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What Is The LGBTQ Community?

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In a world with so much variety in every field, every group, and even food, variety can also be seen in individuals and humans based on identity and gender. Here comes into play the understanding of what is the LGBTQ community. A term attributed to people who find themselves different from other male and female categories. In this article, we will tell you about what to know about LGBTQIA. The article will help you understand what does LGBTQ means and why they are different and the issues they face because they are different. 

What is The LGBTQ Community?

The first question that comes to hearing LGBTQ is normally what is the LGBTQ community? According to the basics of the LGBTQ community, it is a wholesome term for people who can’t identify themselves as male or female or even if they belong to male and female category but have sexual perspectives that are different from others like males being attracted to male or same being with female and many more such instances. It is more complicated to understand what does LGBTQ means than to speak of it as it goes deep into the psychological understanding of the preference of the person. Normally, it comprises of people with – 

1. Normal Body Different Feeling

Normal Body

You have either a male or female body but you are more inclined to be the opposite of your gender with which you are born. For example, you are male but you are inclined towards wearing a saree and putting on cosmetics, have feelings for males, and have inner feelings of being a female.

2. Male Private Part With Breast or Female Private Part With Men’s Chest

Another condition is that either you have a female upper body but the private organ is of male or you have an upper body of female but just the private part is of female. These people do not have a particular identity of being in which category hence are regarded as third gender. 

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There are many disguises of what to know about LGBTQIA. The struggles of LGBTQ, the issues faced and the identity crises they face, and the feeling of FOMO, etc. are things that can be understood to know about the LGBTQ community. Many people also take up sex therapy to understand the psychology and know more about their body to identify themselves under any one of the classes of LGBTQ+. These are – 

L – lesbian: Lesbian is a class of females attracted to females. They are emotionally, mentally, and physically in every manner attracted to females and do not have any feelings for men.

G – Gay: Gay is the class of males attracted to males. It is similar to lesbians but applies to men and the man is in every manner sexually, mentally, or emotionally drawn toward man. Even if married to a female, the marriage does not work.

B – Bisexual: It applies to the category of male and female who are attracted to both male and female gender. For example, a female is attracted to both males and women, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. 

T – transgender: This is also called the third gender who are not sure whether they are fully male or female as their body has both features. They have opposite desires and emotions from that of their physical bodily features. Many individuals have female bodies but are attracted to behaving as females or vice versa. 

Q – Queer: Q also relates to questioning and refers to categories whose identity is yet in question and not labeled. Their identities have not yet been thought over. For eg – asexual, and pansexual. It is an umbrella term for other categories which have not yet been identified or labeled. 

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The community has to struggle not only to identify who they are but also from society. There are various methods of how to support the LBGTQ community. Many families also don’t accept their children if they identify themselves with the LGBTQ community. Many families go for family counseling to help their children and even work out things in the family. 

LGBTQIA: A Taboo And Pride Month


People instead of trying to know the reason why are people from LGBTQ different or focusing on what does LGBTQ means mostly concentrate on isolating the whole community. The fact that discussion on this topic is considered taboo is one of the factors harming mental health of the individuals and stops them from fully expressing themselves. There are different methods of how to support the LBGTQ community and one such initiative was celebrating Pride Month. Pride month is the month of June which is to celebrate the progress made by the LGBTQ community and their awareness. It is usually to start discussing topics more serious in nature and view them as equals. 

Why Are They Different? 

Just knowing about what is the LGBTQ community is not enough. Understanding the basics of the LGBTQ community and why they are different from us is important to be able to understand the struggle they go through and understand that they are not the ones at fault for who they are. Many parents reject and abandon their children for being different. One of the worst parenting mistakes is not understanding the psychology of your child and accepting them as they are. It is just one of the other struggles of LGBTQ. The reason why are people from LGBTQ different is because of hormonal differences. The disbalance in combination with DNA constitutes transgender formation. Furthermore, hormones cause changes in feelings and different desires.

Issues Faced by The LGBTQ Community

The LGBTQ Community

The reasons why are people from LGBTQ different are not very clear. Discovering the meaning of LGBTQ is just not enough but understanding the issues faced by them is important. 

