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Foreplay Tips for New Couples – Know the Secrets

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Do you want to make your sexual intercourse more exciting? Before any intercourse the body requires a little time and effort to prepare it for intercourse and females need time to arouse themselves. It is here where foreplay comes into play. Knowing different foreplay tricks helps in increasing sexual excitement and arousing the body. In this article, we will tell you about the foreplay tips for new couples which can be practiced by every couple to maintain the spark and spiciness of the relationship. 

What is Foreplay?

Foreplay, also commonly known as outerplay, is usually the sexual activity that is performed before intercourse. Sexual intercourse consists of three steps: foreplay (outercourse), intercourse, and outplay. Foreplay is similar to any warm-up activity done before exercise to prepare the body. There are many foreplay tips for new couples that help them to increase their sexual excitement and experience. It is an important part of how to make her ready for sex. A female body usually needs time to prepare and get into the flow of intercourse and hence foreplay helps in making her ready. It is also for men. It usually consists of kissing, touching each other’s body and genitals, etc. There are many foreplay tips to make sex better which we will deal with next. 

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Foreplay Tips for New Couples

Before beginning with foreplay tips for new couples, you must know that these foreplay tricks work on consent. Only when your partner is ready must you go for it. Foreplay is also one of the tips to make your relationship stronger as it helps you in understanding your partner better. Foreplay usually consists of kissing, touching each other, using sex toys, etc to increase vaginal lubrication. It makes the body ready and when you follow the tips it becomes more exciting. Here we will inform you of the foreplay tips to make sex better and which you must keep in mind while doing foreplay.

1. Use The Whole Body For Foreplay And Not a Single Organ

Use The Whole Body

One of the most important tips for foreplay is that you must bring into play the whole body rather than just using genitals. Among important things to know about foreplay, one is that only using genitals will not help. Some women even arouse when you have only touched their bodies. You should touch the whole body like thighs, stomach, neck, back, etc. It significantly helps in arousing a woman. Playing with her whole body and giving her sensual touches helps in arousing her and is just like giving the body a heads up for the next, that is intercourse. Just don’t only go for genitals to make it quick.

2. Do Foreplay Slowly And With Consent

Another best foreplay tips for men is that you should hurry while doing foreplay and always seek consent before proceeding. Only when a woman is ready go for foreplay. Move slowly in foreplay. Men have the habit of making everything very quick however it doesn’t go the same way. Slowly proceed and give time to make it exciting. Begin with touch either with hands or lips. The reason why kissing is important is that it helps in setting the mood and works on arousing your woman. The slower you go, the more pleasurable as the body and mind both get enough time to get ready. Therefore, don’t rush your partner and make time.

3. Have Good Communication During Foreplay

Good Communication

Among other tips for foreplay, one of the important tips is that you must converse during foreplay. While doing foreplay you must talk to your partner and try to know about her fantasies and aspirations of doing sex. You should also ask how you are doing and if in any way you can improve or if is there any specific manner you should opt for. Conversation and foreplay together is also the answer to how to reconnect after a fight. Trying to know about your partner’s desires, seeking approval on whether they like it or not, and whether you should go for another method helps in enhancing foreplay.

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4. You Can Have Discharge While Foreplay

Another foreplay tips for women or men, especially newly married, is that it is common that you to have discharge while foreplay is going on. Many times while you are in foreplay, women or men may have discharge and they think they can no longer move forward. It is not true, you can go forward and continue with further steps even if you have had discharge and even go slowly. It is not something you should panic and worry about. You can go on with the process and not have to stop in between thinking it’s over. It is common to have discharge for both males and females.

5. It Should Not Be One Person’s Initiative

One Person's Initiative

One of the most important foreplay tips for women or men is that foreplay is not one person’s initiative. It can be initiated by anyone, even women can use it to arouse men. Men can go for tips to convince your wife for oral sex so that they can have their desires fulfilled. Both men and women must try to participate and give equal contributions in the foreplay to achieve maximum pleasure and satisfy each other. It should never be like that only one person is making all the efforts. You must show equal involvement with your partner. It can be initiated by someone but you can also take the lead.

