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Signs Of Weak Emotions – How To Control Your Emotions

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Having weak emotions is not very bad. There may be times when you don’t feel anything and there are times when you have emotional outbursts. But, being emotionally weak is not good for your personality. Emotionally strong people are more confident and successful in their life. A person with weak emotions encounters a lot of issues in their life. They find it difficult to connect to people and move forward in their life. Below are some of the signs indicating that you have weak emotions and a few tips on how to control your emotions.

Signs of Weak Emotions

Being emotionally weak can at times prove to be very beneficial but more or less having weak emotions will only end you up feeling pitiful and worthless. But, how do you know that you are emotionally weak? This is an important question to ponder over. Here are some signs that suggest you are not good at coping with emotions. Let’s go through them.

1. If You Easily Get Emotional Outbursts

If you get upset over little things, or when things don’t work according to your plan and you easily get emotional outbursts then you are emotionally weak. If you cry over your unfinished assignment rather than thinking about how to accomplish it. It shows that you are poor at managing and controlling emotions.

2. You Always Run Away From Failures

An emotionally weak person is not good at regulating emotions and always runs away from failures. He or she is not ready to face any task where they anticipate that they are going to fail. If any work involves people who are stronger than you and you leave the task because of the reason of facing failure, it indicates you are emotionally weak.

3. You Run Away From Responsibility

Another trait of being emotionally weak is running away from responsibilities. If you’re emotionally weak, you always blamed others. You never take responsibility for your actions and results. If you face failure it is not because you didn’t work hard but because of someone else. This is the sign of an emotionally weak person and it often makes your relations with your family worst.

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how to control your emotions
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4. If You Never Live in The Present

Certain people never live in the present, they either live in the past or the future and it is the major cause of stress. This is another trait of emotionally weak people. If you always think about situations that occurred in the past or make situations that can happen in the future rather than living in the present then you have weak emotions. If you are also going through the same then you can go ahead with Stress Management Counselling to handle the situation in a better manner.

5. You Always Need the Support of Others

Emotionally weak People always need support from others. They always seek someone to support them, listen to them, reassure them. If you are emotionally weak, every time you get sad, you will feel the need to talk to someone. You easily trust people and their words. Moreover, you are always in need of security and want overprotection from others.

6. If You Look at Words Spoken Rather Than The Feelings

Some people look at other people’s words rather than understanding the intention behind those words. They pick up the words and take them to heart apart from understanding what they mean. If you also do the same then understand that you are emotionally weak.

Look at Words Spoken

7. You Are Afraid to Face the Truth

Facing the truth is not easy. But people who always want to live in a lie and are afraid to face the truth then it is a sign that you are emotionally weak. You fear to accept the truth if it is not in your favor. You deny the fact every time and have emotional outbursts if you face it.

8. If You Get Easily Influenced by Others

Another important sign that indicates that you are emotionally weak is you get easily influenced by people and accept their words as truth. You trust others and take their words to heart and follow it without even considering them. You easily believe others without checking on it.

How Can Weak Emotions Harm You?

Now, when you know signs of an emotionally weak person, we will tell how weak emotions affect you.

1. It Weakens Your Body’s Health and Immune System

One of the ways by which weak emotions can affect you is by weakening your body’s health and immune system. When you are not good at regulating emotions you tend to be more stressed and confused. This can harm your health both mentally and physically as it can even lead to feelings of worthlessness and having suicidal thoughts.

Immune System

2. It Decreases Your Focus and Efficiency

Weak emotions are also the cause of decreased focus and efficiency. When you are not able to control your emotions or have immature emotional behavior then you tend to lose your focus and concentration as your mind is not at ease. When you can’t control your emotions then you might lose your concentration and notice a decrease in productivity.

3. It Affects Your Decision-Making Ability

Being emotionally weak can have a great impact on your decision-making ability. When you are unable at coping with emotions you start making decisions very rashly or at times you won’t consider its implications. Whether you are very happy or very sad, both emotions can affect your decision.

