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Reasons Why Girls Become Lesbian? Who are Lesbians

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Physical attraction and love have no boundaries of gender or sex. Falling in love is a natural and gradual process and there are no specific reasons as to why one falls in love. Love can strike your soul at any moment and you can fall for anyone be it your opposite gender or same gender or age differences. Many girls find comfort and physical attraction towards a girl. Here, in this article, we will be mainly focusing on the reasons why girls become lesbians and further will be defining who are lesbians. There is no fault in being a lesbian and it is not at all discouraged. The article just focuses on why this happens.

Who Are Lesbians?

Before moving on to reasons why girls become lesbian we will first look for who are lesbians. Understanding the term and what it means is essential to understand the reasons. There are times when you wonder why girls reject boys, one of the reasons is that they are not physically, mentally, or emotionally attracted to you. The category of women’s population who are physically, mentally, and emotionally to women only and find comfort, pleasure, and sexual satisfaction with them are known as lesbians. 

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Lesbians feel the same way for girls as other girls feel for boys. In the case of boys, they are known as Gays. Identifying oneness and comfort in their gender, and not having feelings for boys is the main trait. If the girls like both boys and girls then they are called bisexual. Being a lesbian is not harmful and not wrong at all until they are not harming society. It is free will and choice to decide with whom to spend life with. It is just a feeling of love and love is sacred. Though becoming a lesbian can be because of hormonal changes there are a few reasons that stimulate or increase the chances of girls becoming lesbian. 

Reasons Why Girls Become Lesbian

Attraction is not forced but it comes automatically be it sexual, emotional, or mental and it must be respected as well. The reasons why girls become lesbian cannot be confined to a few points and there is no real reason why someone feels differently. why girls turn lesbian

1. Lack of Love And Attention

Love And Attention

One of the few reasons why girls turn lesbian is because of the lack of love, care, and attention. Single-parent kids have a high chance of turning into lesbians, especially when they get attention and care from a woman. If a girl lives only with her mother and receives her care and attention and later on receives the same love from another girl there are chances that she would be attracted to a girl. You can go for child counseling to help out a child yet it is in the control of diverting feelings. When a lonely girl child experiences attention then she experiences hormonal changes and love. It is one of the reasons why are some girls lesbian

2. Lack of Sex Education

Sex Education

Another reason why girls become lesbians is that there is a lack of sex education. Children are not told about what is child abuse, sexuality, sexual health, and other related things opposite gender attraction. This lack of knowledge about reproduction, sex, attraction, etc. becomes at times the reason why some girls become lesbians. Due to a lack of sex education and avoidance of discussion on topics like attraction, opposite gender liking, etc. Many girls are unable to differentiate their feelings for girls and boys and hence end up getting attracted to girls. 

3. Watching Porn At An Early Age

Watching Porn

Another reason why girls turn lesbian is because of getting introduced to porn at a very early age. Sex Education does talk about porn but that too at an appropriate age watching porn at an early age and watching same-gender intercourse can cause females to have sexual attraction towards females. You can look for how to help children get rid of porn to discourage them from going on the wrong path. Introduction to porn, especially same-sex porn put the idea of being lesbian in the minds of many girls. Many girls even try to ‘try it out’ to see how it feels and this may be one of the reasons why are some girls lesbian. It introduces improper feelings and wrong methods to achieve pleasure. 

4. Girls Living Together in Hostels

Girls Living Together

One of the most common reasons why girls become lesbians is living together in hostels. It has been found that many girls who are lesbians became so after staying together in hostels. There is a sensitive body area that excites females and when living together in hostels, eating, sleeping, and bathing together, certain touches and closeness excite the sex hormones which can become one of the reasons women choose to be lesbian. When girls live together for 3 to 4 years, see each other get changed and even watch adult movies and porn it causes a rise in desires and tries out things. Not only sexually but emotionally and mentally also they become close to each other.

