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10 Signs You Are A Sex Addict

Uncover the signs you are a sex addict. Explore insights into behavior

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Addiction can be anything, like books, certain habits, drugs, and even sex. Among various things, addiction to anything is not good in any manner. Addiction means that you are not having control over what you are doing or using and it reaches the level that it becomes harmful for the person. Sex addiction can be defined as having a constant urge to watch or have sex and the inability to control this urge. In this article, we will be looking at 10 signs you are a sex addict. There are no such causes of sex addiction as it develops as a part of a habit with constant performance or doing something. So, let’s look at what helps in recognizing sex addiction. 

10 signs you are a sex addict

It is a matter of time that you get addicted to sex, porn, or masturbation. Here we will tell you the signs you are a sex addict

1. Your life is hampered because sexual thoughts 

One of the signs of sex addiction is that your life is hampered by sexual thoughts and desires. The daily routine tasks and even your personal life are no longer working at the same pace and are disturbed by the continuous presence of sexual thoughts. You don’t go for your daily tasks but rather sit and watch porn or masturbate because your tasks are due and not executed. If you catch your child being addicted to porn knowing how to help children get rid of porn is essential to help them come out of this habit. This is one of the symptoms of sexual addiction that you pause your work for sex, porn, or masturbation no matter how important it is. 

stress due to sexual thoughts
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2. Continuing harmful sex habits

Among many different signs of a sexual addict, one of the signs is that they continue the harmful sexual habits even after knowing the consequences of the same. For example, they know continuing masturbation is not good for them but they would continue without taking any precautions for masturbation for males or females and hence harm themselves. Similarly, they are aware of other harmful sex activities yet they won’t stop themselves from getting into it because they are so engrossed in it that no matter what happens they want to continue with the pleasure. This is another sex addiction symptoms that can be observed and identified. 

3. Spending lots on unsafe internet sex sites 

One of the signs of sex addiction is that the person is so addicted to sex, and porn that even after knowing about what is sextortion they still get themselves into sex scams or frauds. The person spends a lot of money on unsafe internet sex sites to watch porn or get into online sex with someone even after knowing the fact that they are or might be cheated of their money. They spend lots and lots of money on the same only to get themselves some sexual pleasure. So, this is one of the symptoms of sexual addiction that you no longer care for your money as well as your sexual pleasures and spend it on unsafe sites. 

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4. Not going for porn or sex leads to different issues 

Among other different signs of a sexual addict, one of the signs of the same is that if they don’t go for porn or masturbation they get anxiety, and fear, they feel like something is missing, and can’t carry on with themselves. Have you seen someone who is a drug addict? When they don’t take drugs, how do they behave? They can’t manage themselves and get anxiety, breathing problems, etc. Something similar happens with the one who is a sex addict. Though they can go for the soothe-up capsule by Nature Mania to keep themselves calm and relaxed when working on reducing the addiction, still it is one of the sex addiction symptoms.

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5. You don’t like sex with your partner but elsewhere

One of the signs of sex addiction is that you don’t feel like having sex with your partner but want to continue it with someone else or even online. Though it may seem abrupt, having sex with your partner doesn’t just seem like a nice idea to you. Your personal sexual life may not be good but you want to continuously perform sex with someone else and fulfill your desires. You may or may not be aware of the reality of online dating or sex and still go for it. This is one of the symptoms of sexual addiction. You enjoy having multiple sex partners and too frequently have sex with them. So, this is yet another fantasy of sex addiction. 

not liking sex with your partner
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6. Getting sexual thoughts seeing someone and hiding it

There are numerous signs of a sexual addict, among them one is getting sexual thoughts the instant you see someone and then you have to hide it. You can get sexual thoughts for anyone, for example, your colleagues, even for your friends. At times you find it very difficult to control your urge. This is one of the extreme-level sex addiction symptoms. This hints that you must seek sex therapy. It can go up to the point where you even get sexual thoughts from your family members and friends. Hence, it can take the shape of excessive sexual OCD. So, you need to understand that it is a sign. 

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7. Cannot control the urge even in public places

One of the signs of sex addiction is that it can lead to having sexual urges even in public places and you can’t stop yourself from going for it even if you know that there are chances you can get caught. In sexual addiction, you usually have the urge to perform sex, watch porn or masturbate but that is constant and hence you can have the urge in public places like the workplace, gathering, park, or even while walking. At that point, it becomes difficult to control yourself. You should approach addiction counseling to avoid such situations. Only then the symptoms of sexual addiction can fade away. So, pay attention. 

sex in public places
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8. Spending money and time to fulfill fantasies

There are many signs of a sexual addict, one of the signs is spending too much money on fulfilling sexual fantasies and other urges. This is also one of the sex addiction symptoms. Trying to fulfill your sexual fan decision on another earth is not wrong but when it becomes axis and starts spending lots of money over this, frequently going for it and walking over even unsafe paths to attain that urge is something which can be considered dangerous and harmful and hence proving the fact that you are a sexual addict. You even let yourself go into debt because you want to fulfill your sexual fantasies and urges and cannot stop. 

