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How to Test Shilajit at Home? Know the Process

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Shilajit is produced when geothermal pressure is applied throughout millions of years to biomasses consisting of plant materials and minerals. This natural process results in the production of a pitch that has the consistency of tar and may be seen shining in the rocks in the Himalayan region when the temperature is high. The diverse colors of the rocks found in the various sites serve as an indicator of the grade. When the exudate is purified to remove it from the rock, the resin is either black or blackish, making it impossible to differentiate the grade. Therefore, not only are their items that could be more authentic, but there are also many claims that shilajit of lower quality is of the highest grade. It is important to know how to test Shilajit at home and for that hare are some tips to identify pure shilajit.

Process Of How to Test Shilajit at Home And Tips to Identify Pure Shilajit

Many times, we buy the Shilajit, which might end up being the wrong one. Hence, knowing how to test Shilajit at home is important. It is very important to build good habits for successful life, and taking the right Shilajit quality is what becomes a part of it when you start taking your health seriously. It is challenging to acquire Shilajit, which is both pure and natural. Consequently, there have been several instances in which fraudulent or contaminated Shilajit has been sold—consuming only the unadulterated version of shilajit confers health benefits.

Ways On How to Test Shilajit at Home And Health Benefits of Shilajit 

1. Important to Check For Forms of Shilajit

Forms of Shilajit

To begin, you should never purchase Shilajit in a powdered form or the shape of a capsule. These kinds of Shilajit are tainted with artificial additives, including binders and fillers. Raisins made from pure shilajit have the consistency of tar, are pitch black, and are sticky. If the right Shilajit is consumed it can also help how to overcome mental exhaustion as Shilajit can also solve multiple problems related to health issues. 

2. Examination of Guilt is Important

Examination of Guilt

It is one of the simplest ways to determine whether the Shilajit you purchased is genuine. Shilajit is extremely sensitive to changes in temperature; as a result, when the temperature is high outside, shilajit becomes sticky and will stick to the fingers if the temperature is high enough. In addition, if the temperature is low enough, cold Shilajit will become brittle and crack like a stone. This is because shilajit alters its consistency depending on the temperature of its surrounding environment.

3. Evaluation of Solubility is a Crucial Step

Evaluation of Solubility

Another straightforward method for determining whether or not Shilajit is pure. Put a little piece of the Shilajit in some water and let it soak. Genuine Shilajit will rapidly dissolve in water, at which point it will turn a dark brown or reddish-black color, and it will not leave any residue behind. In contrast, if the Shilajit is blended with fillers, there will be a sandy residue left behind, and the water will also have a sandy flavor.

4. Alcohol Screening is a Must

Alcohol Screening

This is one of the best ways of knowing how to use Shilajit and if it is even authentic or not. Shilajit, in its purest form, does not dissolve in alcohol. When Shilajit is mixed with alcohol, it begins to form tiny clots. Therefore, if the sample of Shilajit dissolves in alcohol, it will likely contain a significant amount of additives. Even online counseling can help understand how to test Shilajit at home.

5. Flame Test is Important

Flame Test

The Flame test is the most reliable method for determining the purity of solid Shilajit. It is impossible to set pure Shilajit on fire since it does not burn. However, if heated to higher degrees, pure shilajit will generate bubbles and turn into ash. This can be avoided by cooking it at lower temperatures. The fire will spread quickly if the Shilajit is unclean or contains pollutants.

6. Examination of Colour and Odour

Shilajit unadulterated is almost always dark in hue and only very infrequently appears white. The formation of this compound, which results from the decomposition of minerals and plant debris, gives it an offensive odor. This way, you can even understand exactly how to use Shilajit. 


Hence, it is important to know that Shilajit is one of the best things as it helps in many ways and is the one-stop answer to knowing the tips to make relationship stronger as Shilajit also helps with better sexual performance. 

There are many questions, such as how stress can affect sex life, how can stress cause infertility, etc., which we go through and then look for solutions. Shilajit is the best solution to many problems such as joint pain, lack of stamina, less sexual ability etc.

One thing is to know how to test Shilajit at home, but another is to understand How to use Shilajit. There are multiple original shilajit benefits, but since pure Shilajit is rare, people buy the wrong one. 

If it were simple and inexpensive to obtain the actual item, fewer imitations would be available because creating the concoctions would be more expensive than providing the real thing. Many of the sexual problems can be solved with Shilajit and also via sex therapy


1. Why are there fake Shilajits and what are the tps to identify pure shilajit

The reason why there are fake copies of Shilajit is because It is one of the rarest materials that can be found anywhere global and it is not easy to get and can be very expensive. In the history of Ayurveda and traditional medicine, it has been recognised as one of the most significant and influential chemicals. The male virility supplement has had the most success selling anywhere globally, with exceptionally high demand in Asia.

2. What are the Health benefits of Shilajit?

When it comes to talking about Shilajit benefits, there are multiple benefits as it helps in increasing the stamina, resolves joint problems, acts as an energy booster, improves the immunity of the body. It is also very rich in minerals, and healthy to consume. 

3. What does Shilajit Smell Like?

One of the other techniques to determine the quality of shilajit is to test its aroma. The aroma of genuine shilajit is quite distinctive and profound. The aroma of shilajit is best described as similar to herbs, smoke, and tar and has a very pungent smell. Take some shilajit in your hand and hold it a few centimeters away from your nose while you smell it. If you smell something similar to what was stated earlier, you know that your shilajit is authentic.

4. Where can I purchase the genuine Shilajit ingredient?

It is essential to be wary of the source from which you get shilajit because there are only a limited number of sellers who offer genuine shilajit. If you want to buy shilajit, the ideal place to do so would be from a vendor who specializes in selling unique products like this one. Only purchase shilajit from the vendor if it is well known that they supply a variety of other goods in bulk.

5. If Shilajit is being offered a discount, can I purchase it?

Don’t purchase if the shilajit is being offered at a low price. It is very important to know whether the product you are buying is offering original shilajit benefits or not. Do not compromise on the quality of Shilajit you buy due to the price, as it can have multiple side effects also.

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