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What Is A Rim Job? Know Real Truth

What is a rim job? It is a fantasy where you like

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Human beings have wild desires, especially in bed. Imagine the ultimate pleasure that one gains, the straightening of the spine, the run of electricity through the body, all these increase the fun of having sex, and for this people always come up with different kinds of fantasies like shrimping, using sex toys, etc to enhance the pleasure and intimacy level. One such fantasy is rimming. But what is a rim job? We will be telling you about rimming fantasy or rim job in detail in this article. Rim jobs are one of the growing fantasies among people these days. 

What is a Rim Job?

There are many different types of foreplay, fantasies, desires, and many more. Rimming is one of the fantasies. But what is a rim job? It is a fantasy where you like to gain pleasure by doing it on the anal area orally. It is also called Anal Angels or rimming fantasy. It can be performed by both the sex. Usually, it is common in male-to-male love, that is, in gay as it deals with the anal area, however, it is done by both sexes. It is also done by inserting the tongue in the anal area, and also by sucking and licking it. It is one of the tips to instantly turn on a women or a man. Hence, this is what is rimming.

But how to do rim job and how does it work? The feeling that one gets near the clitoris (female) or penis (male) region, the same feeling is retrieved in anal areas as well and there is use of mouth to arouse the person. When it is done with consent it is called Rim job. It is one of the foreplay tips for new couples. There are many benefits of rim job if done with taking proper care of hygiene as after that it will merely cause any issue.

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Complications in Rim job

Now that you know what is a rim job, let’s also look over what are the complications in rim job. Though rim jobs may seem safe, there are chances of certain complications if proper care is not prioritized.  There are chances that you can acquire STDs like Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Gonorrhoea, HPV virus, Syphilis, and also oral infections if your partner has any infection or is the patient of any STD. When you learn about how to do rim job, it says that it requires oral stimulation of the anal area and therefore it has a high chance that you can acquire STDs. 

One thing that happens is that there is no pregnancy hence in a way it is safe sex. It does not cause any such premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, however, you can still use the erection combo by Nature Mania to increase your stamina and fertility and decrease the chances of the same. This is one of the benefits of rim job that can be done without the fear of pregnancy. You can even go for penetrative sex after the rim job. Now when you know what is rimming, let’s know about the precautions one should take. 

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Precautions in Rimming job

Among different fantasies, one of the fantasies is rimming fantasy. There is always one of the other performance mistakes you are making, that is, not taking care of the precautions or warning signs which either ruins the fun of performing sex or leads to certain complications. Here we lay down certain precautions in rimming job which when taken care give you risk-free pleasure. 

1. Take care of hygiene

One of the foremost tips to take care in a rimming job is to take care of the hygiene and cleanliness. Before going in for anal sex you must do anal douching, that is, putting a lot of water in the anal area using a tube or bottle to clean it of any dirt as your feces area can give you a lot of infection. Just knowing how to do rim job is not sufficient but you must look for the hygiene tips to follow before and after sex and one of them is thoroughly cleaning the anal region both before and after performing sex to reduce the transaction of STDs or infection.

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2. Avoid rimming if your partner has wounds in the anal area

Among other precautions in rimming job one is to take heed and avoid rimming if your partner has wounds in their anal area. If there are any wounds in the anal area then make sure you don’t perform rimming as it will not only increase the risk of infection for both the partner and you may even end up hurting your partner. Wounds are a storehouse of infectious bacteria hence they should be taken care of and precautions must be taken to avoid the chances of transmission of infection and this is done by avoiding rimming in such cases. 

3. Avoid it during constipation or diarrhea

Among many complications in rim job like transfer of STDs, the precautions should be also taken in case of constipation or if you or your partner is suffering from diarrhea. The chances of transmission are high in these cases. There are many infectious bacteria in the anal region during this health period therefore it must be looked after. You must make sure that your partner is fully cured before you go for a rim job. Clean the anal area thoroughly before getting into the rimming fantasy. 

