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What Is PCOD? How To Treat PCOD?

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The changes that take place in the body can be a signal of some defect in the body. There are numerous problems associated with the human body and many are associated with ovaries. It is essential to understand them to know how to cure it or manage it. Most of the problems associated with women like cramps, pregnancy issues, irritation, and others are also caused by problems in the ovaries as they regulate the hormones. In this article, we will be looking at what is PCOD and what the symptoms of PCOD are, along with how you can manage PCOD to skip to the good part, which is a stress-free and normal lifestyle. 

What is PCOD?

It is important to understand what is PCOD to have a sense of how it causes various problems. PCOD means Polycystic Ovarian Disease which is caused by hormonal imbalances. It is one of the facts about ovaries to know that PCOD causes an interruption in the regular period or fertility cycle. The ovaries produce immature eggs or partially mature eggs which causes problems in fertility. Gradually the eggs form cysts over the ovaries making them enlarged and causing hormonal imbalance that is excess production of male hormone androgen. This is the reason behind PCOD-related problems like infertility, irregular periods, excessive periods of pain, hair fall, an abrupt increase in weight, and many more. Many people doubt: does PCOD cause infertility. Yes, it can if it is unattended. 

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Why does PCOD happens?

There can be various reasons why does PCOD happens. It cannot be accurately speculated what are the causes of PCOD. It varies from individual to individual. In this section, we try to list down some of the common reasons for PCOD. So, here are some of the causes: 

1. It is a genetic problem

One of the causes of PCOD is hereditary. When you look into what is PCOD, you can make out that the eggs that are formed are partially mature or immature. Research suggests about 70% of daughters inherit PCOD or PCOS from their mothers. So it runs in the family line and is very complex to trace. So, it can be genetically inherited and passed on. 

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2. Poor lifestyle habits

Another reason why does PCOD happens is because of lifestyle habits. If you are someone who overeats, does not entertain physical activities, takes a lot of stress, or goes more for junk food then there are chances you can develop PCOD. Though you can go for anxiety counseling to deal with stress, you still need to change your lifestyle. This is one of the causes of PCOD.

3. Other medical conditions 

Yet among other causes of PCOD, one of the causes is having other medical conditions like high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Consuming a good quantity of sugar can damage the ovaries and worse conditions. Knowing how stress can affect your sex life is essential as well because it affects your ovaries. This is another reason why does PCOD happens

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What happens in PCOD?

Not only is it essential to know the causes of PCOD, but it is also essential that you know PCOD symptoms. When you know the sentence you can easily recognize whether or not it is PCOD or not. So, here are some of them:

1. Irregular periods

Usually what happens in PCOD is that the ovaries are attacked. Due to PCOD the ovulation at times does not take place and the periods become irregular. Usually, the periods can be delayed to 5 to 6 months. Since the egg formation does not take place properly ovulation also does not take place. This is one of the symptoms of PCOD. Many women may have ovulation but there is very little blood flow, on the contrary, some women suffer heavy flow during the menstrual cycle. So, both the menstrual cycle and the blood flow are irregular, even the number of days the periods can go on is not fixed. So this is one of the symptoms of PCOD/PCOS. 

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2. Infertility

Another of the PCOD symptoms is infertility. Women suffering from the problem of PCOD or PCOS can go through a phase of infertility or encounter complete infertility. There are many common myths about infertility but PCOD and PCOS, if not attended and taken care of can cause infertility. Many women have the doubt that does PCOD cause infertility. Yes, it can. First of all, since the periods are irregular and ovulation does not take place fertility becomes very difficult, and secondly, the eggs that are formed are partially mature or immature hence this sperm cannot enter the egg cell and thus no fertilization. So, it can happen with PCOD. 

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3. Severe pelvic pain

When you look into what happens in PCOD, one of the things that is not rare is severe pelvic pain. This is one of the symptoms of PCOD. Due to the enlargement of the ovary and the formation of cysts in it, there is an unbearable pain in the abdominal or pelvic area. Even during the periods, the cramps and pelvic pain are unbearable due to PCOD/PCOS which can only become bearable by the use of medicine at that point. This happens when the immature eggs or other eggs that do not ovulate form cysts in the ovaries and hence lead to the enlargement of the ovary and polycystic condition. So, PCOD is accompanied by this as well. 

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4. Hair loss and acne on the skin

Another of the PCOD symptoms is hair loss and the formation of acne on the skin. It is one of the common traits that take place in women who are suffering from PCOD or PCOS. Due to the formation of cysts in the ovary and its enlargement the production of male hormones named androgen increases in the female body which results in hair loss and acne on the face. It is one of the common problems faced by women due to PCOD and PCOS. This is the result of the hormonal imbalance in the female body because the increase in testosterone leads to the production of seabin which can cause acne and pimples on the face. 

