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What Is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Learn what is female sexual dysfunction, its causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

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Ever felt you don’t enjoy sex or don’t know the feeling of pleasure or sensation of having sex? Or do you feel that your female partner does not seem to enjoy sex? This can be an indication of a sexual problem. This is a sign to get yourself aware of what is female sexual dysfunction. In this article, we will tell you about female sexual dysfunction, symptoms of female sexual dysfunction, causes, types, and the cure or treatment of the same. We will tell you in detail all about female sexual problems, so stay with us to know about it. 

What is female sexual dysfunction?

Ever had the feeling that you are not enjoying or feeling sex but you are just going in for your husband or to just keep him happy without you having any enjoyment? This is what is female sexual dysfunction. Female sexual dysfunction refers to the sexual problems that a woman faces and the inability of the woman to feel sex. They do not get any pleasure, sensation, or arousal during sex. At times it is also because of fear of sex in females but there can be some underlying issues that result in sexual dysfunction in females. To understand it it is essential to have awareness about the female sexual dysfunction categories to know the issues a woman might face. 

What are the different female sexual dysfunction categories?

What is female sexual dysfunction? The answer is obvious now as we just got its introduction. But we must make ourselves aware of the various female sexual dysfunction categories. Here are some of the common types of female sexual problems: 

1. Anorgasmia 

One of the female sexual dysfunction types is anorgasmia. Anorgasmia is a condition where females face the problem of having sufficient, frequent, or stable orgasms even after being aroused or having sex. The condition is similar to that of male erectile dysfunction. The women facing the problem of having sufficient orgasm and distressing about this condition may get into the problem of feeling no pleasure in sex. It is one of the female sexual dysfunctions that women usually face and often makes the women lose all interest in sex and its pleasure. It is also one of the reasons for stress which reduces libido and pleasure in sex. 

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2. Dyspareunia 

One of the other female sexual dysfunction types is painful intercourse which is also named dyspareunia. Usually, any underlying causes, conditions, or diseases are not associated with dyspareunia. Most of the time the reason behind this female sexual problem is lack of lubrication, fear regarding sex, improper penetration, any past bad sexual experience or trauma, or not having any enthusiasm regarding sex or having your partner. The causes are both physical and psychological. Also, this leads to painful discourse which makes no sexual feeling or leads to female sexual dysfunction. The pain usually occurs constantly and frequently. 

3. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder 

When it comes to different female sexual dysfunction types, one of the most significant categories is Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder or HSDD. In this condition, women usually do not experience or lack any kind of sexual fantasies or sexual desires even when trying foreplay or sex. The problem may even lead to some or the other disorders related to personality and cause difficulty in your sexual and personal life. The man might have the feeling that the woman is just lying as a mannequin with no response. It is a treatable condition and even occurs postpartum. The woman usually avoids sex or is not responsive to the activity. 

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder 
What Is Female Sexual Dysfunction? 12

4. Sexual arousal disorder 

There are many female sexual dysfunction types, among them one is sexual arousal disorder. In this case, what happens is that the woman does not have any arousal at all, not during foreplay or intercourse or with any fantasy or touch. The woman does not feel any arousal or sexual urge for their partners. The sensation does not work. There is no tendency to be involved in any sexual activity, and have no sexual preferences or interests. The condition is also called sexual interest disorder and it is also common to both men and women like HSDD. Thus, these are some of the female sexual dysfunction disorders that do not let them feel sex. 

What are the causes of female sexual dysfunction?

Many of the males and females are not aware of what is female sexual dysfunction and hence female sexual problems go unnoticed. Here, we will tell you some of the female sexual dysfunction causes which you should know:

1. Hormonal disorder 

One of the causes of female sexual dysfunction is hormonal imbalance. Many times the hormonal imbalance in hormones like cortisol, estrogen, testosterone (male hormones increase), and other female hormones causes females to lose interest in sex and have no feeling or pleasure in doing it. This is one of the causes. 

hormonal imbalance causes female dysfunction
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2. Uterus, cervix hormones, or placement issues 

Another of the female sexual dysfunction causes are the uterus, cervix hormonal problems, or placement issues. There are times when the placement of the uterus or cervix and the hormones are not in the right condition which leads to no desire or pleasure in females. The placement of the cervix determines how you feel about sex. 

3. Smoking and drinking 

One of the causes of female sexual dysfunction is smoking and alcohol. It has been found in research that women who smoke or drink a lot have problems in their sexual lives. It is found that women who smoke have less sexual arousal and find it difficult to feel sex even if it is penetrative sex. So, this is one of the causes. 

Smoking and drinking 
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4. Medications 

When it comes to female sexual dysfunction causes, one of the causes of the same is that there are certain medicines that as a side effect women feel less or have no arousal during sex. Certain medicines reduce the sexual desires of a woman. Certain food items reduce the libido. This is also a reason. 

