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5 Bad Effects Of Web Series On Children

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What are the bad effects of web series on children? in this post, we will discuss negative effects of screen time for adults and children. A good series is something we all enjoy. We would all love to watch a movie or series as part of our ideal weekend plans, date plans, and family get-togethers. Is it as safe as we believe?

Bad Effects of Web Series on Children

A child’s brain could be affected by violence and offensive language. Children are more likely to spread what they learn and see, so exposure to explicit content could make them more violent and harsh. Children and adults can feel scared by violence and horror, which can cause anxiety and restlessness. Fear and anxiety can affect one’s daily routine, and they may try to distract themselves by watching another series. The cycle continues for a long time, and eventually their minds get used to the large number of series they are watching and start to feel the need to watch more.

Bad Effects of Web Series on Children
5 Bad Effects Of Web Series On Children 4

Children are more likely to copy new practices and behaviors when they see others. Many TV shows regularly bring up dangerous habits such as smoking and drug use. Children who watch such shows are attracted to these practices and fall for dangerous traps. This is essentially watching a series of long, complex shows in one sitting. Teenagers between the ages of 16 and 21 often adopt this “marathon viewing” method.

Here are some bad effects of web series on children-

Health problems

Excessive binge-watching is just as harmful as excessive amounts of any other substance. It can also lead to a reduction in your body’s ability to move and cause health problems. You could be at risk of developing obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other health problems by sitting in one place for long periods of time and eating junk food. This will decrease their energy and stamina, make them lazy, and even lead to depression and anxiety.

Long periods of sitting in one position for too long can cause weakness in gluteal and leg muscles. These muscles are essential to ensure stability and strength for running or walking. It can cause damage to your eyesight and leg muscles. This is why it’s best to feed your child healthy foods like nuts, seeds, roasted chana, and granola bars, and take control of your time. 

National Institutes of Health study also found that children who spend more than two hours per day using electronic devices scored lower in thinking and language tests. Screen time of more than seven hours a day led to a shrinkage of the cortex of the brain, which can be related to reasoning and critical thinking.

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5 Bad Effects Of Web Series On Children 5

Eye irritation and dryness

It can lead to more eye problems. Staring at a computer, TV, or phone screen for too long can cause vision impairment and eye dryness. To avoid eye problems, take a break. Wash your eyes, give them a rest, and adjust the lighting to suit your room.

Mental fatigue

Too much binge-watching can lead to mental exhaustion and mental decline. Multiple studies have shown that binge-watching can lead to depression. To binge-watch, people cut all ties with the outside world. When it’s over, they feel empty, which can lead to anxiety, headaches, and even depression.

More screen time

You can’t help but be curious when a web series is engaging and captivating. Next, you will want to watch back-to-back episodes. This will also go beyond your daily screen time limit of 1 to 2 hours.

Studies based on online media viewing have shown that too much screen time can cause obesity, sleep problems, and chronic neck pain. Depression and anxiety are two of the biggest drawbacks to watching too many web series.


Wastage of time is one of the most serious disadvantages of web series

Every OTT platform exists to entertain its viewers. This means that you won’t find any information there. You can find many shows and web series online that will distract you. You can become addicted to watching web series as a student. Your work efficiency can be affected by watching web series late at night.

What’s Next?

Does this mean that we cannot watch other series? Do we have to never see another movie? There are no more Stranger Things. No! These are some tips to help you enjoy your favorite series while still maintaining good health.

  • Lead by example – Parents can be role models for their children. When you binge-watch your favourite Netflix series, keep in mind that you are setting an example to your children. You may not be modeling the behavior that you want in your children by scrolling through your phone in the background, or keeping the TV on while you are doing other things.
  • Make a schedule to unplug your devices – Allow the whole family to disconnect from their phones, computers and TVs. It allows your family to have quality time together by agreeing to unplug your devices.
  • Set parental controls – You can filter unwanted content with tools. You can also set daily screen limits to prevent your children from accessing certain apps.
  • Encourage others to do the same – It’s easy for children these days to be dependent on their electronics for entertainment. Encourage them to engage in other activities, such as reading books, playing board games, and playing outside.
  • Make sure bedrooms are free from electronic devices. Tablets and other handheld devices may be tempting for your children to use at night. This could disrupt their sleep.
  • Healthy snacking – It’s almost impossible not to snack while you’re watching your favorite series or movie, but it’s possible to eat healthier. Feed your children fresh fruits and vegetables instead of soda or chips. You might find it refreshing and more enjoyable than you thought.
  • Live an active lifestyle – After spending a lot of time in front of a TV, it’s a good idea to get up and walk around. Walking can increase your heart rate, blood flow, and energy.
  • Discover new hobbies – Shows and movies don’t have to be only entertainment for children. Boredom can be satisfied by gardening, photography, stitching, and painting, as well as baking and other crafts. There are so many crafty hobbies out there, and it is up to us to choose which one we love and enjoy.


We learn from this article that while watching too many movies or shows can be dangerous, but it is possible to enjoy our favorite shows and still live a healthy life. What is the optimal amount of screen time? It may sound simple, but the ideal screen time depends on what screen is being used and how it is used. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under 18 months should not be exposed to screens. Screen time should not exceed 1 to 2 hours per day for children over the age of 2. Adults should limit screen time during work hours.

You can also contact Dr. Neha Mehta.

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