5. Girls Never Exposed to Male Gaze

Exposed to Male Gaze

Yet another reason why girls become lesbian is not being known to male gaze or opposite gender attraction. Many girls from the beginning of their school life study in girl’s schools and even later in girl’s colleges. Always being surrounded by the female gaze and touches they are not aware of the opposite gender attraction or male gaze and hence most of the time why are some girls lesbian because of this as well. They are only aware of female care, love, attention, and touch which arouse their hormones, and from school life only they are attracted to females. 

What to Do if You Are Lesbian or if Your Friend is

There can be many reasons why girls become lesbian but the matter of fact is not why but what to do. There is nothing to do about being lesbian. Being a lesbian or not is your own choice. You can go for LGBTQ counseling to understand things more clearly about it and make your decision. There is no reason why you should suppress your feelings and live up to how others want to see you. If you wish to live up to your lesbian personality, you must do so. There are no limitations to feelings, or attraction until it is not harmful to others. Feelings can be stimulated by anyone and any time hence accept yourself and love yourself for who you are without feeling ashamed.

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If in your circle, someone is lesbian you should work on how to support lesbians and not isolate them. The best way to show your support is to accept them as they are and welcome them into your circle. Living in a diverse community it must be accepted that people are different and their preferences are different as well. 


There are many reasons why girls become lesbians. It can be due to the lack of love, attention, and care that they later receive from girls, it can be due to the bad effects of web series on children, watching porn at an early age, living in hostels with girls, and experiencing the female gaze or it could be due to different hormones. There are many reasons women choose to be lesbian. It is not what matters as being a lesbian or not is completely your choice. It is more important that you understand there is no harm in being a lesbian and feeling attraction to females.  One should openly and widely accept their desires and also support the LGBTQ community so that they develop and find themselves as equals.

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1. Can a lesbian convert to being straight again?

There is yet no evidence if a lesbian can convert into being straight again or not. Just like there are many reasons why some girls become lesbian there can be a possibility that lesbians under certain circumstances become straight. However, being a lesbian involves hormonal play as well which is not very easy to suppress. It is usually found that girls who are lesbian remain lesbians. However, if early signs are detected and sex education is provided many things turn over. However, it is just a mere possibility, and not many cases of turning from being a part of LGBTQ to like any other being is yet found. 

2. What are precautionary steps to be taken to avoid children having feelings for the same sex?

You can look for the reasons why girls turn lesbian. Teenage exposes children to many things which shape their desires and mindset. If the child has turned into a lesbian due to improper guidance, lack of sex education, porn, etc then there are certain precautionary steps you can take like giving teenage relationship advice, forbidding porn, introducing them to sex education, etc and if yet they are attracted to females accept it. Different things trigger different desires. Therefore, try to give your child proper care, love, and attention and understand their feelings. 

3. How to identify if I am a lesbian?

It is not difficult to identify whether you are a lesbian or not. You first need to understand who are lesbians to know whether you are lesbian or not. If you feel comfort not only emotionally, or mentally but sexually as well and want to be in the company of someone of your gender. Then these signs that you are lesbian. If you have feelings for both males and females and feel attracted to both genders then you are bisexual. Further, if you don’t find yourself attracted to any gender then you are asexual. You can thus analyze your desires and see whether you are lesbian or not.

4. Is being a lesbian wrong?

Understanding the reasons women choose to be lesbian does not mean that they need to change themselves. There is nothing wrong with being a lesbian. Choosing your own identity and how and with whom you want to spend your life is your own choice. There is nothing wrong with feeling attracted to the same gender and loving them. Everybody perceives the world differently and feels differently. It is not necessary that you must accept what already has been a norm. You can go for a soothe-up capsule by nature mania to calm yourself and think properly. You must know how to support lesbians and encourage them rather than isolating and rejecting their existence. 

5. How to support lesbians?

If you want to know how to support lesbians you must first understand them. Understanding the feelings of lesbians and treating them as equals is important. Understanding the reasons why some girls become lesbians and raising helping hands towards them by showing acceptance and welcoming them as equals and not treating them as abnormal is what is required from society. It is essential that we understand that diversity exists and celebrating diversity is essential. You can join an awareness program and celebrate Pride Month which is dedicated to the people of the LGBTQ community. This will encourage them to come forward, present their desires and live normally like others.

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