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How To Fix Your Sleep Schedule: Reset Your Sleep Pattern

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Worried about how to fix your sleep schedule? Having proper sleep is very very essential in everybody’s life. Sleep is a function that allows your body and mind to get recharged and make you feel refreshed and alert when you wake up in the morning. Most adults require between seven and nine hours of sleep. Children and teenagers need substantially more sleep, particularly if they are younger than five years of age. Having a proper sleep routine is very very important to live a healthy life. Sleep also helps your brain to function properly, it keeps your emotions in check, reduces the risk of having any diseases, and it also keeps your weight under control and fixes your sleep schedule.

Reasons Why You May Face Sleep Issues

Many people are always worried about how to fix my sleep schedule and this question keeps on bothering them. There are many reasons why anyone faces sleep issues. Having chances in a sleep routine or staying up for a while can be the reason why many people can’t have proper sleep. Here are some of the reasons why you may face sleep issues.

1. Might be You Are Facing Jet Lag

Everyone faces jet lag either when they travel somewhere or stay up very late. It is found that if you don’t sleep for one night the upcoming three nights’ sleep is disturbed and traveling during makes sleeping difficult which may cause you to have jet lag often.

2. Maybe Because of Your Lifestyle

There are many people whose lifestyle is such that they find it difficult to sleep and find it difficult to fix sleep schedules. For example, if you sleep just after eating, play on the phone before going to sleep, or sleep early in the morning and wake up at noon. This can be another cause of disturbed sleep.

Your Lifestyle

3. If You Are Taking Longer Naps During The Day

Another reason you find it difficult to sleep at night can be because you take very long naps during the daytime like after lunch or in between work. This can disturb your sleep at night. Naps of around 15 to 20 mins are always good but you must make sure that they do not exceed it.

4. If You Overthink a Lot or Are in Stress or Tension

Sleeping at night with tension or stress also is one of the reasons why you may have disturbed sleep. Overthinking can disturb your sleep a lot. It is also said that one must not sleep with tension and worry as you won’t have a comfortable sleep. Sometimes you might be under a lot of stress and that might cause depression, and you should know the ways to overcome depression.

Benefits of Having Proper Sleep

1. You Become More Productive And Active

Sleep is very important for proper brain functioning. Sleep deprivation negativity affects Cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance. According to numerous studies by various physicians it is being observed that getting enough sleep can improve the academic performance of children, adolescents, and young adults. Proper sleep helps to improve problem-solving skills and enhance memory performance in both children and adults. So, If you have a good sleep routine you will automatically become more productive and active.

2. It Improves Your Memory And Focus

Proper sleep not only makes you productive and active but also improves your memory power and focus on everything. When you are running slow on your sleep at night you will have trouble holding on to or recalling anything. You will often end up forgetting things. Without enough sleep, it is very tough for you to focus and take in any information. Your brain also doesn’t get enough time to properly store memories so you can pull them up later. So, that is why having proper sleep is very very important to improve your memory power and focus.

Improves Your Memory

3. Proper Sleep Reduces The Risk of Major Health Issues

Your health and sleep are indirectly related to each other. If you don’t have proper sleep it definitely affects your health negatively. when you have a good sleep routine there are very less chances for you to suffer from health issues. While you sleep, your blood pressure goes down, which gives your heart and blood vessels a bit of a rest. The less sleep you get, the longer your blood pressure stays up. High blood pressure can lead to heart disease, including stroke. Lack of sleep not only gives you heart-related issues but you also suffer from various other diseases, migration, and whatnot. So, having proper sleep is very important.

4. It Helps You Control Your Weight

According to various studies it is being observed that the lesser sleep you have the more risk you have of gaining weight gain and a higher body mass index. And according to 2020 analysis, it was found that adults who slept lesser than 7 hours per night had a whopping 41% increased risk of developing obesity. Whereas when you have a proper sleep it reduces the risk of gaining weight. So, one should always have a proper sleep routine to keep their weight under control.

