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What is White Discharge in Females – Is it Normal?

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Many females are not so aware about their bodies and also if they are aware, most of the time it is either half knowledge or misinformation about things. Just like periods discharge in females there is white discharge as well. But what is white discharge in females? In this article, we will be looking forward to understanding more about vaginal discharge causes, when white discharge, whether it is normal or not when you should be worried about vaginal discharge, and what symptoms suggest that the white discharge is not normal. We must have a look at what vaginal discharge is first. 

What is White Discharge in Females 

Many males and even females do not know about what is white discharge in females. White discharge is the white to off-white, sticky fluid which comes out of the vagina and possibly may have an odor. It is produced by your cervix, uterus, and vagina and contains dead cells and bacteria. Many myths about girl’s periods are associated with it like it comes only around periods. However, it is not true. Female white discharge is very normal and you may have the discharge anytime in the year or month and even every day. Vaginal discharge is healthy for the body because it helps in the removal of dead cells, bacteria, and other harmful material present in the reproductive tract or reproductive organs. Vaginal discharge causes and may be a sign of issue when there are changes in color, odor, or form. Though white discharge is completely normal, certain changes may indicate infections depending on the vaginal discharge. 

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How to Know if Vaginal Discharge is Normal

Just knowing what is white discharge in females is not enough. You should know whether the vaginal discharge is normal or not or when to be worried about white discharge. Many young girls worry is it normal to have white discharge. White discharges are completely normal and vary depending on individuals. Some people have a little amount of discharge while some have a bit more discharge. The color and odor also vary a little bit from liquid to sticky, off-white, and white to a bit grayish. The amount of discharge varies but it becomes a concern only when there is an excessive amount of discharge which can make you feel weak. Around periods the discharge color may be reddish brown as it is mixed with period blood. Later on, it becomes cloudy white and even less in amount. However, the abnormal vaginal discharge must be given attention as it may indicate any serious infections. 

When to Be Worried About White Discharge

Though vaginal discharge is normal, one should know when to be worried about white discharge. Certain factors must be paid attention to identify whether the discharge is normal or not. The vagina is a sensitive organ and hence chances of it being infected are high when hygiene is neglected. The cause of infection can be many, so regularly keeping in check the vaginal discharge is important. Many female questions: is vaginal discharge normal or not. Here, we will list the signs that indicate abnormalities in white discharge. 

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1. Excessive White Discharge

Your vaginal discharge can be completely normal. There is no odor, it is whitish and clear fluid in its form. However, if there is an excessive amount of discharge then it may be a sign of concern. Some women have excessive discharge but some may indicate leukorrhea. It is a condition of excessive discharge which is a sign of abnormal vaginal discharge. Many times excessive discharge occurs due to addiction to female masturbation. You can go for addiction counseling to get rid of the masturbation habit and control sudden vagina discharge. If there is no issue then you can use panty liners which are similar to pads and absorb excessive discharge to keep you dry.

2. A Very Bad Odor From The Discharge

Bad Odor

The sign of when to see a doctor for vaginal discharge is when your vaginal discharge gives off a very bad odor. It may be a sign of bacterial infection like Bacterial vaginosis. Usually, vaginal discharge does not give off a bad odor, and even if there is a smell it can hardly be recognized and does not give off a very foul smell. If the vaginal discharge smells very foul you can find yourself a doctor to check the underlying issues and infections. It also indicates the urgent need for self-care for women. Women must wash and keep the vaginal opening clean and even keep the whole area clean and shaved to avoid any infection. 

3. Itching or Burning Sensation Near Vagina With or Without Discharge

Itching or Burning

Many times question: is vaginal discharge normal or whether my vaginal discharge is normal or not might have popped into your mind. Even if you have a normal discharge or less discharge but there is a continuous itching and burning sensation near your vagina. Itching at times when there is hair outgrow can be considered fine but a burning sensation and continuous itching accompanied by pain is not something you can chill about. Especially when there is no discharge and you feel all dry and there is itching near your vagina continuously then you should probably visit a doctor and get your check for any traces of infection. 

4. Discharge Color

Usually female white discharge is of white to off-white color and it is either a bit sticky semi liquidy in its form. The changes in the color of vaginal discharge say a lot about the infection. It may be grayish, yellow, blue, green, reddish- brown or thick white discharge in color and it is the signal that there is an infection.