4. Poor Management of Emotions Can Lead to Disrupted Communication

Communication is best established when you can handle your emotions very well. If you are extremely sad you won’t be able to convey yourself properly. The proper balance of emotions is also important so that you speak out yourself. Therefore, managing emotions becomes very important.

5. With Weak Emotions You Can Hamper Your Relationships With Others

If you are emotionally weak, then this can also hamper your relationships with others. You would get upset over little things and take others’ words to your heart. This can cause cracks in the relationship you share with the other person. You will always need reassurance and this can also have the worst effect.

Hamper Your Relationships

How To Control Your Emotions?

1. Anticipate the consequence of your emotions –

One should always be ready to face the consequences and should know how to control your emotions. As sometimes your emotions can lead you to very dangerous consequences like relationship or friendship conflicts, trouble at work or school, And also physical or emotional outbursts. You should take out some time to take stock of how your uncontrolled emotions are affecting your day-to-day life as this will surely help you to Anticipate the consequences and also help you at controlling emotions and hence, you will definitely be able to control your emotions.

2. Try to ignore what others do and speak –

It is very very important to learn to ignore what others people do? what do they speak about you? because until and unless you don’t develop the habit of ignoring what other people do? what all they think about you? What do they talk about you? You won’t be able to live your life happily and peacefully. To live a happy and peaceful life one should never ever bother about anyone else. They should do whatever makes them happy. Once you start ignoring what people do and what all they speak about you trust me life will look simpler than ever it has been and then you will be able to control your emotions

3. Learn to live in present than in the past or future –

This is the biggest problem most of us are facing in today’s world we are stuck up either in our past problems, issues or we are too much worried about our future. It leads to a lot of overthinking and you will often end up living in depression. It is very necessary for each and every one of us to learn to live in present than in the past or future. When you learn to live in present and not in your past or future you will be able to enjoy every single moment of your life, you will get control of how to control your emotions easily and deal with depression as well.

4. Take responsibility for your downfalls and stop blaming others –

It is your duty to be responsible for all of your downfalls and you should stop blaming others for your things. One should be responsible for all his/ her deeds and it is you who did a mistake so until and unless you stop making excuses, blaming other people for your problems you won’t be able to cope with them. So, for your betterment only it is very important to take responsibility for your each and every downfall. Once, you start taking charge of your mistakes you will be able to improve them and automatically will get control over your emotions. 

5. Do meditation, exercise, and yoga to calm yourself –

Meditation, Excercise, and Yoga are the three essential Mantra to keep you calm. You should take out time from your busy schedules to do meditation, exercise, and yoga each and every day. These three things will lead life to a path where you will be able to live your life calmly and you will also be able to have control over your emotions.

6. Try to seek the help of a counsellor –

If you are facing a lot of difficulties and wondering how to control your emotions and feeling depressed, stressed all the time. So, the best thing for you is to seek the help of a counselor. A counselor is the one who provides you with end-to-end assistance and helps you to understand and deal with your situation and provides you with necessary solutions on problems like how to control your anger, how to control emotions, etc. So, do not feel shy to take online counseling, and keep in touch with a counselor as he/she will help you to get control over your emotions and live a healthy life.

seek the help of a counsellor

7. Learn to accept the truth and face realities –

To live a happy and healthy life it is very very important to learn to accept the truth and face realities in your day to life. The day you will be able to face the reality from that day you will be able to see life from a very different perspective. You will be able to find peace in every single thing. The one who has the power to accept the truth and is ready to face the realities is the strongest person. And he/ she will be able to live their life in a simpler and peaceful way and hence will also be able to get control over their emotions easily.


Emotions play a very important role in living a happy life. As it is a way of expressing our feelings. And it is very necessary for one to know how to control emotions. So, In this article, we have got to know about what are the signs of weak emotions? How can they harm you? And how to control your emotions? And I hope this will help you live a healthy life.

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