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What is the Reality of Online Dating?

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Online dating is a new fascination among peope these days. Out of every 5 people, 3 are engaged in using online dating apps to find their potential partner. But reality of online dating is completely different. Many people are scammed due to online dating out of their money, emotion, and even dignity. There are many lies hidden about online dating which are often ignored or not given enough attention. The article will disclose the online dating reality and bring forward the truth hidden behind online dating.

What is Online Dating?

Online dating is using certain apps to find a partner in intimate relationships using a website. Similar to other social media where to connect with people it helps you find potential dating partners. It requires making a profile in the app or website and connecting with a person you think you can match with. It is similar in use to other media platforms where you share your whereabouts. The only difference is that it is to find a partner. Mainly teenagers are found engaging in these apps like Tinder, aisle, etc. You can look for teenage relationship advice to be careful while using such apps. 

But it is not how it looks. The reality of dating apps is the opposite. In the next section, we will tell you why is online dating not safe and should be avoided or carefully handled. 

Reality of Online Dating|| Lies Hidden About Online Dating

Online dating seems very tempting but hardly anyone knows the reality of dating apps. Everything online seems super convenient and convincing since it seems fascinating and also trending. People especially, youngsters seem to look forward to online dating as it is recently trending and a great time passes. But, more than interesting, it is like a spider web. A web of lies where knowing the skill of how to spot a lie of anyone saves you from getting entangled. Online dating seems fun and fills us with curiosity but there are a lot of lies hidden about it. Here is this section we will look forward to at why is online dating not safe and what is its true reality.

1. Never Trust The Appearance

The biggest online dating reality is that people do not appear to be what they truly are online. Never trust the appearance they present. Their profile picture, or the pictures they send you. A lot of people use fraudulent pictures to impress you and cheat you either of your money, emotions, or for their lust. Check their whole profile before making any commitments, and look at small details, for example, if there are family pictures or not, if they are posting their daily activities, or how genuine their pictures seem. Checking details may help you figure out if the person is genuine or not. Never go by what they show you but believe in your checks and intuitions. 

2. Their Age May Be a Lie

Age May Be a Lie

Many people not only hide their appearance but also their age. Another reality of online dating is that many older men or women use false pictures and said above and intentionally change their age to welcome their prey. Older men or women usually in their 30s and 40s hide their age on online dating apps like Tinder, bumble etc, to get in touch with young men and women. Mainly they damage you physically for their drives and also hurt you emotionally. It is the reality of online dating which is often neglected as well though age is one of the factors looked at while finding a partner.

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3. The Job They do Can Be a Facade

Another lie that is why is online dating not safe is that their job can be a facade. Many people lie about their job and give false information about their work. They usually put information about working in a great company with a very good turnover. It is usually after appearance and age the most important point of consideration when looking for a partner. People end up choosing people who are financially stable and well-stabilized. Therefore, it is another truth of online dating where people hide the real facts and end up deceiving others intentionally. They deceive you emotionally to pass on their time or even cheat you out of your money.

4. Emotional Games Are Played to Trick People

Emotional Games

One of the lies hidden about online dating is that people play with your emotions. Though it is common in normal dating as well, the chances of getting cheated out of your emotions, money, and dignity increase in the case of online dating as you don’t know much about the person. The truth of online dating is that people usually tell sad stories about the breakup, mental trauma, loss in finance, or issues at home to make you feel sorry about them and gain your sympathy. Making you emotionally weak helps them gain your support both emotionally and at times financially as well. 

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5. The Trend of Fake Photos And Filters

Fake Photos

Using false pictures to present themselves is already a way of cheating but another aspect of it is using filters. Using filters these days has become very common. Be it online dating apps or online dating apps everyone is using filters even for random clicks. It is an online dating reality where people fear rejection and isolation and end up using filters. The reality of dating apps is that you cannot tell whether the picture is real or not. Many people look different on social media and different when you meet them in person. A drastic change in physical appearance can be seen. People change their weight and skin color to date others. You never know how they look.

6. Use of False Information Regarding Parents

False Information

Many users of online dating apps lie about their parents and family background. Though it can be seen in normal dating it is most common in online dating as you cannot check the reality. The truth of online dating is that people strike on the weakest spots like using their parents. People use excuses like my parents’ financial conditions are not good, my parents don’t treat me well, there are always issues at home, etc. Since anyone melts at the name of parents it becomes easy to make the person do anything. It is used for things like cheating people out of their money, and even their dignity. 

7. The Person is a Sweet Talker

Sweet Talker

Another way to recognize whether a person is lying or not is to look at the way they talk. If they are a sweet talker they will never speak badly in front of you, not even correcting you on your mistakes. A normal relationship is a mixture of differences and love. There is love, fights, arguments, and many more while a person is in a relationship. If your online partner never fights with you there are chances that either they are not interested in you or are with you for some other reasons. So these were a few lies hidden about online dating although there are some more of them.

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Some people are genuine in online dating but the truth is online dating platforms like Tinder, bumble, quack quack, aisle, etc have been used to cheat people. The reality of online dating can be very scary and harsh. You can get genuine people too in online dating but most of the time people end up being heartbroken because the other partner is not serious. There are certain things you should do after breakup to cope with the breakup depression. Many people despite having partners in real life join online dating apps for fun and the result is genuine people end up getting trust issues and depression. You can go for depression counseling or it can take the form of a grave disease. Knowing the truth of online dating can help you figure out how to find genuine people and not trust anyone easily. 


1. How to recognize if a person is lying or not in online dating?

There are many ways to check the reality of dating apps and people. Look at their profile details carefully, go through everything, and check whether they are a sweet talker or not. Pay attention if they use filtered photos or pictures which seem fake. If you carefully pay attention you may find things are not true if the person is a fraud. 

2. How to know if a person is genuine or not on an online dating app?

The signs your boyfriend is using you can be identified by analyzing how your person talks or behaves. If they are good to you or talk to you when they need something and the rest of the time makes excuses then be alert. There might be chances he or she is not genuine.

3. Why do people cheat on online dating apps?

Cheating in online dating is much easier than face-to-face as expressions reveal everything. Since you have not met the person, you don’t know about their whereabouts. Learn the signs he is cheating on you to be careful.

4. How to safeguard ourselves from fraud in online dating apps?

To safeguard yourself from the frauds of online dating then you need to look at every detail of the person. Don’t trust and help me with money or other things which might end up causing trouble to you. There might be anxiety if you are cheated, to deal with this you can undertake anxiety counseling and heal up.

5. Why is online dating not safe?

There is a high chance it is not safe, especially if you are careless. Even many people wonder is online sex safe or not. Both are not safe, especially on online platforms. There have been many cases of fraud in online dating. So, considering this, it is not that safe.

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