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What Are Butt Plugs? Correct Method to use Butt Plugs

Explore the world of butt plugs in this article. Learn about what

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Want to have satisfactory sex? But you don’t know how to gain more pleasure. Many couples are unable to fully enjoy their sexual life due to the lack of sexual pleasures, arousal, stimulation, and other factors. There are various sex toys available that are used to gain satisfactory sex. Among various sex toys, one of the kinds is anal sex toys like butt plugs but what are butt plugs? There have been many couples who are not aware of butt plugs. In this article, we will be looking over at what butt plugs are and what are butt plugs used for?

What are butt plugs?

Did you hear about butt plugs? But what are butt plugs? A kind of sex toy that is conical in shape, similar to the spinning top, and is inserted in the rectum or anal area to gain sexual pleasure. They insert through the conical end and have a wider base so that you don’t end up sucking it too far. Now, the rising question would be why butt plugs are used? The butt plugs are used to gain sexual intensity and pleasure irrespective of gender. Some couples don’t know about foreplay tips or anal pleasures. They can go for couple counseling, to know about foreplay and how to gain pleasure. Trying out different types of physical intimacy can help add a spark to a sexual relationship.

Among the various uses of butt plugs, some are gaining anal orgasms, stretching your anal area, and getting, ah, a kink! Butt plugs can also be used in foreplay. For someone with an excessive desire for sexual fetishes, fantasies, and erotic role plays, foreplay is the best way to make that sensuous dream night come true. Therefore, there are many benefits of foreplay. Males and females both use butt plugs to gain sexual pleasure. Ever wondered how?

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What are butt plugs used for?

There are many uses for butt plugs from wearing them in regular day-to-day life to wearing them during sex, it serves both males and females. In this section, we will be telling you what are butt plugs used for? Not only the benefits of butt plugs are for stimulation but also for satisfaction, that ‘ahh’ feeling, anal orgasm, and many more. Let’s have a look at it. 

1. Males use it for fuller sensation

There are many benefits of butt plugs, and one of them is using butt plugs for getting a fuller sensation. The G-spot of males is the prostate gland which stimulates the males and gives them a fuller sensation. Stimulating the prostate gland is key for how to satisfy your husband or other male partner. The prostate gland is situated near the anal area, using the butt plugs triggers the prostate and gives the male satisfaction. This is one of the uses of butt plugs. Males often use this in routine work as well as it does not move on its own or vibrate. It also gets them anal orgasm which increases the pleasure. 

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2. Females use it to feel double penetration

For females who want to know what are butt plugs used for is to give the female the pleasure of double penetration. Many females use the butt plug to gain double pleasure during sex. This is how to pleasure female for a long time. The butt plug also stimulates the A-spot and the G-spot of the females. It is fine for the females to gain pleasure. This is one of the benefits of butt plugs. Butt plugs also make females feel fuller and more satisfied by giving them the pathway to fulfill their fantasies and desires. It can be also used for foreplay along with intercourse. 

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What are the things to keep in mind about butt plugs?

When using butt plugs there are certain things to know about butt plugs. These tips help in using butt plugs properly and also prevent any unknown hazard from happening. Just knowing why butt plugs are used is not enough but along with that certain tips to make sure of is also important. Let’s know what these are. 

1. Use a lot of lubricants

One of the tips to use butt plugs is to use it by applying lubricants. Lubricants are an essential element in sex. It makes the sex smooth and satisfactory. Though anal is not an organ where sex is usually performed, still many people enjoy anal sex. So, using lubricants makes the insertion easy and makes the anal area soft as it is normally rigid. This is the importance of lubrication during sex. You should make sure that you lubricate the anal area very well and apply a lot of lubrication. Avoiding lubrication can make the anal penetrative sex difficult and painful. Thus it is one of the most important things to keep in mind while using butt plug. 

lubrication for using butt plugs
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2. Keep a check on hygiene

Another important things to know about butt plugs is hygiene measures. There are certain hygiene tips to follow before and after sex. The anal organ or any other genitals are very sensitive parts of the body. Entering any foreign elements into the body can cause an increased risk of infections like genital infection, yeast infection, and oral infections if oral is performed and even sharing the butt plug can cause the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, you must thoroughly clean your hands, butt plugs, and anal area to make sure that there are no hygiene issues that occur. Also, it decreases the risk of any sexually transmitted diseases. 

How to insert butt plug?

