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Can Money buy Love? Is Money Important to Love Someone?

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Love and money run together. At times the thread of love can go longer and ahead but the thread of money should not move ahead love. In the era where we live everything can be bought with money but the abstract elements of life cannot be exchanged with money. One such abstract feeling is love. Between love or money, what matters more, there has never been an inch of doubt that love is more important and above than money. The article deals with whether can money buy love

Love is a distinguished feeling which cannot be compared or bought but only felt and achieved with effort. Between love versus money, it has always been love that outgrows money. Though the importance of money cannot be ignored. Let’s see which is more important – love or money.

Can Money buy Love? Is Money Important in a Relationship

Love and money have always been on either side of the scale. Finding a balance between love and money is very crucial to a happy relationship. If you wonder if can money buy love, then you need to understand that money may give temporary joy but it can never buy love. Some things can make you question is money important in a relationship, as survival is impossible without money, leaving the fact of two people staying together. Despite this fact, true love stands above money and here are reasons why is true love important in life. Let’s know why love weighs more than money.

1. It Can be Useful in First Impression

When there is a debate between love versus money then money might have an upper hand as it can help make a first impression. Between true love or money, which is important can be a confusing decision. With the help of money, you can dress properly and look smart which can help you gain a few points as in the first meeting appearance matters a lot. Many boys wonder, what do girls think when they see a smart boy, it is usually that they feel attracted and have a good impression of them. They may always be smitten by them and have sexual attraction. But it will be a short-term attraction and might end up in regret if there won’t be much love.

2. Respect Plays An Important Role


Between love or money, what matters more there lies another aspect that is above both the elements and that is respect. Just like love can’t buy love, it cannot buy respect. Even if the person has a lot of money but there is no respect between partners then the relationship won’t run long and end up being the most regretted decision of their life. Respect and love go hand in hand. There are a lot of couples who go for couple counseling not because they have financial issues but because there is a lack of respect between them. Therefore money does not have an upper place in a relationship.

3. Understanding is Necessary


There are times when two people are together, they earn well and are stable and even independent. When the question of true love or money, which is important, arises then it is important that understanding cannot be brought from money. Even if two people have immense money yet they cannot communicate properly with each other and lack understanding then their relationship can go on to stacks. Then people consider marriage counseling as the ultimate solution. Understanding comes with love when two people care about each other, their feelings, and their thoughts, then understanding develops. Understanding is the key that makes a relationship run longer. 

4. Long-term Promises Cannot Be Fulfilled

Long-term Promises

Relationship is the name of long-term goals. In today’s generation, everyone is entitled to things with different tags and goals like friendship goals, couple goals, etc. So, when relationships are looked at they are long-term life goals. When the issue of love or money, what matters more is given thought, maybe money can help you fulfill little goals and provide temporary happiness but long-term goals are left behind because long-term commitment demands sacrifice, care, loyalty, love, commitment, time, honesty, and other things which cannot be bought with money. If you wonder, why do people leave in a relationship, one of the foremost reasons is that long-term promises cannot be fulfilled in their relationships.

5. It Can Provide Stability But Happiness is Not Guaranteed


Yes, money is an important factor in a relationship because financial security and stability can only be secured with the help of money. When a couple does not have enough money to be financially secure and stable the relationship fumbles. As living without money in this era is next to impossible and one cannot deny this fact. Though, in this case, the question: is money important in a relationship seems yes, but more than money it is the support of the partner which becomes important. Money can guarantee stability but it cannot guarantee happiness. Therefore more than money it is the support and assurance of the partner which matters in times of difficulty.

6. Money Can Be Important For Survival But Love Matters More

Money Can Be Important

Still wondering, can money buy love or not? Though money has become an important part of our lives, it is not more important than love. For survival, money is very important. Any human’s basic necessity is fulfilled only with the help of money. The need for a roof above the head, food in the stomach, and clothes over the skin are essential for living and they can only be bought with money. In a relationship fulfilling the necessities is important and that can be done with money. But when there is love, people always find a way to happiness and live peacefully. If you wonder why girls reject boys, it may be because they don’t like boys who show their money off. A bare amount of money to fulfill all the basic needs is not essential when you have love as a foundation.

7. The Ultimate Result is Dissatisfaction if Love is Based on Money

Though your relationship can value money more than love and become all practical that love cannot fulfill the stomach nor can it provide other essentials and keep money over love in love versus money but the result will leave you with regrets and dissatisfaction. Many people consider money more important than love and hence their partners feel lonely and look for pleasure and satisfaction somewhere else. This is one of the reasons for extramarital affair in many cases and even results in divorce or breakups. You can go on for some time with money as your priority but in the end, it steals away the person you love the most.


Love and money are essentials for humans. A man cannot live without any of them. A person in love wishes to provide them all that they have always desired and aims to fulfill their wishes for which money is important. There comes the question of true love or money, which is important. Earning for someone is a different aspect whereas buying love with money is different. The unsettled debate on whether can money buy love has been true in some cases yet in those cases the ultimate result has always been negative. If you wonder, is money important for love then know that with love everything can be achieved but with money, only temporary happiness is gained.


1. Can love and money go hand-in-hand?

When pondering over whether is money important in a relationship you should consider the fact that both money and love can go hand in hand. Giving equal time to both making love and money can help you maintain happiness in your relationships. Finding the right balance is essential so that both money and love can grow together.

2. Do girls get attracted to rich boys?

There may be exceptions of girls who make boys wonder if is money important for love as they always edge over the presence of money. But in many cases, girls usually don’t get attracted to boys looking at their money but rather to things like how they are with people around them, their nature, behavior, and action. Sexual attraction at the first sight is possible but not for long and always.

3. How to make a relationship work if I have no means to fulfill my partner’s needs?

There are instances when between love versus money, money becomes more important as the question comes to a partner’s needs. But if there is an understanding between the couple then money does not act as an obstacle in love life. You can also consider couple counseling to sort out the differences and regain the love and support of each other.

4. What are the other essentials of a relationship excluding money and love?

Among love or money, what matters more there are other essentials as well which are important. Respect, loyalty, compassion, trust, honesty, etc are founding factors in a relationship. One of the tips to make your relationship stronger is to always communicate with your partner and show them how much you care about them.

5. Can I attract a girl with money?

Money can help you in elevating your looks and appearance which can help in making the first impression positive. But it will be a temporary attraction. It can make you doubt if is money important for love. For love and to attract a girl all you need is to be honest, and present yourself as you are.

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