4.1. Grayish Color


Grayish vaginal discharge is not a good signal for vaginal health. It answers the question: is vaginal discharge normal? It signals a bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis. It is usually accompanied by itching, foul odor, redness, and irritation. If you have gray discharge you should probably get your vaginal discharge checked.

4.2. Reddish-brown Color

The reddish-brown female white discharge, if comes around your period, that is either before or after periods then is normal but if is during mid of your menstrual cycle then you should probably visit a doctor. It can be a case of intermenstrual bleeding which can be serious. It can also be a sign of endometrial cancer.

4.3. Green or Yellow Color

Green or Yellow

If your vaginal discharge is dark yellow or yellowish green or green color then you should probably consult a doctor as it may signal sexually transmitted disease. You should not wait when to see a doctor for vaginal discharge and also have sex counseling to further avoid any transmission of STDs. 

4.4. Thick White Discharge With Itching

White Discharge

Even if it is a white discharge which is considered healthy. It may signal an abnormal vaginal discharge if the discharge is thick and clump-like. Normally the discharge is fluid and sticky. However, if it is like clumps and there is itching and irritation it is probably a yeast infection and you should visit a doctor.

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So by now, you might be able to answer what is white discharge in females. Vaginal discharge is a way by the body of the female to try to keep the body protected from bacteria and remove dead cells. It is a way to keep the body healthy. This is the main reason why females have vaginal discharge. The vaginal discharge causes no side effects or issues. However, excessive discharge, changes in color, and foul odor are some of the signals of vaginal infection which cause your attention and are something to be worried about. Bacterial infection or yeast infection or any STD can be prevented if you maintain the hygiene of the vagina. The first things to do after sex are to pee, and clean ourselves to reduce the chances of any STD or infection. Further, you can clean your genitals daily. If you are still wondering is vaginal discharge normal or not then yes it is and it is completely fine if you have discharge daily. 


1. What infections can cause vaginal discharge to be abnormal?

There are signs when to see a doctor for vaginal discharge, which is when the color of the discharge changes, there is a foul odor, itching, redness, irritation, burning sensation, thick white clog-like excessive discharge, etc. These all signals towards vaginal infections like Bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, yeast infection, sexually transmitted disease, Cervicitis, Chlamydia trachomatis, Gonorrhea, Forgotten, also called retained, tampon, Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), Vaginitis, etc. These are some of the infections which cause abnormal discharge.

2. How to keep my vagina clean?

The vaginal discharge causes no serious issues however, at times there can be infections that can cause serious damage and demand medical help. Therefore, you must take care of your vaginal health and keep your genital area clean. You must remove the anal hair by following the tips to remove and clean anal hair as anal hair is a prime source of infection. Further, try to keep your vaginal area clean and dry. If you have excessive discharge you can use a panty liner which is similar to a pad but thin and helps absorb wetness. Clean the area regularly with water and change your undergarments daily. Further, wash them properly to kill the germs.

3. Does Vaginal discharge every day mean it is abnormal?

Everyday vaginal discharge is not counted under abnormal vaginal discharge. However, if it is very excessive which makes you weak then it can be a sign of leukorrhea. Everyday discharge is considered normal but it should not be excessive. Little discharge every day is fine. The amount of discharge also depends on individuals, some experience little discharge and some a bit more. However, around or after periods there is little increase in the discharge. Some amount of discharge is considered healthy as it helps in keeping the body clean.

4. How do I know if my vagina has got an infection?

Certain symptoms suggest when to be worried about white discharge. When your vaginal discharge gives off a foul or fishy smell, you have excessive discharge, the color of your vaginal discharge has changed to blue, yellow, green, gray, red (not around periods), or brown or you have excessive itching, irritation, burning sensation, etc then this is when you know your vagina has caught infection. You must look at hygiene tips to follow before and after sex to avoid STDs which also cause abnormal vaginal discharge.

5. How to avoid excessive vaginal discharge?

Excessive discharge at times can be a sign of when to see a doctor for vaginal discharge, however, there are cases where you experience a bit of excessive discharge normally. Apart from consulting a doctor and can try to keep your vaginal area dry by cleaning it and wiping it. Use panty liners that absorb white discharge and keep you dry. Further, wear undergarments that are made of breathable clothes like cotton to allow air to pass through so that the genital area is dry. These will help you in avoiding the wetness and further consult a doctor if it is still very excessive.

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