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Signs Your Partner is Not Serious About You

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Does your partner not have the same level of commitment as you? Do they not seem interested in the relationship at all? If so, there is a good chance that they are not being serious about the relationship and these are the signs your partner is not serious about you.

When someone is not serious about a relationship, they can be quick to hide their true feelings and act in ways that make it appear like they are committed when they aren’t. This can cause problems for both parties because, although you may feel like you are getting more into the relationship and having fun with each other, your partner may just be acting like everything is fine so as not to hurt your feelings.

If you feel that your partner isn’t being serious about their relationship with you, there are some steps that you can take to help them get back on track or can also go for couples therapy. It would help you to learn how to make your relationship stronger.

Signs Your Partner is Not Serious About You

1. Your Partner Never Talks About Your Future Plans

You can’t always see the long-term future of your relationship. You want to know what will happen if you will be together or separated. You want to see it happen in the next six months, the next year, five years from now and so on. Your partner may not be that way. He/she might have other priorities in life and not think about you too much. It means he/she doesn’t care about your future with him/her. It means he/she has no idea how long he/she will be with you or what will happen after that. You can communicate and find out ways to be emotionally mature in a relationship. 

2. Your Partner Refuses to Define Your Relationship

Refuses to Define Your Relationship

Your partner does not define what kind of relationship you two want. He/She keeps changing his/her mind every few days saying that he/she does not want anything serious with you because he/she is afraid that things will get complicated if he/she decides on something serious. He/She also says that many girls are interested in him and if you go ahead with this relationship here comes trouble for both of you. And it’s a time for you to make better decisions related to your relationship. 

3. He / She Always Wants to Keep Your Relationship Personal

Keep Your Relationship Personal

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says they want to keep their relationship personal is that they are not serious about you. This means that they will not share any information with their friends and family about your status, or at least not in the first few months of dating. They may also say that according to society this is not the right age to be in a serious relationship. So, it is better to keep their relationship personal. But, it clearly states that they do not have any future plans with you.

4. You Are Not Their Priority

Not Their Priority

This is one of the Signs your partner is not serious about you. When a man loves a woman, he will put her before himself, but this does not mean that he cannot do anything else in his life. He may have family and friends, but if there is someone who needs him more than anyone else, then he would be there for her without any hesitation at all. But, if your partner does not consider you as his priority then it’s high time for you to make better decisions related to your relationship.

5. He / She Never Put Any Effort Into Making You Feel Good

Making You Feel Good

Do you feel that your partner takes advantage of your kindness and generosity? If yes, then there’s a good chance that your partner is not serious about you. He/ she doesn’t do anything to make you feel special or loved. He/ she doesn’t even bother to give you a massage or pay attention to your needs and wants. You may think this is just a phase, but if it continues for a long time, then it means he/ she does not want a serious relationship with you.


When the relationship is still new, it is possible that a partner is not showing his or her true colours just yet. As the relationship progresses and trust begins to be established, however, these behaviours shouldn’t be allowed to continue. Listen to your gut: if you’re getting a weird feeling about something your partner is doing or saying, it may be time to draw some boundaries. If drawing these boundaries doesn’t lead to better communication with your partner, then it may be time to move on before you waste any more of your time because it is a great chance that your partner is not serious about you. 

And it turns out to be one of the biggest reasons why people have breakups.


1. How can I know if my partner is not serious about me?

If your partner is not serious about you, he or she will not make time for you or tell you that he or she misses you when he or she is not with you. He or she will also not take responsibility for anything in life and will blame everything on others and refuse to take any personal responsibility whatsoever. And at the end, these are the things that turn out to be the reasons why people have breakups.

2. My boyfriend and I have been together for a good time now. We are very close, but he never seems to care about me. What should I do?

 If your boyfriend is not a good listener and does not seem to care about you, then it is probably time for you to move on. He may be more interested in himself than you are. Or can you communicate with each other and find out different ways how to make your relationship stronger?

3. My girlfriend and I like each other very much, but she keeps telling me that we need to move on because she doesn’t want to get married yet. Is she serious or just looking for a way out?

 It sounds like she is not happy with the relationship, which could mean that it is not right for you two at this time in your lives. You need to find someone who is committed and wants to spend the rest of their life with you and make sure they are ready for marriage before taking that step and learning how to make your relationship stronger.

4. My partner is a great guy and we have a lot in common, but he just doesn’t seem to be that into me. I don’t know what to do.

 You need to spend some time talking with your partner. Tell him how you feel and ask him why he does or doesn’t seem interested in you. If there is a reason, find out what it is so you can address the problem head-on. You can also go for relationship counselling sessions together to learn ways to be emotionally mature in a relationship.

5. What are the ways to know if your partner is serious about you? 

There are four ways to know if your partner is serious about you.

  • He/she shows it by speaking well of you to others.
  •  He/she shows it by being nice to you in private, not just when he/she wants something from you.
  •  He/she shows it by spending money on things that make you happy, such as a date or a gift for your birthday or anniversary.
  •  He/she tells you how much he/she cares and misses you when you are not together (e.g., via text message). signs your partner is not serious about you

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