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Important Tips To Follow To Get Pregnant.

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Many couples are unable to conceive. Even after having regular sex, there are no signs of pregnancy. Many factors can contribute to having difficulty in convincing. In this article, we will be talking about what are some of the tips to follow to get pregnant. We will also be looking at factors that make conceiving difficult. Following the tips for getting pregnant faster can only aid in making conceiving easier. If you feel there are some internal factors you can consult a gynecologist. So, here are some of the tricks to get pregnant fast.

Tips to follow to get pregnant

There are many tips to follow to get pregnant. Many times certain habits and ignorance can make conception difficult. Here are some of the tips for getting pregnant faster.

1. Keep a check of your ovulation days

One of the tips for what to do to get pregnant is to keep a check on your ovulation days. The menstrual cycle of women is normally 28 to 30 days. Though it may slide up and down and some women may have irregular periods, this is the normal time span. Usually, women’s ovulation takes place around the 12th to 14th day from the last period. Getting sexually active around this time is one of the tricks to get pregnant fast. You can also use an ovulation kit. You can check with your pee whether the fertility rate is high, moderate, or poor. Getting sexually active during high fertility increases the chances of pregnancy. Also, at times the sperm count may not be good so you can look for foods that can help increase sperm count    

2. Maintain a healthy body and diet

One of the tips to follow to conceive is to maintain a healthy body and diet. Many times the uterus is unable to conceive the baby because the body is not fit to carry the fetus.

healthy body and diet in pregnancy
Important Tips To Follow To Get Pregnant. 7

Many times there are certain issues in the body due to which pregnancy becomes difficult, in males premature ejaculation can cause difficulty in conceiving. They can go for the premature combo by Nature Mania which cures premature ejaculation. Also, maintain a healthy body with no deficiencies. This is what to do to get pregnant. Make sure your uterus is ready and fit to conceive a baby. Many times the uterus is also very weak.

3. Improve your lifestyle

One of the tricks to get pregnant fast is by improving your lifestyle. By improving your lifestyle you can increase the chances of conceiving a baby. Many times females are unable to get pregnant because of the following lifestyle: improper sleep schedule, excessive stress, junk food, alcohol, smoking, improper diet, and many more. These can be some of the reasons why it becomes difficult to get pregnant.

Things To Know Before Taking Sex Treatment
Important Tips To Follow To Get Pregnant. 8

Therefore improving your lifetime like having a proper sleep schedule, and following diet exercises can help you conceive and have a healthy baby. This is also a way of how to get pregnant. Following a systematic lifestyle with no addictions is very beneficial for the body and hence for pregnancy.

3. Visit your doctor

One of the tips to follow to conceive is seeking professional help. If you think that you are ready to conceive a baby but are facing difficulties in doing so you can visit your doctor or any gynecologist to seek their advice.

Visit your doctor
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Planning a baby is a very big responsibility and if you think there are certain areas that you need to think about then you can go for family counseling to know whether you both are ready or not to take the responsibility of a new member. It can help you in planning the baby. This is what to do to get pregnant. Consulting a gynecologist helps in understanding the procedure and also resolves issues of delayed pregnancy.

5. Use sperm and egg-friendly lubricants

One of the tricks to get pregnant fast is using sperm and egg-friendly lubricants. The importance of lubrication lies in its function. On one hand, it makes the sex smoother and reduces pain, on the other hand, it adds pleasure to the sex. While getting to know how to get pregnant, it is important to understand that lubrication is an important element. However, you must take care that you don’t use any such lubricants that are not sperm or egg-friendly. Many times such lubricants kill the sperm or harm the eggs and hence there are problems in conceiving. Make sure your lubricants facilitate the sperm and eggs.

6. Avoid stress, instead do exercise

One of the tips to follow to conceive is to avoid stress. There is one of the common myths about infertility that is caused by stress. Though stress alone is not the reason it can be one of the factors contributing its part to infertility. Taking a lot of stress can cause difficulties in conceiving. To know what to do to get pregnant, you should practice stress management, and also with that you must regularly exercise to keep your body and health in check if the body is not fit, there are chances of complications in pregnancy or difficulties in conceiving one.

Why pregnancy can be difficult?