There are many things to know about butt plugs. But what if you got yourself a butt plug and are enabled to plug it in your anal area? Butt plugs can not be difficult to plug in once you learn the right technique. We will now tell you how to insert butt plugs

1. Start with using a finger 

One of the tips to use butt plugs is that before you insert it, you should first clean your hands thoroughly and then try putting a finger slowly into your anal area. With that you can easily insert a finger, you should try inserting two fingers in your anal area. Don’t try to forcefully get your fingers inside as it can cause pain and hurt you. Make sure that you don’t scratch around your anal and also clean it with water. Remove your fingers and also clean them thoroughly again. Hygiene is very important in anal sex as it has the chances of infection and STDs.

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2. Use Lubes or have Enough lubrication

Another step in how to insert butt plugs is that after this use lubricants and apply them in your anal area. As is already said above, using a lot of lubrication is very important because the anal area is not made for sex but still it is included. You must lubricate it well so that there is no problem in inserting the butt plug and it can easily slide in. This is one of the tips to use butt plugs. Apply lubrication after you have cleaned your anal area and your hands properly because there are high chances of infection since the anal area can contain some microscopic fecal elements. 

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3. Insert the butt plug slowly

The last step in how to insert butt plugs is to slowly insert the butt plug from the conical side. Don’t push it too hard. It can be a bit painful but if it is extremely painful then you must not continue with the process. One of the tips to use butt plugs is to use lots of lubrication so that the process is smooth and easy. Also, you should make sure of the material the butt plug is made of, whether or not it is harmful. Also, you must make sure whether you are following the hygiene measures properly or not. It is important to clean the butt plug after using it.


To sum up, now that you know what are butt plugs, you must understand all the aspects of it. Understanding the various risk factors, precautions, and their application is very important to make your sexual life satisfactory. If your sexual life is not filled with pleasure, you can go for sex counseling to look into the problem and find solutions to it. Sex counseling also includes informing the couple about various ways like foreplay and sex toys to add a spark to their sexual life. The butt plug has become a common sex toy used by both males and females. The uses of butt plugs are many and work in different ways to increase the pleasure during the intercourse. 


1. What are the risk factors associated with butt plugs?

Now that you know what are butt plugs, you must know the risk factors. A few of the things to know about butt plugs are there are high chances of infections – since it is inserted in the anal area there is the presence of microscopic elements and hygiene is very important, sharing of butt plugs can cause the transfer of sexually transmitted disease, it can be painful, the material of the butt plug can cause problems in the anal area. Therefore, you must use a lot of lubricants to avoid pain and also pay attention to hygiene and materials.

2. What are the different kinds of sex toys similar to butt plugs?

There are many different categories of sex toys, some used by both males and females, while some are gender specific. Some of the types of sex toys are vibrators, as the name says vibrate to stimulate the genitals, and anal sex toys like butt plugs. People ask why butt plugs are used as anal is not a sex organ but anal can stimulate certain nerves and spots which give arousal. Another category of sex toys is dildos which are used for the mouth, vagina, and anal. There are many shapes available in dildos as well, they even come in the shape of a penis.  

3. What are the disadvantages of using a butt plug?

Many different sex toys have different names and different categories but all of them have one purpose in common which is to stimulate the genitals and give sexual pleasure or arousal. However, butt plugs have certain disadvantages like using butt plugs made of plastic or acrylic are harmful to the anal area and can cause infections. They cannot be cleaned 100%. You should also not wear them for too long as it can cause some serious health issues. It can cause peristalsis. There will be soreness and muscle pain from wearing them.

4. How to gain pleasure using butt plugs during sex?

Usually, after some time the sex life becomes monotonous, so it is important to maintain the spark in your relationship. To make your sexual life more satisfying, pleasurable, interesting, and erotic you can try out new positions using butt plugs, you can also use it for different foreplay techniques, fetish, and fantasies, which can help you gain pleasure during sex. You can also look into the benefits of butt plugs to make sure you are well-prepared for making the night amazing. Further, you can also try out the stamina combo by Nature Mania as it helps in making love for a long duration and gaining pleasure. 

5. How to increase stamina during anal sex?

Let us tell you about how to increase stamina during sex naturally. There are many ways to increase your stamina to perform for a longer duration. First, you have a proper healthy diet that contributes to your strength, you should also be aware of your stress levels, and adopt the habit of exercising and meditating to keep the body calm and relaxed, there are some natural intakes like Shilajit which increase stamina and have no side effects, you should avoid the intake of caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes to have the strength. Further, you must give your body enough rest. 

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