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Can High Cholesterol Level Affect Your Sex Performance – Major Causes & Treatments

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Are you facing the issue of decreased libido levels, having a strained sex life or erectile dysfunction? If yes, you need to know Can high cholesterol level affect your sex performance. Experts say that high Cholesterol leads to heart diseases and, at the same time, can have an enormous impact on your sex life. One should also try and take sex counselling, as this can be considered fruitful.

High cholesterol levels lead to reduced blood flow, which is linked to sexual disorders. In short, cholesterol levels play a crucial role in your sex life even before you have one. The reason behind this is that Cholesterol helps develop sex hormones. Cholesterol in women helps in the production of hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

In simple terms, you need to know that Cholesterol and sex life go hand in hand. You need to understand the basics of Cholesterol. The liver produces Cholesterol, which is a dense fatty element found in every cell of the body. It is essential to several life-sustaining elements. It helps the body make hormones besides vitamin D. Cholesterol levels are measured in milligrams of Cholesterol per litter. A blood sample is a requirement to determine the value.

What is High Cholesterol And How is it Caused?

High Cholesterol is a condition that happens when cholesterol levels in the blood increase. The levels are enough to cause health problems like heart disease and erectile dysfunction in males. High Cholesterol does not cause symptoms, so a blood test can reveal the cholesterol number.

Before you know about can high cholesterol level affect your sex performance, you need to know about the causes, which include lack of exercise on a healthy diet, overweight obesity, age and gender and heredity factors. There are other factors also which contribute to the increase of high cholesterol levels such as not exercising at all, eating very oily and spicy food etc.

High Cholesterol Effect on The Sex Life of a Man

Cholesterol Effect on The Sex Life

If you are wondering Can high cholesterol level affect your sex performance as a male, then you need to know that it can harm your sexual life. High cholesterol levels in men can damage sexual performance and decrease libido levels to a great extent.

There are also many questions regarding how can stress cause infertility, which we will be answering here. High Cholesterol and erectile dysfunction are two primary health conditions linked together. It can happen because of the blockages from atherosclerosis which can develop in the arteries, and it is responsible for erection which can diminish the blood flow. Arteries can adhere to the local hormones which regulate blood flow. High cholesterol levels can reduce the response of your artery to the hormone, which decreases the blood flow at the same time.

How High Can Cholesterol Levels Affect Your Sex Performance As a Female?

Cholesterol Levels Affect Your Sex Performance

The effects of high cholesterol levels can hurt a woman’s life at the same time. It is seen that the sexual arousal of a female is also the result of the excessive blood flows. High Cholesterol can make it challenging for the blood to reach the pelvic region, making it challenging for a woman to get lubricated before sexual intercourse. There are questions like is it normal to have discharge in females, which also come due to higher cholesterol levels. 

Ways Cholesterol Can Affect Your Sex Life

1. High Cholesterol Directly Affects The Sex Hormone Negatively

Cholesterol gets a bad rap, but we cannot live without a certain level of Cholesterol because it helps the body in development. Cholesterol plays a crucial role in sex life. It is because it is essential to the development of sex hormones. Cholesterol helps in the production of estrogen and progesterone in females, and it also helps in the development of male hormones like signs of low testosterone in male.

2. High Cholesterol Can Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

The mood lighting sets and you are feeling nervous, but in order of horror, you are having a tough time getting the erection. While erectile dysfunction has different culprits like stress and some prescription drugs, and prostate problems, you might also have effects of high cholesterol in men to blame. High levels of cholesterol is a direct relationship to eating issues, and this is why one should take eating disorder counseling. You must check with your doctor if you are experiencing a problem maintaining an erection or signs of low testosterone in males. One of the first things the doctor will check is the cholesterol level which means you only need to make some simple changes to the diet and exercise routine to get back in the mood.

3. High Cholesterol Level Affects The Sexual Performance of Women

Sexual Performance of Women

Just like how Cholesterol affects men, it also affects women to get aroused. It is no news to a woman that carrying a few extra pounds can make you less inclined to take off all your clothes in front of another person. But it is just insecurity that might be driving such a feeling. It is very important to practice good habits for successful life, which will help in the long run. That makes it challenging for women to get aroused and lubricated before sexual intercourse, and there is nothing like painful sex to get you out of the mood. Using a lubricant would not completely solve the problem. Some clogged arteries lead to the clitoris, making orgasm or any pleasurable sensation almost impossible.

4. Due to High Cholesterol Men Can Face The Problem of Libido

Several prescription drugs have the unfortunate side effect of lowering libido levels.. Experts say cholesterol count decreases quickly once you start having prescription medications for Cholesterol. For some people, medications are life saving drugs, and refusing to take them is not an option. For some people, sexual function improves on medications because more blood is getting into the genitals. It is always a good idea to consult a doctor, but make sure you have changes in your lifestyle as you need to live a healthy lifestyle. 

5. A High Cholesterol Diet Makes The Sex Performance Worst

Cholesterol Diet

As per the study it has been claimed that people who eat non-oily food have a better sex performance. This is a fact to a great extent because vegetarians and vegans are likely to have lower cholesterol levels than people who consider eating animal products. When people eat lighter food, there cholesterol levels are very much in check which means that there sex performance will also be very high. When an individual has lesser cholesterol levels, it means he is more active and can be more aggressive towards sex.


There is no doubt about the fact that sex and cholesterol  have a very solid connection with each other. If an individual suffers from very high cholesterol then these effects of high cholesterol in men, directly impact the sex performance.

But people do not consider one thing when it comes to having sex with a partner are they healthy? There are multiple effects of high cholesterol in men. We want our partners to be healthy, but there is also a selfish reason to care. Like other health issues, you must also consider can high cholesterol level affect your sex performance. Sex is a very important part of a relationship and if you are not performing here, this could make you question why do girls reject you. Hence, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is really important as it directly affects the sex performance.


1. How high can cholesterol levels affect your sex performance ?

There are several reasons why high cholesterol and erectile dysfunction can affect your sex performance. Some ways Cholesterol can affect your sex life include low libido levels and erectile dysfunction. Due to overload of cholesterol caused by having oily food or lack of exercise, one feels more fatigue, which directly effects the sex performance.

2. Is it essential to visit a doctor if you have high cholesterol and the sex performance is going down?

Yes, you must check with your doctor if you are dealing with high cholesterol levels and your sex life is suffering. As high cholesterol effect on testosterone in a severe way. Visiting a doctor at the right time when dealing with the issue of high cholesterol can really help in curing the issue as it has a huge impact on the sex lives of the people.

3. Can sex be affected due to high cholesterol levels?

Yes, sex can be affected due to high cholesterol levels, and you can face issues in your physical performance. High cholesterol effect on testosterone which can create issues in the long run. It is always better to visit a doctor and make sure you cure the problem of high cholesterol at the right time.

4. Do high cholesterol levels affect sex performance for both men and women?

Yes, cholesterol levels can affect both men and women out there. Hence, it is very important to practice good habits for successful life forever.

5. Can you deal with cholesterol leading to lower sex performance issues by taking medications

You can deal with cholesterol issues by taking medications at the right time. But you need to know that some medications can severely impact your sex life, so you should consider connecting with your doctor before you pop any medications.

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