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4. Ask your partner when they had their last STD or HIV test

The most important and hazardous complication in a rimming job is the transfer of STDs. Therefore making sure that you or your partner doesn’t acquire it, you must take certain precautionary measures. These are not just practicing hygiene and cleaning the anal area but also taking care of the fact that you take STD or HIV tests at certain intervals to make sure you don’t acquire it. You can also go for sex therapy to understand it more clearly. This is one of the most important precautions in rimming job. Keep a check that you or your partner doesn’t take it lightly. 

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5. Avoid when you have a cough or throat infection

Among other complications in rim job that can occur is infection if you perform it when you have a throat infection. Since rimming involves oral stimulation of the anal area it must be avoided when any of the partners is suffering from a throat infection. It can cause the other person who is being stimulated to have transmission of the bacteria which can lead to illness subsequently. It can also worsen the throat infection. Therefore, make sure that you don’t perform rimming in case of throat infections. 

6. Use dental dams to avoid any STD

Another way to avoid STDs through rimming is to use dental dams. Dental dams are sheets of latex or polyurethane that are placed between the mouth and vagina or anus while performing oral sex. It is used to reduce the risk of transmission of any sexually transmitted diseases. It decreases the risk to a great degree however, precautions still must be taken to avoid it completely. You must clean the anal region before using the dental dams.

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7. Never do Rim jobs with multiple partners

Another important precaution to take is avoiding doing rimming jobs with multiple partners. Since rimming jobs have high chances of transfer of STDs, it is strictly advised to avoid doing it with multiple partners. This is why is sex education important as it makes people aware of how Sexually Transmitted Diseases transfer and how to stop their transmission. Rimming on its own has high chances of STD and the fact that it is done with multiple partners increases it more. Hence always avoid rim jobs with multiple partners.


When one thinks about what is a rim job, it is stimulating the body by orally licking or doing tongue play on the anal area. Many times this can even cause premature ejaculation, you can use the premature combo by Nature Mania to work on it. There are many benefits of rim job, that is, it gives the same pleasure as you get in doing any other fantasy. It does not cause pregnancy. However, there can be the chances of SRDs if proper care like precautionary measures, tests, and hygiene is not followed. Rest rimming is something you can easily perform and try. By now you must have clearly understood what is rimming.

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1. What are the other different types of sexual fantasies?

There are many types of sexual fantasies or desires commonly shared by many or can be an individual’s choice. Some of these are rimming fantasy, shrimping, using vibrators, using ice cubes, watching each other masturbate, oral sex, threesomes, foursomes, role-playing, or arousing sensitive body area which excites females, being the dominant one or suppressive one in the sex, experimenting with different positions and practicing new techniques. These are only a few of the sexual fantasies and there are many of them. It forms based on one’s sexual history.

2. Is Rim’s job hazardous to sexual life?

Rimming jobs can be dangerous since it involves the anal area. Though there is no pregnancy in rim jobs there are chances of acquiring STDs. It is different from other sex methods yet there can be problems. It can cause Genital Herpes, Gonorrhoea, HPV virus, Syphilis, etc. Cleanliness is one of the most important factors to pay attention to when you are into rimming as it reduces the chances of getting an STD to less than half. Therefore, though it is not harmful there are risks.

3. Who usually engages in Rimming jobs?

When learning about what is rimming, it is always considered that it is meant for Gays. Usually, rimming takes place between two males as it aids in arousal and gives the same pleasure of having sex. However, it is not just meant for Gays but can be performed by all the sexes. Anyone can do the rim job. It just involves oral stimulation of the anal area. Anyone with this fantasy can get into rimming jobs. It can also take place in escort or stripper services or normal bedroom sex.

4. What is oral sex?

Oral sex involves stimulation of the genitals of the partner through the mouth. It involves the use of lips, tongue, teeth, and other regions of the mouth. Oral sex can be performed in many forms and one such varied form is rimming. It has a lower risk of transmission of STDs than in normal sex. Many times couples don’t get to terms with oral sex so they can go for couple counseling to understand it clearly. 

5. Can rimming jobs be employed on a regular basis?

When you look for how to do rim job, it involves oral stimulation of the anal area by either sucking or licking it. Rimming jobs though can be employed regularly but it also increases the chances of STDs. If proper care is taken into consideration and hygiene is maintained there is nothing wrong in employing it regularly. You make sure you don’t acquire any infection. It proper measures are taken you can perform rimming frequently. 

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