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How to Handle An Angry Partner?

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Anger is a normal reaction to any kind of harm or injustice. But when it comes to the love life, it can be even more dangerous. Most people have been there or have a friend or family member who has hurt them in some way.

When your partner hurts you, you may feel like having a meltdown and screaming at him/her in the middle of the street. But that doesn’t solve anything. In most cases, it will only make things worse because your partner will get annoyed and even more angry with you. So, here are a few ways that will help you to learn How to handle an angry partner and how to stop fighting in a relationship.  

Ways to Handle An Angry Partner

When a fight erupts, it’s natural to want to get back at your partner. You’re angry and they’ve hurt you. But if you don’t handle the situation appropriately, it can escalate quickly. Here are some tips on how to handle an angry partner :

1. Don’t React With Anger, Listen For a While

If your partner is angry and you’re feeling defensive, try not to react right away. Instead, try listening to their side of the story first and see if there’s anything that you can do to help them feel better or understand what they’re saying better. If they are frustrated or upset with something at work or in their personal life, try asking them how they feel about the situation so you can better understand what they’re going through. This will allow both of you time together without having any unnecessary stress build up between the two of you which could lead to more arguments later on. And will also help you to overcome their mental exhaustion which is the main cause of their anger. 

2. Give Some Time to Each Other After a Fight

Give Some Time to Each Other

When one person gets angry and starts yelling at their partner, they must give them some time to calm down. Otherwise, they will continue to yell and shout at them until they get what they want. When someone is angry, it’s hard for them to stop themselves from saying things that aren’t true or hurting their partner’s feelings more than necessary. A good rule when arguing is to give each other some time so that both parties can calm down and think about what they want to say before speaking again. This is also a perfect getaway on how to stop fighting in a relationship. If one person doesn’t give the other any space after a fight then they may not be able to settle their issues peacefully and instead resort back to arguing again later on which only makes things worse between them! 

3. Words Spoken in Anger Should Not be The Final Result of Anything

Words Spoken in Anger

Even if your partner says something hurtful or insulting, take the time to talk it out before responding. You may not realize how much those words hurt until you have had a chance to process them. It’s also important not to let them go unchallenged because that could lead them back into old patterns of behaviour that can’t be changed which is also a sign your partner is not serious about you.

4. Avoid Discussions Over Past Arguments

Avoid Discussions Over Past Arguments

Another good way to become emotionally mature in a relationship and handle an argument is to try not to focus on past arguments between yourself and your partner, but rather focus on what needs to be done now that whatever issue has come up again later down the road. This will help prevent future arguments from happening when they don’t need to happen anymore or may never happen again if handled correctly by both parties involved in the conversation at hand! 

5. Learn to Apologize

Learn to Apologize

Apologize for your actions and let him know that you will try to do better next time. This is important because if you don’t say it, he may think that you are not sorry at all and that he can continue being aggressive in the future. And this is also a great way to be emotionally mature in a relationship. 


It is a very good thing if they don’t blame you, it may be that he/she blames himself/herself instead. However, regardless of who is to blame, there is nothing wrong with feeling angry. Feelings are natural. Partners need to learn to deal with anger without trying to mask it or avoid it. That’s also the only way for the partner who had hurtful behaviour to understand how their actions have made the other one feel and then get a chance to talk through the whole thing and try to find ways for both of you to work towards solving a problem together and learn how to fix your broken relationship. 

 You can also go for anger management counselling sessions to learn how to cope with anger. 


1. How to handle an angry partner?

To handle an angry partner, you need to understand the circumstances that led to the situation. You can try to reason with him or her, but if he/she is still angry, then it’s time for a timeout.

A timeout may be a good idea because the person is probably too emotional about the issue. It’s better for everyone if you take some time away from each other and cool down before discussing things further. This will also help them to overcome their mental exhaustion. 

2. What are the ways to handle an angry partner?

There are many ways to handle an angry partner and it depends on the situation. If your partner is upset, then you should apologize and try to understand their emotions. You can also try to calm them down by being empathetic towards them. But if they are simply just angry because of something that has happened in the past, then you have no reason to feel guilty or ashamed of yourself. And it is a clear sign your partner is not serious about you

3. How do I know if my partner is angry with me?

It is difficult to tell if your partner is angry with you because there are so many different levels of anger and feelings that go along with it. The best way to find out if your partner is angry with you is by asking them directly. If they tell you that they are frustrated with something that has happened recently, then there is a chance that they may be upset about something else as well. If this happens, then try talking about the issue again when things have calmed down.

4. How can I get my partner to stop getting angry at me?

 If you have a relationship with an angry person, it is important to know that anger is a normal part of life. Anger can be necessary for us as human beings, so it should be treated the same way we would any other emotion. We do not want to suppress our anger, but rather let it out in a healthy way. One way to deal with an angry partner is to take some deep breaths and let yourself calm down before speaking. This will help you think more clearly when speaking and make sure that your words are not taken out of context.

5. How should I calm down my partner when he/ she is angry?

In a friendly tone: It’s okay to feel angry, but don’t be aggressive or insulting. You can also try saying something like “I feel angry when you are angry” and see if it helps. If possible, try to keep the conversation focused on what you two can do instead of getting upset about the situation. For example, if your partner is yelling at you, ask if they want to talk about their feelings and then listen without interrupting or fighting back. You can also go for relationship counselling sessions to learn how to handle such issues.

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