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5. Sexual dysfunction

One of the PCOD symptoms is sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction refers to the issues faced in sexual life like low sexual desire, pain, and problems in having orgasms. PCOD can lead women to experience sexual dysfunction like low sexual desire and losing interest in having a sexual life. This is also caused by drug, hormonal changes, and alcohol usage. The imbalance in hormones like an increase in male hormones and a decrease in female hormones can cause females to have no interest in sex and not feel anything. This causes problems in sexual life. You can go for sex counseling to improve your sexual life. This is what happens in PCOD

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How to treat PCOD?

Now that you know about PCOD, you must get yourself know about the treatment of PCOD. So, here are some tips to treat PCOD.

1. Consult a gynecologist 

One of the most important and foremost tips that you must follow to treat PCOD is to consult with your gynecologist. As soon as you recognise the symptoms of PCOD you must visit your gynecologist for the treatment and test. Be sincere with the medication and regularly visit your doctor to know the level of the PCOD. Take proper precautions and follow all the steps told. However, the treatment can go very long or it can happen the medication may go on your whole life. This is how to treat PCOD as it is not a curable condition but can be managed and kept at the base level. So, follow up with your doctor regularly. 

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2. Practicing yoga and meditation

Another treatment that you can follow on your own is practicing yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation have been known to improve the body’s functioning and keep the organs in order. There are lots of benefits of morning meditation and yoga. Yoga and meditation help in keeping the stress level down, managing the hormones, managing the incident level, and maintaining weight and some other things which are some of the causes of PCOD. However, yoga and meditation can only help you manage PCOD and PCOS symptoms because there is no cure for this. 

3. Lifestyle modifications 

Lifestyle modifications also work as a treatment for PCOD. Most of the time due to lifestyle women encounter issues of PCOD and PCOS. Having junk food with a lot of sugar, stress, and being lazy all lead to PCOD. Making positive changes in your lifestyle helps in managing PCOD. Consume good fiber, take on less sugar, and go for high protein, and fewer carbohydrates. This helps in managing hormones. Try to be active and stress-free. Consume food items that can drastically reduce your weight as PCOD leads to increased weight. This is how to treat PCOD. Lifestyle changes help keep PCOD in check. 

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4. Walking

There are many problems faced during PCOD. When you look into what is PCOD problem, one of them is increased weight, pain, irregular periods, and problems in fertilization. Walking in PCOD is considered very good for overall well-being and ovaries. Walking makes you physically active, improves your body stamina with insulin resistance and also decreases your overall weight. You must stay active and keep your overall weight in check as it helps in managing the symptoms of PCOD. Walking keeps the sugar in check as well, so it helps in keeping diabetes at bay. So, this is one of the natural remedies.

5. Hormonal injections

It is important to know how to treat PCOD as not keeping PCOD in check or managing it can worsen the symptoms and even cause permanent infertility or other ovarian problems. Another treatment method you can go for to keep PCOD in balance is to use hormonal injections. You can or cannot consider this at the beginning or early stages of PCOD as during those stages you can naturally keep PCOD in balance. However, many women now prefer hormonal injections and other tests to treat PCOD and keep the symptoms in balance. Hormonal injections help in balancing the hormonal imbalance in the body. 

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Now that you know what is PCOD it is not that difficult to keep the symptoms in balance as you are aware of what you should do and what you should not. Recognizing the symptoms of PCOD is important as it will allow you to get yourself checked and work in naturally managing PCOD. Many women suffer from PCOD either because of genetic heredity, being in stress, or because of poor lifestyle. It is essential to maintain a proper lifestyle to have overall well-being including physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Though PCOD is not completely curable, it is not difficult to manage it. You need to prioritize meditation, yoga, treatment, and a good lifestyle. And hence, you are all ready to fight PCOD.


1. Can PCOD be cured fully?

When you look into what is PCOD problem, it is a condition that cannot be cured fully. It should be managed or balanced with proper lifestyle, exercises, and medications. It is a condition that does not get back to normal. So, you must keep managing your diet, stress level, and lifestyle. 

2. Can PCOD / PCOS be harmful? 

PCOD and PCOS can become dangerous or harmful if it is not attended to. PCOD symptoms can version and cause lifetime and fertility if it is not taken care of. It can lead to hair fall, weight gain, acne, and many other hormone-related problems. Hence, it can be harmful. 

3. How long does it take to get PCOD normal?

Since PCOD is not curable and is only manageable you must follow certain lifestyle tips lifetime to keep it balanced. With medications and natural remedies, it can be balanced in around 3 to 4 months bu t may take even longer. The symptoms start to fade away. 

4. What is the difference between PCOD and PCOS?

When you look into what is PCOD problem, it is the release of immature or partially mature eggs which causes enlargement of ovaries and later cysts. PCOS is another issue where the androgen level increases and thus makes eggs into cysts. In PCOD this stage comes very later.

5. Does PCOD cause infertility? 

When you look into what happens in PCOD, you’ll get to know that in this condition the eggs that are released or which are formed are immature or partially mature and hence unfit for fertilization or ovulation. You can go through the tips to follow to get pregnant and increase pregnancy chances.

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