Now that you know the tips to follow to get pregnant. You should also be aware of what to avoid to get pregnant. Certain things make pregnancy or conception difficult. Let’s look at what these are:

1. The body is not prepared

One of the tips for getting pregnant faster is to have a body. One of the reasons that pregnancy is difficult is that the body isn’t ready, like lack of iron and vitamins, the body or uterus is too weak to carry a baby, excessive stress, hormonal issues, PCOD, or irregular periods. All these things contribute to making pregnancy difficult. You can take the vit-up capsule by Nature Mania to keep the vitamins and minerals intake in check. It has no side effects. So, these are the things to avoid when trying for a baby

2. More sex around periods days

When trying to conceive, it is important to look into what to avoid to get pregnant. Maybe you have regular sex but having more sex around periods and just after rarely leads to pregnancy. It is important to keep date records of period dates and ovulation time which is usually around the 12th to 15th after the last period. Having more sex around periods occasionally has led to pregnancy. The fertility rate is very low. So you must have regular sex up to 3 weeks from just after periods. Therefore, these all things make pregnancy difficult and hence should be avoided.

3. Smoking and Alcohol

One of the things to avoid when trying for a baby is smoking and alcohol. Smoking and alcohol make pregnancy difficult and create issues in conceiving. This is also one of the reasons why do sexual problems happen in males. It increases the risk of miscarriage, and poor fetus health, it also reduces fertility and hence causes problems in conceiving.

Smoking and alcohol side effects on pregnancy
Important Tips To Follow To Get Pregnant. 10

Many females consider drinking and smoking to be very cool. However, it changes the dynamics of the body deteriorates health, and causes problems while trying to get pregnant and even when you are pregnant.

4. Increase the amount of caffeine intake

When you look into what to avoid to get pregnant is caffeine. Taking an increased amount of caffeine also reduces the chances of conception. This is one of the things to avoid when trying for a baby. It increases both your blood pressure and heart rate which is not good for pregnancy. It also causes problems while delivering. Though there is no solid proof, it is found that women who take a lot of caffeine take a long time to conceive. High levels of caffeine intake cause delays in conception and hence reduced chances of pregnancy.


To get to the bottom line, these are some must-follow tips to follow to get pregnant. Getting pregnant is not difficult if you keep in mind the things to avoid when trying for a baby and take care of yourself along with having regular sex. Being fit is essential to be able to carry the baby. If there are issues in your sexual life or you feel conceiving is difficult due to some sexual problems then you should go for sex counseling to have a check-up and improve your sexual life. It will also help you to have increased chances of pregnancy. Therefore, have a clear knowledge about how to get pregnant and follow all measures.


1. What hormonal or body issues can delay pregnancy?

Some of the hormonal issues or body issues that can cause problems in conceiving a baby are stress, PCOD, PCOS, irregular periods, high blood pressure, being overweight, previous miscarriage, iron deficiency, weak body, weak uterus, problems in the fallopian tube and many more. However, these body issues can be resolved and you can easily conceive. Knowing how to get pregnant is not enough but taking care of your body, and maintaining a healthy diet are all essential for pregnancy.

2. What to do if an unplanned pregnancy takes place?

If you had unprotected sex and you think you can conceive by chance without having any intention for it, then there are certain steps you can take to avoid unplanned pregnancy visit a doctor. If by chance you are pregnant the doctor will suggest things to avoid the pregnancy. Further if you don’t want to conceive after unprotected sex you can go for contraceptive pills. Many females are doubtful about should you take unwanted 72 pills or not but it prevents unintended pregnancy.

3. Which age is best to get pregnant?

Many females are not aware of the best age to conceive a baby. The best age to conceive a baby is between 20s to 30s. Usually before the 20s or in the early 20s like 21 or 22 the body is not strong and prepared enough to carry a baby even though females can get pregnant from the day their menstruation begins. Also, after 30s especially after 35, the fertility starts to decline slowly, and chances of pregnancy drop. Therefore you should know how to get pregnant at the right time.

4. Can sexual problems cause delays in pregnancy?

Yes, sexual problems can cause delays in pregnancy. Some of the sexual problems that can cause delay in conceiving are low sperm count,  and sperm quality, low sexual desires or libido, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, infertility, and many more. Though these only can delay pregnancy, you can look at the tips to follow to conceive. It will help you conceive a baby early. Maintaining a healthy body and taking proper care of your sexual life is the key to getting pregnant.

5. What to do to avoid pregnancy?

There are many ways to avoid pregnancy. Like you can go for protected sex by using condoms, both males and females can use condoms. It not only restricts sperm transfer to the vagina but also helps to avoid STDs. If you want to know how to avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex, then one thing to do is take contraceptive pills for up to five days regularly. It helps in avoiding pregnancy after unprotected sex. There are also certain food items that you can eat to avoid pregnancy.

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