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What are the Common Myths of Shilajit?

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Do you ever feel the loss of energy just every day or that you are losing your stamina both in everyday life and in your sexual life despite doing many things? These are the signs that you must start the intake of something which can help you in regaining your lost energy and improve your sexual health and life as well. Shilajit is known for being Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. There are many benefits of Shilajit which improve our lifestyle without harming us. In this article, we will be looking at the common myths of Shilajit. There are several misconceptions and myths which either don’t let them consume Shilajit or even if consume it, consume it in the wrong way. Let’s look at what shilajit is before knowing what are myths of consuming Shilajit.

What is Shilajit? 

Shilajit is a rock from high mountains. It is a black-brownish tar or resin-like substance gathered from mountain regions that have been used for a long time in Ayurvedic medicine. It is also called Mumijo and formed over several years through the decomposition of plants. Many people wonder are there any health benefits of Shilajit or not. However, it is a mineral-rich substance, with high content of fulvic acid, iron, and other minerals. It is also referred to as the ‘destroyer of weakness’ and ‘conqueror of rocks’. There are many uses of Shilajit like it helps in regaining energy and stamina, slower aging process, is good for heart ailments, increases testosterone and sperm count levels, etc. However, the belief in the common myths of Shilajit does not let it show its full potential. Let us tell you the myths regarding Shilajit.

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Common Myths of Shilajit

Be it any substance, people always attach a myth to it based on some unidentified, non-tested beliefs. Similarly, some common myths of Shilajit hamper the effectiveness of Shilajit. Shilajit is very helpful in increasing the low libido in men only. This myth forbids the functionality of Shilajit. Likewise, there are many other myths that blind people. In this section, we will be telling you the lies about Shilajit

1. Raw Shilajit is Good And Should be Consumed Raw

Raw Shilajit

One of the common myth about Shilajit is that like any other thing, Shilajit is best in its raw form and should be consumed raw. However, it is one of the most misunderstood myths. Among what are myths of consuming Shilajit, shilajit being best as raw hampers the effectiveness of the product. Shilajit can be consumed after refining and even is best after being refined. In the refining process of Shilajit, it is more purified and the mineral content of the substance is increased. Like the content of fulvic acid, iron is increased. Many refined Shilajit contains more fulvic acid content than raw. Therefore, packed shilajit can be consumed without any second thought but watch over the fulvic acid content.

2. Do Not Consume Shilajit in Summer

Shilajit in Summer

Among other myths of using Shilajit, one is that Shilajit must not be consumed in summer. It is believed that Shilajit is of heated potency. In winter it helps in keeping the body warm however, not suitable for summer. This is completely a myth. You can consume Shilajit with lots of slightly heated water or milk in summer to reduce the warming effect. However, you can decrease the dosage in summer but putting a stop on it is not necessary. You can also go for Relax-Up Combo (A Combo For Relax & Calm Mind) which helps in relaxing and enhancing sexual health. Among the lies about Shilajit, not consuming it in summer only apply to those who have impaired digestive systems. However, they can consume it after consulting a doctor.

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3. Shilajit Should Not be Taken Regularly

Taken Regularly

Another common myth about Shilajit is that it should not be consumed regularly. Clearing the smog of this myth is essential as shilajit can be consumed regularly in approved doses as it works as a supplement that fulfills the requirements of the body. There are many benefits of Shilajit which are visible when it is consumed regularly.  If you wish to go for self-improvement counseling you should start taking shilajit in your daily routine as it helps in aiding body health and make you productive. Regular consumption of shilajit shows the best results and does not harm the body if taken in moderate amounts as it is a natural substance. You can gain energy and other benefits from its consumption. However, you can once consult a professional if you wish to start its consumption.

4. Shilajit is Similar to Viagra

Similar to Viagra

Among other myths of using Shilajit lies the most common one when people mix it up with Viagra. Shilajit does not replace Viagra. Though it has sexual benefits like it increases testosterone levels, which increases libido count and always helps in better sexual performance but it is not similar to Viagra. There are many side effects of viagra and hence it must be consumed only after doctors have approved of it. However, Shilajit does not have any side effects and does not need doctor consultation if it is not very necessary or if you are having any medical condition. There are other uses of Shilajit apart from sexual benefits like it helps in slowing the aging process by working on tissue regeneration, helps in heart ailments, regains lost stamina or energy, and even increases fertility with regular use.