6. Use of Lubricants, Toys And Make The Environment Good

Use of Lubricants

Another best foreplay tips for men is the use of lubrication, toys, and setting up the environment. The importance of lubrication lies in the fact that it helps in arousing vaginal lubrication. You should also make use of different sex toys, to arouse your partner and also add different sensations and fun in your relationship. You can also set up the environment, like using a good ambiance, room fresheners, and flowers, and setting a romantic environment also helps in setting up a good mood and triggers the body and mind. It is important to make effective use of all the aids provided for foreplay and trigger your partner sexually.

What Happens if You Don’t do Foreplay

Only knowing how to do foreplay won’t help. Understanding what happens when you don’t give attention to foreplay is also essential. It is among the few things to know about foreplay. Certain issues may crop up if you don’t do foreplay. It can even lead to disparities in sexual life and relationships. Let’s know about them.

1. You do Not Satisfy Your Partner

Among the things to know about foreplay is when you don’t go for foreplay, it may leave your partner unsatisfied, especially women. Many couples have to go through couple counseling because they are not satisfied with each other sexually. One reason for this is the lack of foreplay. Therefore, foreplay is an irreplaceable part of intercourse.

2. You Are Not Ready For Intercourse

Not Ready For Intercourse

Until and unless the best foreplay tips for men or women is not performed one is not ready for intercourse. One cannot in a sec get ready for intercourse. Foreplay is very necessary to make your partner ready for sex. Foreplay is just like the warm-up which sets the ambiance and mood. Hence, foreplay is necessary before intercourse.

3. It Can Lead to Bad Sex

Another foreplay tips to make sex better is not to avoid foreplay. Many couples go for sex counseling because they don’t have satisfying sex. Often when the body is not ready, it does not involve or participate in the sex which often leads to bad sex. Therefore, foreplay is very important for making sexual life better. 

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Foreplay is very essential in intimate relationships as it aids in bringing the couple close. Following the foreplay tips for new couples can help you make your sexual life much better and more interesting. It is the first step in sexual intercourse that paves the path for a relationship. Outplay, which is the last, is equally important and helps in strengthening the relationship and building trust. There are many foreplay tips to make sex better. Keeping in mind the tips and tricks and combining them in the process of foreplay help in arousing your partner and making them submit sexually. But it should be done with consent and not forcefully.


1. How to do Foreplay?

Many couples ask how to do foreplay. There are many foreplay tips for women and men, which when followed lead to a good sexual life like touching your partner with both hands and over the whole body rather than only focusing on the genitals. Be gentle and take time, go slowly. Don’t have dull foreplay, but try to communicate with your partner about their fantasies. It is very helpful and makes the foreplay interesting and intense. Kiss your partner and also use oral stimulation.

2. Does foreplay help in making intercourse pleasurable?

One of the benefits of foreplay is that it makes intercourse pleasurable. Practicing the best foreplay tips for men or women help in making the moment memorable and thrilling. Many couples are of the view that foreplay has helped them in making their sexual life better as it increases the pleasure and its intensity. Good foreplay serves good intercourse and helps you satisfy your partner. It also adds spiciness and spark to your relationship. 

3. What are the things one must follow while doing foreplay?

There are many tips for foreplay that you must follow. Among all the things to know about foreplay, the foremost is that you must first take consent. Use both hand and oral stimulation over the whole body of your partner especially in body parts like thighs, neck, back, apart from genitals. Keep communicating with your partner and try to know about their liking and how they want them to go. Use lubricants, sex toys, and go slow. Give time in foreplay and go gently. Women like it when their partner moves on slowly over them and does not rush.

4. What happens if one skips Foreplay?

When you don’t know how to do foreplay and do not practice for play it can lead to many different consequences. Things that can happen if you don’t do foreplay are that it can cause conflicts and arguments in both your sexual life and your relationship. It also leads to bad sex as you both are not aroused fully and cannot feel it to the full. Further, your partner is also not satisfied. It can even lead to a breakup.

5. Is Foreplay important for old couples?

Foreplay is for every couple be it a new couple or an old couple. Every relationship needs spark and excitement. Though old couples have ideas about the tips for foreplay, it does not exclude them from practicing it. They practice it even more as they are aware of its importance. Old couples must include foreplay in their sexual intercourse to make their performance better and keep the interest of their partner going. It does not matter what the age of the relationship is but foreplay is necessary for every relationship.

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