9. Lying and not accepting the sex addict tag 

There are many causes of sex addiction, the sexual urges gradually take over the shape of addiction. So, at times it becomes difficult to recognize whether it is an addiction or not. One of the signs your partner is a sex addict is that they never accept the fact that they are sexually addicted. You will be able to notice the signs of sexual addiction yet they won’t accept themselves as addicts and claim that it is just a casual habit and they don’t long for it. They lie not only to you but also to themselves unable to accept and digest the fact they are getting addicted as addiction is something not considered good. So, it is also a sign. 

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10. Want to change but can’t 

There are many signs your partner is a sex addict, among them one is that they know they need to stop and change their habit but they can’t. This is a sign that they are now trapped in the web of addiction. It signals that they are mentally dominated by their desires and urges; they can’t get themselves moved away from the urges. The only solution that remains to get away from the addiction is sex counseling. Here the person is aware that they are getting addicted porn and masturbation but are unable to pull themselves out of the situation. The addiction becomes so strong that even the efforts at times fail.

Sex Therapy

sex therapy for sex addiction
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After you recognize the signs you are a sex addict, you must go for sex therapy. Sexual addiction can reach a point where going back becomes impossible for the addict. In sex therapy, special sex sexologists help you identify the pattern of sex thoughts and provide you with solutions and medications so that you can overcome the addiction. There are certain things to know before taking sex treatment like inquiring properly about the doctor and their qualifications and then going for it. You alone cannot overcome it and hence you need special guidance from people who have expertise in that field. This is the treatment for sex addiction. It can be a long process and requires time and patience. Be consistent and determined that you will get through it and recover. 

What happens if you have sex addiction?

You might have got the signs your partner is a sex addict but what can it lead to? Let’s know what happens if someone is a sex addict. 

1. Sexual OCD 

When you look into what happens if you have sex addiction, then one thing is sexual OCD. Let us tell you what is sexual OCD, sexual OCD refers to extreme and unusual thoughts that create problems in intimate relationships due to anxiety and fear. It can develop into sexual addiction and lead to various sexual thoughts with even family members. 

2. Sexual compulsiveness

Another thing you can find when you look into what happens if you have sex addiction is sexual compulsiveness meaning hypersexuality. It means concentrating intently on sexual fantasies, sexual urges, or other patterns which can even be harmful to you. It leads to thoughts that you can even harm yourself or others by performing certain sexual behaviors. 

Sexual compulsiveness
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3. Sexual dysfunction

Knowing what happens if you have sex addiction is essential to be aware of the consequences. One is sexual dysfunction. Excessive uncontrolled urge to perform sex, masturbation, or porn can cause you to have erection dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and weakness. You can use the pre-mature combo by Nature Mania to cure these problems but still, a solution to addiction is required. 


Now that you are aware of the signs you are a sex addict and what can sex addiction lead to it is essential to work on the treatment of the same. Addiction to anything is not good for the body, mind, and living. You can be entrapped by sexual addiction and near to not knowing about it at all. Addiction grows slowly and gradually over a period and then going back to the normal lifestyle becomes very difficult. One of the methods is going for sex therapy. It can help you overcome your addiction. Thus, recognize the signs and work on it. 


1. What are some natural remedies to overcome sex addiction?

The treatment for sex addiction is sex therapy. The most necessary step is to recognize the signs. As soon as you recognize the signs you can start working on yourself. Try meditation to keep yourself calm. Put restrictions on sexual content. Take help if required. You can also for sex counseling as it helps you find solutions. 

2. How does sex addiction harm us mentally?

Addiction has a very grave effect on the addict mentally. It causes anxiety, and fear, affects relationships, and stops the thinking capability of the person. It causes mood swings, and personality disorders and even affects your sexual behaviors. It can even lead to sexual OCD, sexual compulsiveness, and sexual dysfunctions in the meantime. 

3. What are the causes of sex addiction?

There are no particular causes of sex addiction. Addiction is a condition that develops gradually and one does not know when it will conquer your mind. It starts with curiosity or trial which develops into habit and subsequently into addiction. It can also be caused due to some other environmental, personal, or family problems. 

4. Is it possible to overcome sex addiction?

The treatment for sex addiction is possible. It is not impossible to overcome sex addiction. You can take help from others as well. Try to recognize the signs and be regular with the treatment. Patience, consistency, and determination are the key to overcoming any addiction. Also, you need to be positive about the changes you make.

5. How to know sex addiction treatment is working?

The treatment for sex addiction can take time. It is not possible and one should not seek immediate results  as soon as they start going for sex addiction treatment. However, you will notice changes in yourself and your urges. You can notice that you slowly control yourself and think less about sex. This is a sign that the treatment is working. 

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