How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule – Important Tips to Know

How to fix my sleep schedule? This is the foremost question that comes into a person’s mind when he/she is suffering from Insomnia. Now when you know why you encounter disturbed and sleepless nights, it will be easier to overcome it and change your living style. Moreover, there are many benefits of having proper sleep. Hence, it is very necessary to have a comfortable sleep. Here are some of the tips to fix your sleep schedule.

1. Follow a Schedule For Sleeping at Night And Waking Up in The Morning

The most basic and most important step to fix your sleep cycle/reset sleep cycle, sleep schedule, or jet lag is to have a schedule or time set for sleeping at night and waking up in the morning. Having a set routine will help to get back to a normal sleep routine. You must stick to and do not allow any distraction to alter the schedule. Many times you start scrolling your screen and ignore your sleep time but you should not do so. Moreover, what if you went to marriage and can’t sleep on time then you must make sure to wake up at the time you have fixed.

2. Exercise Regularly And Do Meditation

Exercises and meditation are very important even if you are healthy or don’t have any problems in your sleep cycle. It is one of the most important tips to fix sleep schedule and will help you to improve your sleep pattern. If you are facing any sleep difficulty then you should start doing exercises and meditation. Meditation helps in calming down and keeping your mind fit. Moreover, doing exercises keeps you fit. This also improves your sleep and it is found that you tend to sleep better if you do meditation regularly. Yoga, deep breathing, and other exercises are very important to ensure that you have an undisturbed sleep at night.

Do Meditation

3. Do Light Therapy Everyday

Ever imagined sitting in the sun would improve your sleep? Let us tell you that sitting in the sun every day in the morning helps you have a better sleep. It is found that sitting in the sun every morning releases a hormone that produces happiness. This helps you have a better sleep at night. It also helps you gain vitamin D which is important for your health. This is called light therapy. It has been found that light therapy is very necessary for better sleep and also keeping yourself fit and well. It should be done by everyone from kids to old people. All you have to do is sit in the sun.

4. Do The Things You Usually Do Before Going to Sleep

Everyone has a routine that they follow before going to bed. Some like drinking hot milk, or warm water. While some may like taking walks at night, others love to read novels. Some people listen to stop music or talk to someone before going to sleep. If you have any such routine that you have been doing for a long time you should not avoid it even if you are not at home. Your brain has processed it and if you avoid it the brain signals that you have a task and hence your sleep is disrupted.

Before Going to Sleep

5. Avoid Taking Long Naps in The Daytime

Do you also feel drowsy while you are working or after having food? Always worried about how to fix your sleep schedule? There are times when you may feel drowsy or feel the urge to take naps during work or after having lunch. Try to avoid any such naps as it is one of the most effective tips to fix a sleep schedule. It affects your night’s sleep. If you are feeling drowsy don’t take naps rather try to do something physical. You can set a task for yourself and complete it. For example, set the task of emailing after lunch and complete it or do some work like playing with kids or doing chores if you are at home. This way you won’t feel drowsy.

6. Complete All The Tasks Before Going to Sleep

Do you have the habit of going to sleep just after having dinner or playing on mobile before going to sleep? If you have any such habit that you do just before sleeping then discontinue it from now. Don’t do anything just before going to bed. Try completing your task an hour before. Turn off the lights after that and lie in bed. This way you won’t take loads and sleep. Load here means the thoughts that run in mind. It may be hard but you should be determined and stick to it.

7. Take Sleep Disorder Counselling

If you think that your sleep disorder is bothering you a lot, then without wasting a minute of yours you should go ahead and take up sleep disorder counseling. It is very necessary to identify the root cause of any issue you face and only an expert can help you with that. Take up advice from a sleep disorder counselor and tell him your issues so that corrective measures and therapy can be given to improve your sleep cycle.


Having a proper sleep routine is very very important. People usually don’t pay attention to their sleeping hours and then face a lot of health issues. It is very necessary for each and everyone to have at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day. In this article, we have got to know about all are the reasons why you may face issues while having sleep? What are the Tips to fix your sleeping schedule? And what all are the benefits of having proper sleep? And why self care is important. Now, I hope this information has helped you to understand the importance of sleep in one’s life and reset the sleep cycle. And I hope from now on you will definitely take your sleeping hours seriously.

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