1. Identity Cries

People cannot identify themselves with male or female and feeling of fomo develops in them. It is one of the biggest as they find themselves different and feel diseased at times. 

Not Acceptable

2. Not Acceptable

People from the LGBTQ community are not considered as equals and are often isolated. They are considered abnormal and even treated as untouchables. 

3. Often Have Suicidal Thoughts

The struggle of defining themselves who they are and also the harshness of society often make them have suicidal thoughts. Knowing how to overcome suicidal thoughts is only the way to tackle them.     

There are other many issues faced by the LGBTQ community like not getting equal rights, freedom to express themselves, work with equal opportunities, openly expressing their feelings and thoughts, etc. They are not given basic human rights and have to suppress their desires to fit in the community. Just knowing what does LGBTQ means is not entirely enough to support them. 

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Acceptance Is The Key To Synchronized Society

One of the ways of how to support the LBGTQ community is by accepting them as they are without any changes in their personality or without changing their identity. Helping to solve the issues faced by the LGBTQ by considering them as humans and alike and giving them equal opportunities and the right to choice like same-sex marriage, gender change, etc. helps in building a synchronised society which helps in easing the route for the development of LGBTQ community. You can also make them aware of LGBTQ counseling and the true meaning of LGBTQ so that they can explore their body, feelings, and desires is also one of the ways to help the LGBTQ community. Acceptance from both sides, that is, accepting LGBTQ as alike and acceptance by LGBTQ that they are alike will help in building a united country. 


By now you must know what is the LGBTQ community and how important it is to take a step to help them rise as individuals and live freely. Though lesbians and gays find themselves under a gender they are as isolated as others from the LGBTQ community as they cannot fully express their desire of living with the same sex because of societal fear and end up marrying the opposite gender which leads to depressing marriage. This is where the importance of pre-marital counseling lies. It helps in realizing the sexual preference and allows you to understand whether the marriage is right or not. Just understanding the meaning of LGBTQ is not enough but knowing how to support the LBGTQ community is also equally weighted. Acknowledging their existence, and awareness and allowing them to exercise their choice can only help them in developing. 


1. How to support the LGBTQ community?

First, you must understand the issues faced by the LGBTQ and acknowledge or feel the struggles of LGBTQ to be able to support them. You can support and encourage them by treating them as normal individuals, accepting them, and living with them as if they are one. One of the biggest supports to offer is to let them express their desires freely and let them live as they want to without any family or societal boundaries and pressure. Acceptance, socializing, and liberty is the key to helping them grow.

2. How is the life of a person from the LGBTQ community?

When you are stuck on what to know about LGBTQIA then one thing is to know how their life is. They constantly have the feeling of suffocation in their own body and have fomo. They would find opposite gender or even same gender touch (in case of asexual) scary. They have issues in marriage as well, like one of the reasons for extramarital affair can be that your partner doesn’t feel attracted to you but a person from the same gender. They cannot let their true self but have to live in a cage. You can always look for ways to help the LGBTQ community.

3. Can a person from LGBTQ convert into a straight person? 

There is no scientific evidence yet that people from LGBTQ can change their sexual or emotional preferences. Some studies suggest it is not possible to change as you may for a few moments feel different but the innermost desires remain the same. It is usually not seen that a person changes despite trying to accommodate themselves. This leads to suffocation in their lifestyle and forces them to be who they are. 

4. How to bring change to the LGBTQ  Community?

First, understand the meaning of LGBTQ. Then try to spread awareness about it. You can stand up for them to fight for their rights. If they are stressed they can go for the soothe-up capsule to calm themselves and as many people belonging to the LGBTQ end up with depression. Other ways to help the LGBTQ community is by acknowledging their desires and love interests. Creating awareness is also one of the ways to bring change to the LGBTQ community. 

5. What are the signs to identify people different in their inner feelings?

To know why are people from LGBTQ different and to identify them you need to know about the basics of the LGBTQ community. Try to understand their inclinations. If a boy is more inclined to use cosmetics, and be and behave like a girl then there are chances that he is transgender. Similarly, if a male or female finds comfort in their own gender’s company and is sexually attracted to them then they belong to the LGBTQ community. If a person is not at all interested in anybody not even sexually then they are asexual.

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