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Signs Your Boyfriend is Using You – Know the Reality Now!

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When you are in a relationship one of the main things to know is signs your partner is not serious about you. There are multiple reasons which can make you validate the signs your boyfriend is using you. If you are looking for those answers, then you are at the right place as we will help you find those answers.  There are several cases where love is transformed into something toxic or even unhealthy and others where people enter into a relationship to have their gain and take advantage of the other party. There is no reason to have several negative relationships that are undoubtedly great but also unhealthy, but you must be open and realistic enough. Being in a relationship is challenging and rewarding at the same time and it is important to look for signs he is not the one for you.

You know you like that guy, but you also doubt his intentions. Whether you have been with him for 5 years or just one year, getting some creepy thoughts about your relationship is normal. There are some signs that you must consider checking on if you feel that your boyfriend is cheating on you or using you. It is time to run if these signs ring true for you and your relationship. You should not just walk but run and get yourself out of that toxic relationship.

Why Might He be Just Using You?

One of the most important questions you ask yourself is why, even if you suspect your guy is using you. Unfortunately, there is not one answer to this question. Your guy would be using you for varied reasons. Some of the most common reasons include that he is just into sex. Some guys do not want to commit to a relationship but are happy to keep coming back for sex. They might be chatting with multiple women at a time.

He is just after your money. If you find yourself paying for him a lot of time, then he pays for you, then he might be just in it for some money. He is after his ego boost. Some guys like to have a pretty girl hanging off their arms, giving them a great ego boost even if they are not interested in any relationship. He is trying to make other girls jealous, which can sting another person. Out of the multiple signs available, these are the signs he is not the one for you.

At the same time, he is using me to get another girl and make that person jealous of your relationship. There are varied reasons why a guy would be using you. You can get some warning signs earlier and get out of this relationship as soon as possible.

Signs Your Boyfriend is Using You

1. He is Using You For Physical Things

Using Your For Physical Things

If you want to know the answer of how to know your love is one sided by the partner, then this is the ultimate test. He only comes out at night like a vampire or uses you for sex. Testing only at night to meet up is one of the classic signs of a booty call. This one is extremely easy to test. You should send him a message asking him to meet early in the day and check what he says. When you ask him this question, you will have a clear answer as to whether he is cheating on you. If he is saying that he is busy or produces several excuses, take time for exactly what to excuse. The simple fact is that it is not wanting to see you during the early hours. He is just after one thing, and that is sex. Here even counseling with the sexologist can be of good help. 

2. He Does Not Like to Ask About You

Does Not Like to Ask About You

You must check how much interest he shows in your life. If a guy is genuinely into you and likes you, he will put some effort into getting to know you better, and he might dive deep into your personal life. You must consider some questions mentioned above, like does he ask you about your family, siblings, or upbringing? Does he even care about what you are catching up on during the weekend? A lack of interest in a relationship is a big warning sign. He is just using you for another reason. So, you do not have to think twice before taking a step back from the relationship so that you can see this for yourself. You can always consider couples therapy to get this problem sorted. 

3. He Does Not Look Forward to Protecting You

Not Look Forward to Protecting You

The primary way to know how to know your love is one sided is by judging his reactions. When a man is completely into you, he will respect you and always go out of his way to protect you. Having a protective instinct is very natural for anyone. The common ways a man will protect you include whenever you are going out somewhere shady or Something dangerous; he is always trying to walk along with you. If somebody is talking bad about you, he will step ahead and defend you. If you ever need any help, he will always be there for you. On the flip side, if a man is not protecting you like this, you are in the wrong relationship because he is not committed and is just using you. At the same time, if your marriage is not protecting you the way he should, there is something fishy about which you should know. This is the same answer to the question how to deal with a third person in a relationship, which has been bothering you. 

4. You Are Not Going on Any Actual Dates

Not Going on Any Actual Dates

If you are vigilant you will observe the signs your partner is not serious about you. There can be a situation where you are just meeting him at the bar with different friends, or coming to your house, or you are going to his. Other than this, there is no date between you. He is just using you for sex, a show, or a mix of both. It means he likes your good looks and wants to hang out with you in front of his friends, but he is not interested in any relationship. In case you are not doing things that a normal couple does, then there is a chance that your partner is not serious about you. 

5. He is Completely Dependent on You Financially

Dependent on You Financially

You like the guy, so would you not mind working extra for him to get some extra dollars to cover him up? But those extra dollars turn in a lot more. You would find out soon that if you are the one always playing for dinner and drinks and in some cases, he is always staying at your house and relying on you for the rent at the same time. In order to answer the question of how to save a broken relationship, it is essential to not let your partner be financially dependent on you ultimately. You must start thinking out of the box and make him pay his way. He would stick around if he were genuinely interested in you. If in case he is relying on you financially, then is a chance that your partner is not serious about you


1. How can you figure out if a guy is in you or not or how to deal with a third person in a relationship?

You can figure out if the guy is interested in you or not by asking him different questions and checking his behavior. If a third person is involved, make sure you have crystal clear communication with your partner. When it comes to looking for the signs your partner is unsure of you, this is a major one to check. 

2. If the guy is not financially independent, does he mean he is using you?

Yes, the guy is using you if he is dependent on you financially. Hence, in order to answer your question about how to make your relationship stronger, you must make sure none of you are dependent on each other for finances. 

3. For what reasons can a guy be using you and what are the mistakes that will destroy your relationship?

A guy can use you for various reasons like sex, going out, or just your money. Hence it is important to notice all of these signs your boyfriend is using you, which can give you crystal clear clarity.  

4. Should you heal the toxic relationship or move out and how to handle an angry partner?

If the guy is not into you, is there no point in feeling the toxic relationship? Sometimes when the guy is of angry nature is when you realize that this can move into toxicity. 

5. How can you say that the guy is not into you?

You can see that the guy is not into you by checking out his behavioral patterns like he is not sharing anything with you. He is just in his world and using you and these are some major signs your partner is unsure of you.

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