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5. Shilajit Can be Consumed By Only Men

Another myth about Shilajit is that shilajit can only be used by men because many people are not aware of the other benefits of shilajit. Shilajit can also be consumed by females. Many women go for sex counseling due to low sex drive and low energy, however, consumption of Shilajit helps in regaining the lost energy and also increases vitality. When one looks over what are myths of consuming Shilajit, it is presumed that females must ‘NOT’ consume Shilajit. However, it is found that women who consume Shilajit have a healthy and energized body. Its benefits are the same for both men and women alike. Therefore, there is no harm in females consuming Shilajit.

6. It is Only Used to Increase Sexual Performance

Sexual Performance

Among all the common myths of using Shilajit, one is that it only has sexual benefits. Though among all the other benefits of Shilajit, one is that it improves sexual health and one consumes it when signs of low testosterone in males are observed. However, it is like other lies about Shilajit that it is only for increasing testosterone levels, sperm count, and fertility. Shilajit has other benefits as well like slowing down the aging process, helping in cognitive function, and improving mental strength and physical strength by helping in regaining lost energy and productivity. Further, it helps in tissue regeneration, heart ailments, and overall body growth. Since it contains fulvic acid it increases iron content in the body as well.


So, after bursting the common myths of Shilajit, its full potential can be recognized. The myths of using Shilajit may be very harmful but it restricts the function of a very useful product that is safe to use. It is considered the best food to increase sperm count as it increases the testosterone levels dir to the presence of fulvic acid which in turn increases the sperm count and helps in low libido. There are many benefits of Shilajit which help in proper functioning of the body if regularly consumed in modest amounts. Whenever looking over what are myths of consuming Shilajit does not believe what you hear but rather checks on it by consulting a professional to be sure.


1. What are the benefits of consuming Shilajit?

There are many uses of Shilajit and it does not confine to only sexual benefits. If there are signs like low libido in young males, loss of energy, early aging, and many more you can go for Shilajit. Shilajit helps in reducing the speed of the aging process, it aids in the cognitive function of the brain and increases focus and productivity. There is evidence that regular consumption of Shilajit leads to increased energy and stamina. It aids in heart ailments like cardiovascular issues and since it has antioxidants it is good for the body as well. Moreover, it increases testosterone levels and sperm count in males. It also is known to help in fertility and improve sexual performance.

2. How should Shilajit be consumed?

You should always take Shilajit with hot water or milk two times a day as it shows its full potential is released only with either hot water or milk. Even in summer, when consumed with water or milk it should be a little warm and not cold. You can modify the quantity of the intake and reduce it in summer and increase it in winter because of its high heat potency. Shilajit tastes bitter so you can add a little honey to it. However, avoid too hot water or milk and lots of honey as it can cause skin infection. Further, you can seek the advice of a doctor to be more sure of how it should be consumed.

3. Who can consume Shilajit?

One of the common lies about Shilajit is that it can only be consumed by men. However, females can also consume Shilajit as well. Many researchers have found that females consuming Shilajit have seen growth in their productivity and health. Men can also take Stamina Combo (Stamina Increase Combo) with Shilajit to increase their stamina during sex. It is a complete myth about Shilajit that females are restricted from using it. However, in certain diseases, its consumption might be restricted. You can consult a professional regarding this.

4. How to choose the best Shilajit?

The most important tip while choosing Shilajit is its genuineness. Shilajit is similar to tar or resin in appearance and ranges from white to brown. Further, its fulvic acid content is usually 80 to 90%. You should avoid going to raw Shilajit as it can contain impurities and be dangerous. There are many benefits of Shilajit which is refined and purified. When buying shilajit, always look at the mineral content of it and go for a quality check. Knowing how to test Shilajit at home can help you check whether the shilajit is natural or not as fake Shilajit products are also available due to the rarity of Shilajit and its expensiveness.

5. Are there any side effects of using Shilajit?

There are certain tips to take care of if you are consuming shilajit. Consuming Shilajit with too hot water or milk can cause itching. Therefore, it should be less heated, especially in the summer. It is safe to take shilajit as there are rarely any side effects of its usage. When consumed for a very long period it can cause nausea, skin allergies, dizziness, and increased heart rate. Further, there are certain diseases where shilajit should not be consumed like sickle cell anemia, the presence of too much iron in the body, etc. It is recommended that you talk to a professional before using Shilajit.

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