then she will never see him as a potential boyfriend. You can also go for self-confidence counselling sessions to learn how to be more confident about yourself.

6. Boys Are Too Desperate

When you’re in high school and all your friends have girlfriends, it can be hard to find someone interested in more than just hanging out and talking about the latest pop culture trends. But if you’re too desperate to land a girl, then you might end up making some mistakes along the way that makes her want nothing more than to break up with you as soon as possible. This is also a sign that says you need relationship counselling.

Boys Are Too Desperate
Boys Are Too Desperate

7. They Lack Social Skills

Boys tend to forget that girls love being around other people as much as they do! When boys don’t know how to make friends and socialize with others, it makes them seem like losers in the eyes of women. You may be a great companion, but if you can’t talk about your favourite movies or share stories about your family with other people at a party, then what are you offering?

Tips to Make Sure While Having a Girlfriend

1. Take The Essential Time to Know The Girl

It is important for both of you to take time together so that you can become closer than before by spending quality time together; this way, both of you will feel loved and appreciated by each other which will make sure that there isn’t any kind of gap between the two of you as well! 

2. Be Genuine And Honest to Them

Being genuine means that you should be truthful and honest with the girl whom you are dating. If she asks you something, then answer her honestly without lying or keeping anything from her. You should not lie because lying can lead to problems later on in life and can also become a reason on why do people leave in a relationship.

Be Genuine And Honest
Be Genuine And Honest

3. Keep on Appreciating Things She Does For You

Appreciating her for small things is one of the best tips to make sure while having a girlfriend. You can never take the girl for granted. Many girls want to be loved and cared for by their boyfriends. Hence, it is very important to express your gratitude to her if she has done something for you. You can send her notes with some love quotes or flowers or just hug her and say “thank you”. 

4. Discuss Different Things With Her Before Making Any Decision

Both of you must discuss your issues before taking any decision. It will help in knowing each other better and is also a great tip to make your relationship stronger. This will also keep the relationship alive in the long run. 

5. Do Not Disrespect Her Anytime

It is important to keep in mind that you should never disrespect your girlfriend. If you do, she might end up regretting it and leaving you. It is best to respect her by agreeing with what she says and by being considerate of her feelings. This way, she will be able to feel secure around you and will be more relaxed when it comes to telling you about her problems or sharing her thoughts with you. And this is one of the best  tips to make your first impression positive .

Do Not Disrespect Your Girlfriend
Do Not Disrespect Your Girlfriend

6. Don’t Try To Control Her Life Too Much!

It’s not fair if you try to control everything about your girlfriend’s life and make sure she never does anything without asking for permission first from you first! This will only stress her out because she would feel like some things are just out of her control (which there probably are).  Not trying to control her life too much is one of the best ways to impress a girl. 

Pay Attention To What She Says

Paying attention to what she says is one of the best ways to impress a girl. Listen to what she has to say, you need to know about your girlfriend’s feelings and thoughts. You need to understand that there are things that she feels uncomfortable about but you must never let these things affect your relationship. It will only cause problems in your relationship if you fail to listen properly and speak up when necessary. If you want your relationship to last then you must keep these points in mind while being with her. As it is also a great tip to make your relationship stronger. 


Always be open, honest and caring. Try to make everything better in your relationship, so that you both can stay happy for the rest of your lives. Remember the golden rule: treat everyone like you want to be treated. Trust each other. Learn to talk about anything that might come up. Have fun together and conquer any roadblocks together. The above-mentioned tips will help you become more confident, which will make you want to take action. As soon as a guy is confident, he won’t stand for failure. He will automatically set out to be with a girl and make strides to do that. I hope your query about reasons why are you still single is resolved and you have learned different tips to make your first impression positive.

You can also go for recruiting relationship counselling sessions to learn better about relationships.


1. How can I get a girlfriend?

 The first step is to find out what you want in a woman. You must know what your standards are and how you want your relationship to develop. If you don’t know, then it’s going to be very difficult to find the right person and make her fall in love with you. And it is also a sign that says you need relationship counselling. 

2. How can I change the mistakes that I am making currently?

 You can start by changing your attitude towards girls because if you approach them with a negative attitude then they are not going to like you at all and this will cause problems for your relationship down the road. Also, if you approach them with a positive attitude then they will be more likely to respond positively to your advances and this means that there is a better chance of making a relationship happen between yourself and their hearts. 

3. What are the mistakes guys make while making a girlfriend?

The most common mistake that boys make when trying to get a girlfriend is to act like themself. They need to know how girls think, feel, and act before they can be successful in the relationship. If you don’t know what it takes to make a girl happy then you will never be able to get her in your life. It’s hard enough just talking to someone when you know nothing about them but if you also don’t know how to talk with them then it will be even harder.

4. I’ve tried making friends with girls before but never got anywhere. What should I do?

 You need to approach them in a way that shows you are interested in them. Don’t just talk about yourself and your life. It can be difficult to make friends with girls, so you must try to make an effort. The best way to get started is by building rapport with her. Ask her questions about herself and she will be more likely to open up about herself if she feels like she has a connection with you. If she doesn’t respond well, try again later or another time when she feels more comfortable talking about herself and her interests.

5. What is the best way to approach a girl when I’m shy?

One of the best ways to approach a girl when you’re shy is to make eye contact with her. And it is one of the best tips to make your first impression positive . If you’re at a party and she’s standing next to you, look at her for no more than two seconds, then quickly look away. The reason behind this is that if you stare at her too long, it might make her uncomfortable, which can result in her not wanting to talk to you again.

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