5. Gynecological conditions 

One of the causes of female sexual dysfunction is that some of the gynecological conditions in a woman also lead them to experience no sexual feelings or arousal. Gynecological conditions like surgery or removal of ovaries, reduced estrogen, and other conditions make women have low sexual urges. 

gynecological conditions causes female dysfunction
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6. Other health conditions 

When it comes to female sexual dysfunction causes, one among them is health conditions. Reduced blood flow, stress, and postpartum depression are some of the causes of female sexual dysfunction. Knowing how stress can affect your sex life is essential as it reduces your urge and causes disruption in arousal. 

Treatments for female sexual dysfunction 

Now that you are aware of what is female sexual dysfunction, you must learn about its treatment. There are some female sexual dysfunction medicines that you can also go for with doctor’s recommendations. Here are some treatment options you can opt for. 

1. Psychological therapy 

Among the various treatments, one of the treatments for female sexual dysfunction is psychological therapy. It is one of the most effective treatments that helps in feeling sex again and getting aroused. Most of the time what happens is that women do not feel sex because they are stressed, depressed, or having any other psychological problem. Women usually feel sex after being mentally aroused which does not happen as they are not in the right state of mind. To cure it it is essential that the symptoms are recognised and you go for anxiety counseling or other therapy is undertaken so that you can see positive results. 

psychological therapy cures female dysfunction
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2. Arousal techniques 

There are various female sexual dysfunction medicines that you can go for but there are also certain tips to instantly turn on a woman or some arousal tricks that help the woman to have arousal and feel the sensation. In this technique sensitive body parts of the G spots of females are stimulated or certain tips and tricks are given to women like sex toys like dildos or butt plugs or self-masturbation techniques are taught to help women feel some sensation on their own and slowly start feeling the pleasure. This helps the women to overcome the female sexual dysfunction problem and have orgasms. It also aids in understanding the sensation.

3. Sexual therapy 

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Among the various treatments for female sexual dysfunction, one of the treatments to go for is sex counseling. Going for sex counseling helps you to understand the reason why women are unable to have sex. It helps in dealing with problems related to sexual issues like vaginismus, or other sexual conditions which prohibit women from having sex pleasure or having any sexual desires. It also helps in determining the sexual life stress which can be one of the reasons why the woman is facing any of the female sexual problems. The couple is assisted to go for different techniques together to help the female partner to have the desire. 

sex therapy
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4. Medications 

There are different female sexual dysfunction medicines available that are recommended by doctors to deal with the problems of hormonal disbalance and also aid the therapy or counseling and yield results. Different kinds of medicines are prescribed for stress relief or depression or also to arouse sexual desires in women so that the problem of female sexual dysfunction can be treated. You must take the medications only after consulting the doctor. Since these medicines work on your hormones, it is important to consult your doctor to be sure whether to have the medicine or to know the side effects if any. 

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5. Meditation and exercises

Among the treatments for female sexual dysfunction, one of the things that act as a catalyst and help in improving your sexual life is exercise and meditation. Following a proper routine of meditation and exercises like kegel exercises helps you improve your sexual life by arousing desire and also having proper sensation. You must take care of your diet as well as consume green leafy vegetables, fruits, and nuts, and avoid smoking and drinking. Meditation helps you relieve your stress and has a calm mind which leads to having a peaceful, pleasured sexual life as many times stress is one of the reasons you don’t feel sex.

Meditation and exercises
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We have reached the end of the article, now we know what is female sexual dysfunction, its types, its causes, its symptoms, and its treatment. Many times males feel that it is because of them that the women are unable to feel sex or they have some problem with themselves but this is not true however, over ejaculation in males can also cause women to feel low sexual urge. It is important to recognize the symptoms and seek treatment. Knowing how to pleasure a female for a long duration and practicing different positions, toys, and tricks help maintain a healthy sexual life.


What are signs that the female is going through sexual dysfunction?

It is important to recognize the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction to be able to cure it. Some of the signs of the same are that the female does not have sufficient orgasm or no orgasm at all, they lack sexual arousal, interest, and fantasies. They don’t want to indulge in sexual activities or have pain during intercourse or even before and after it. 

How to help my female partner overcome their lack of sexual desire?

If you notice the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction in your female partner, try to help her out. If it is due to boredom because of the same place, you can look up places where you can have sex. Getting her sex counseling and therapy sessions and trying to understand her problem is how you can help her overcome her sexual problems. 

Can lack of sexual desire be temporary? 

There are chances that a lack of sexual desire can be temporary. The symptoms of female sexual dysfunction can be triggered by excessive stress, postpartum, some emotional problems, or gynecological conditions that can be treated and cured. You can try different trips and tricks to make your sexual life interesting and raise sexual desires. 

What happens if FSD is not treated on time?

The situation can worsen if female sexual dysfunction medicines or treatments are not taken on time. On one hand, it becomes difficult for the female to enjoy their sexual life and she becomes depressed and irritated which disrupts her sexual as well as personal life. Also, the situation can worsen and can become permanent. 

What are some of the emotional causes of FSD?

When it comes to female sexual dysfunction categories, there are some types like HSDD and sexual arousal disorder which are emotionally triggered. Emotional factors like stress, depression, trauma, and lack of emotional bonding all of that can cause FSD. You can try going for the sensitive body area which excites females to arouse them. 

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